Dallas Fort Worth DFW Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Dallas Fort Worth DFW Airport

Dallas Fort Worth Airport's Terminal Layout; 'Getting Around'; International Arrivals /Transfers; Terminal Details, and Airline & AirportLounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Dallas-Fort Worth International consists of five terminals - TA through TE - divided by their respective 
International Parkways:  TA, TC & TE are to the east, TB & T3 are to the west.  All Terminals are connected by the high-speed Skylink train, running inside security and taking an average of 5 mins.  Each of the five terminals, together with their parking facility, form a half circle, with the parking area facing the one-way roads of the Inernational Parkway in the center.  Terminals A & B face each other - connected by a walkway, as well as terminals C & D (Terminal D has actually a square layout). Terminal E is south of Terminal C, but is not connected by walkway to the other terminals.
    Passenger Paging telephone numbers: for TA & TC: 972-4252480;  for TB, TD & TE: 972-973-3112.
    Free AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots are located throughout the Terminal.
    Locations are stated by letters & numbers:  A9 = Terminal A, area 9.

Getting around: This section offers transfer options within terminals, how to proceed if arriving at the new Airport Station, & available 'Minute Suites' to rest.
1. To get from one terminal to the other you have two options:
(a) The free Skylink train runs inside the post-security area
of each of the five terminals, starting at the International Terminal D at gates D1-22 & D23-40, and connects to the other terminals by two Skylink stations each (close to the left and right end). It runs every 2 mins and takes an average of 5 mins for transer. Terminals A, B, C & E Skylink stations are between gates A9-A21& A22-A39, B1-B19 & B20-B39, C12-C15 & C24-C27, and E2-15 & E16-E38.
(b) Alternatively, free 'Terminal Link' blue & green accessible vans transfer passengers every 10 mins outside of the terminals' baggage claim, 5am-midnight, thereafter call 972-574-5465. 
(c) Nearest pick-up/drop-off areas at terminals are beween: A15-16 & A25-26; B12-13 & B27-28; C12-15 & C24-27; D17 & D24; E9-13 & E18-21.
2. Passengers arriving at the new DFW Airport Station:  Walk to Terminal A (a 3-minute walk) - enter the ticketing hall if departing from TA; if not - you have the following options to connect to one of the other terminals: (a) Non-American Airline passengers with only carry-on bags may use a multi-airline kiosk (in elevator vestibule at TA) to check in for their flight.  (b) Passengers of airlines other than American with bags to check in may use the Terminal Link shuttle bus outside to get to their connecting terminal.
 3. To rest /refresh between flights, DFW now offers at Terminal D, near gate D23, nine 'Minute Suites' with shower facilities (& Terminal A will have soon a second Minute Suites).
International Arrivals/ Transfers: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check *, retrieve checked bags*, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bags. The Skylink at post-security gets you to your connecting flight - or use the walkway between A, B, C & D gates (E gates are not connected by walkway).
The three new gates in the corridor connecting Terminals D & B are swing gates, enabling international passengers to proceed directly upstairs to the Customs Hall via newly opened 2-level corridor between TD & TB.

Aside from  Global Entry & TSA Pre-Check - the following three additions have been speeding up the process considerably:
(a) Currently over 70 percent of international arrivals (US citizens & green-card holders, Canadians, citizens of Visa waiver countries),  will use the 51 APC's (automated passport control) processing machines ; 
'carry-on bags only' passengers may use the'Carry E-Z' green lines in the International Arrivals Hall.
(c) CBP baggage claim expanded to 13 positions, and the Terminal D22 checkpoint is adding 2 more lanes.

TERMINAL DETAILS:  Free WiFi access is available in all 5 terminals; TSA Pre-Check is available in Terminals A, C & D;

Terminal A of DFW serves American Airlines only, using presently security checkpoints A12, 21 & 35 leading to  gates A6-A39; (gates A17-29 are under renovation) ticket counters are in pre-security, at left, center & right, with 3 baggage claim areas to the left & 2 to the right of the center.  Self-service ticket kiosks are in both airside (11) and landside 13). Food & drink and retail concessions are available in pre- & post-security areas. Terminal A will also have two 'Minute Suites'.
NOTE:  Terminal A was the first of of the four older terminals (TB, TC & TE) to undergo renovation. Already a renovated portion of the terminal has opened with new security checkpoint,  concession 'villages' around Skylink people mover stations, TSA checkpoint with 4 lanes & extended re-pack area.  Of the total gates A6-39, renovations are currently in progress at gates 17, 18, 24-29.  Near gate A39 are separate accesses to C & B gates.
Terminal A is only a 3-minute walk from the new DFW Airport Station - with its Orange Line light trains heading to the City.

