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Flight Departures From Charleston Airport (CHS)

If you're departing from Charleston Airport, you'll want to know what to expect before you arrive. With three departure terminals, efficient departure procedures, and a variety of dining and shopping options, CHS makes departing a breeze. However, delays can happen, so it's important to stay up-to-date on your flight's status. Read on to learn more about departure terminals, passenger stats, procedures, delays, and security checkpoints at Charleston Airport.

Departure Terminals

CHS Airport has three departure terminals: Concourse A, Concourse B, and the Main Terminal. Concourse A is used for domestic flights, while Concourse B is used for international flights. The Main Terminal is used for both domestic and international flights. Each terminal has its own security checkpoint, so be sure to check which terminal your flight is departing from before arriving at the airport.

Departing Passenger Stats

The airport sees a significant number of departing passengers each year. While the exact number varies from year to year, the airport typically sees thousands of departing flights and millions of passenger departures annually. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll be in good company at CHS.

Departure Procedures for Passengers

Departing from Charleston Airport is a breeze, thanks to the airport's efficient departure procedures. For domestic departures, passengers should arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before their scheduled departure time. For international departures, passengers should arrive at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure time. All passengers should have their boarding pass and government-issued ID ready to present at the security checkpoint. Once through security, passengers can enjoy a variety of dining and shopping options before boarding their flight.

Departure Delays

From time-to-time, flight delays can happen at CHS Airport. According to recent statistics, the airport experiences an average delay of 15 minutes for departing flights. However, delays can vary depending on the time of day and weather conditions. It is recommended that passengers check with their airline for the most up-to-date information on their flight's status to avoid any inconvenience.

Checking Departure Status

Passengers can easily check the status of their departing flight at the airport. There are several ways to do so, including checking the airport's website or mobile app, contacting the airline directly, or using the airport's flight information display boards located throughout the terminals. It is important to check the status of your flight before arriving at the airport to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Security Checkpoints

CHS has several security checkpoints located throughout the terminals. The main security checkpoint is located in the Main Terminal, while Concourse A and Concourse B each have their own security checkpoints. It is recommended that passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departure time to allow enough time to pass through security and reach their gate.

Thank you for reading our guide to departing from Charleston Airport. We hope you found the information helpful and informative. Remember to always check directly with your airline or the airport information desk for the most up-to-date information on your departing flight. We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey!

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Charleston Airport food shopping Q&A

Charleston Airport offers a variety of dining and shopping options across its departure terminals. Passengers can enjoy meals, snacks, and shop for gifts or travel essentials while waiting for their flights.
The article doesn't specify lounge availability. However, passengers can typically find information on available lounges and access requirements by contacting the airport directly or checking the airport's official website.
Passengers should check their boarding pass or consult with their airline directly to determine the correct departure terminal. It's also advisable to verify this information upon arrival at the airport, as gate assignments can change.
In case of a flight delay, passengers are advised to stay in close contact with their airline for updates and instructions. Airlines can provide information on expected departure times and any necessary arrangements.
The article does not detail facilities specifically for passengers with children. However, most airports offer family restrooms, and some have play areas or designated family lanes at security checkpoints. Contacting the airport or visiting its website can provide specific information.
Passengers requiring special assistance should inform their airline at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before departure. Assistance can include wheelchair services, help navigating through the airport, or priority boarding.
Yes, passengers can check the status of their departing flight through the airport's website or mobile app, contact their airline directly, or refer to the flight information display boards located throughout the terminals for real-time updates.
While the article suggests arriving 90 minutes before domestic flights and 2 hours before international flights, passengers with checked baggage may want to allow extra time. This ensures they can comfortably drop off their luggage and pass through security before their flight.