Charleston CHS Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Charleston CHS Airport

Charleston International Airport has one passenger terminal with Concourses A & B. The landside of the terminal is served by an eight-lane roadway fronting on the second level, connected to an access road loop.
The inside of the loop contains public parking facilities, and three crosswalks lead from the terminal to the Parking Garage.
Next to the main entrance of the terminal are an information desk and a business center.
    To the right of the main entrance are the terminal's airline ticket counters with nearby new consolidated 8-lane security checkpoint and access to the Concourses thereafter.   (The ticketing hall's current renovations are to be completed May 2015).
    To the left of the main entrance is the Arrivals area with baggage claim, hospitality counter & rental car pavillion, - with access to Concourse B,
    The Center currently has an Information desk, an Atrium and a food court; behind the Atrium in the center is a restaurant with an elevator.
         Concourse A's pre-boarding lounge is surrounded by gates A1 to A5 - by 2015, five gates will have new jet bridges. It houses a cafe, Bar & Hudson News.
         Concourse B houses separate post-security area for international arrivals with International Lounge & Customs, leading to the baggage claim area. The pre-boarding area houses a bar, food kiosk, Hudson News, the pre-boarding lounge - surrounded by Gates B1 to B5. Already the first new jet bridge has been installed, with two more to follow soon. 

Current airlines serving the Terminal:  American, Delta, JetBlue, Porter (seasonal, to May '15), Silver (from 3/2/15), Southwest , United & US Airways.

NOTE:  Up to the Sept. 2015 certain facilities at the Airport will be under construction at various times:
1.  Renovation of ticketing hall, as well as Concourse B extension with 5 new gates and added amenities, are to be completed by May 2015.
2. Concourse A renovation with better amenities will be completed  Sept. 2015
3. While the first  of the new jet bridges in Concourse B was installed - another 14 jet bridges will be installed gradually until about year-end 2015.

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