Terminal B of DFW serves American Eagle only, with security check-points B9 & B19. It has gates B1-49 (gates B26-49 are under renovation). Past Gate 1 are separate  walkways to gates D1-D40 & gates A1-39.  Ticket counters are in pre-security, at left, center and right, and two baggage claim areas are to the left, two in the center and 3 at right.  Food & drink , shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas The USO center is at B15. NOTE: A Federal inspections services (FIS) corridor allows for international passenger arrivals at Terminal B to proceed directly to the Customs facility adjacent Terminal D.
TB's renovation/expansion project  involveesGats B4-11; however, gats B1-3 remain open. is to be completed by 2015. 

Terminal C of DFW
serves American Airlines only, with security check-points C10, 20, & 30 and gates C2-39.  Past gate C2 is a walkway to gates A1-39.  Ticket counters are in pre-security, at left, center and right, and one baggage claim is to the left, two near the center and three at right.  Food & drink, shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas.  Note that the Hyatt Regency DFW is adjacent to Terminal C (tel. 972-453-1234).

International Terminal D of DFW serves the following airlines: AeroMexico,  American, American Eagle, Avianca, British, Cayman, Emirates, Etihad, KLM, Korean, Lufthansa, Qantas, Qatar, & Sun Country. TD has Security check-points D18, 22 & 30 - leading to  gates D6-D40 - with a walkway past gate D40 to gates C2-39. The Skylink stops are near gates D1, D20, D25 & D34.
The three new gates located in the corridor connecting Terminals D & B are swing gates, enabling international passengers to proceed directly upstairs to the Customs Hall via newly opened 2-level corridor between TD & TB.
Ticket counters are in pre-security, two at left and two at right, and a baggage claim is both to the left and right. Food & drink establishments, shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas.  Interactive touch screens, recently installed in Terminal D (showing available concessions and their location), will be installed in the other terminals as well. 
Note that the Grand Hyatt DFW is inside of this Terminal (tel. 972-973-1234), as well as the new Minute Suite center (near gate D23 - whie a second one should be completed soon).
The Departures level has two direct access points to the Parking Garage for passengers of gates D6-D22 & gatesD23-D40.
Note:  Currently DFD is soliciting bids for new upscale concessions befitting an international terminal of its size.

Terminal E of Dallas Fort Worth Airport serves the following airlines: Air Canada, Alaska, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, United, US Airways, & WestJet. TE has security checkpoints E8, 15, 16 & 33, and gates E2-E38, with T-shaped temporary satellite & gates E22-E30*  (gates E11-E17 are currently being renovated). None of the E gates currently connect to any A, B, C, or D gates;  Ticket counters are in pre-security, one at left, one at center and one at right, and two baggage claims to the left, three at center and 3 to the right.  Food & drink establishments, shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas.  CLEAR Biometric Screening Services get you through security within five minutes (visit www.clearme.com) with members-only CLEARlane at Checkpoint E8. 
NOTE:  Construction on the Terminal renovation/ expansion project is to be completed by 2017. Currently, construction is ongoing at its right-hand triangle, including parking, access, departures/arrivals & gates E31-38.
*Temporary Satellite E  is now used by Spirit  & US Airways - its  gates are accessed at Gate E21 of the main terminal via underground tunnel with moving walkways. The satellite terminal offers concession outlets, with more to come.
While Phase 1 of TE's renovations are still continuing, phases 2 - 4 will include renewal of main areas by 2016.

Airport & Airline Lounges: 
British Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Priority Pass, Qantas Business, & The Club at DFW lounges are at or near gate D21.
American Admirals Club is near gates A24, B5, C20 & D24;  
Centurion Lounge near gate D17
Delta Sky Club is at gate E10;  
Priority Pass is at gate D21, E7;  
United Red Carpet Club is at gate E7.
Club at DFW  is at gate D21

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