Public Transportation from Cleveland Hopkins Airport:  The Airport's Ground Transportation Services Office is on the baggage claim lower level of the main terminal, between doors 1 and 2, across from carousel 3. While the office is responsible for management of all forms of ground transportation including taxis, shuttles, and limousines, they do not make arrangements for any public transportation. Contact your choice of transportation directy:

1. The Airport Oberlin Shuttle
to Oberlin Inn /Wilder Inn(tel. 877-251-5701 or 216-941-7433 or visit airportoberlinshuttle.com) is located at United door, ticketing level, and runs only noon-5pm; prior reservations are required for pickups 6pm & 8am.)
2.The Transit Authority (RTA) 'Rapid' train station (tel. 216-566-5100  or visit its site at riderta.com) is on the terminal's lower level, reached by elevators or escalators in the center of ticketing and baggage claim levels. One line runs directly to downtown Cleveland, while another line makes a stop at Tower City Station. The train departs 5am - midnight,  every 15 minutes from the Airport and  and takes about 30 mins. 
3. Greyound Bus (800-231-2222 or vsit greyhound.com) - take RTA's Red line to its Cleveland station at 1465 Chester Ave.

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