Parking Options at Corpus Christi Airport

Parking options at Corpus Christi Airport:   The parking lot across from the passenger terminal offers short- & long-term parking and  covered parking.
Parking fees:
Short-term: each 30 mins $1, up to daily max $10;
Long-term: each hour $1, up to daily max $7;
Covered Parking: each hr $1.50, up to daily max $8.50.
There is a 10 percent discount on parking over 30 days*

Payment options: by Visa or MasterCard, American Express & Discover debit & credit cards;
For automated self-service use the third lane at the exit plaza (open 24/7).

For more parking information call 361-289-0171, ext. 1244;  *for parking over 30 days use ext. 1246 (with name, phone contact, license plate number & length of stay).

Parking Rates at CRP Airport

Short Term
Rate: 1 day $10
30 mins $1
Rate: 24 hrs $8.5
1 hr $1.5
Long Term
Rate: 24 hrs $7
1 hr $12

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