Calgary YYC Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Calgary YYC Airport

Calgary International Airport:  NOTICES, current Terminal Layout,  Airport lounges, new international terminal under construction, and Passenger procedures departing to, or arriving from, the United States:

- Calgary Airport offers U.S. Customs Clearance and US Transfer Baggage

- Air Canada & Central Mountain Air passengers traveling to regional desinations leave Concourse A through gates 1-8, taking the transfer bus there.
- The Delta Calgary Airport Hotel is right across from the west side of the terminal, connected by wakway at Door 9, level 2.

- Opening Oct. 31, 2016: A new International Terminal - directly connected to the present terminal structure and intended for international & transborder passengers - is to have 22 new airline gates for both international & U.S. destinations, with a roof area of over 53,000 sq.meters. A 620-meter Corridor inside the secured area will connect both terminals by moving walkways and by CTS scheduled transport (mini-bus-like vehicle holding 10 passengers), enabling passengers to move about without the need of baggage pickup & re-check.  Upon its opening passenger capacity will double.

Calgary International Airport has currently one three-level passenger terminal offering an abundance of shopping and eating facilities, as well as a host of amenities and services (alltogether there are 135 shops & services available!). For general information call toll-free 1-877-254-7427 /fax (403) 735-1281.  White-hat volunteers who make their round at the terminal,  will be happy to answer your inquiries and concerns.   Currently the terminal houses over 135 shops & services.
    Level 1 is the Arrivals level. Its rental car center is across the street, in front of the Parkade. Inside are three clusters of baggage carousels, a meeting point , Customs, ticketing, Information, Visitor Reception Center, Kids Port & Express Pay Parking.
    Level 2 is the Departures level. Outside of this level is a Valet Service and the rental car center. Inside are check-in counters, US customs, US Transfer Baggage, CanPass Enrollment center, currency exchange, ATM machine, GST Export Validation Center, Kids Port, Vacation Charter Center, Express Pay for parking; police, airport lounges (see below), a pharmacy & first-aid station. The Departures level has in the center US Customs clearance, and access to Concourses A, B & C (right to left). All 3 concourses offer food & drink & retail concessions.
       Concourse A - with gates 1 - 24 (gates 1-4 to the right, gates 11-20 in the center and gates 21-14 at left) - houses the Serviceair Chinook Lounge (to the right of the A gate entrance).
       Concourse B - past U.S. Customs clearance - with gates 31-40 - houses the Servisair Rocky Mountain  Lounge (to the right of the concourse entrance).
       Concourse C - with gates 51-59  and separate gates 61-65 - houses the Maple Leaf Lounge.
A connections corridor between Concourses B & C was recently completed.
Airport Lounges: (all lounge renovations have now been completed.)
The Maple Leaf Lounge is at the entrance to Concourse A;
Servisair Chinok Lounge is near entrance of Concourse D (it received 'Priority Pass Highly Commended Award' for service excellence.
Servisair Rocky Mountain Lounge is near Concourse B/C.

    [ By Fall 2016, the new International Terminal - a 'green' building with 2 concourses - will double the size of current terminal facilities - with  25 boarding bridges for international & US destinations, a US customs facility, and a 318-room hotelConnectors  will enable passenger to move easily within post-security from international, transborder & domestic flights, without the need to pick up & recheck-in their bags. A secure Connections Corridor with a choice of walking, using moving walkways or the 650-meter Compact Transit System (CTS) moves passengers fast between current concourses & new terminal. ]

Procedures for Passengers Departing for, or Arriving from, the United States:
-  Passengers departing to the United States: It is recommended to arrive at least 3 hours before scheduled flight, particularly for flights departing 4-9am & 3-5pm and Holidays & Spring Break. Proceed to the US departures area.
  -  Passengers arriving from the United States:  Upon arrival at Calgary Airport, you go through Canadian Customs and check the illuminated display panels for your assigned carousel number, then proceed to the baggage claim area where you find baggage trolleys.  Before proceeding to the public hall, present your customs declaration card to CBSA border services, where you might be directed for further manual inspection or search, if deemed necessary.

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