Charleston CHS Airport Overview

Charleston International Airport CHS serves mainly the three-county Charlston metropolitan area in the State of South Carolina. Due to its modern facilities and state-of-the-art operations, as well as its close proximity  to the City, it is becoming a principal transportation hub for the southeastern part of the country. 
The city of Charleston is a place where the past is still the present. Gas-lit cobblestone streets lead to unique boutiques and excellent southern dining. In its 300-year history, Charleston has been welcoming host to its visitors offering historic houses, museums, attractions, beaches and world-class golf. Carefully preserved homes, churches and public buildings line tree-shaded streets and attest to the great past of this city.

CHS Airport is located in North Charlston, off Interstate Hwy 26 and close to the city of Charleston. It is adjacent to Charleston Air Force Base and airfield facilities are used jointly with the Air Force.

With two runways and nearly 3.2M passengers a year, Charleston International Airport is served by major airlines offering direct flights to major U.S. cities, with connections around the world. 

Charleston International Airport has one passenger terminal.

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CHS Delays: 15 mins or less.

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