Dallas Fort Worth DFW Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Dallas Fort Worth DFW Airport

Dallas Fort Worth Airport's Terminal Layout; 'Getting Around' & During Renovation; Terminal transfer options; International Arrivals /Transfers; Passengers arriving at DFW Airport Station, getting through security options; current Airline gate assignments; TERMINAL DETAILS, and Airline & Airport Lounges.

The passenger terminal complex at Dallas-Fort Worth International consists of five terminals - TA through TE (TD is the international terminal) - divided by their respective 
International Parkways:  TA, TC & TE are to the east, TB & T3 are to the west.  All Terminals are connected by the high-speed Skylink train, running inside security and taking an average of 5 mins.  Each of the five terminals, together with their parking facility, form a half circle, with the parking area facing the one-way roads of the Inernational Parkway in the center.  Terminals A & B face each other - connected by a walkway, as well as terminals C & D (Terminal D has actually a square layout). Terminal E is south of Terminal C, but is not connected by walkway to the other terminals.
    Passenger Paging telephone numbers: for TA & TC: 972-4252480;  for TB, TD & TE: 972-973-3112.
    Free AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots are located throughout the Terminal.
    Locations are stated by letters & numbers:  A9 = Terminal A, area 9.
DFW is making considerable improvements & changes for some time to come - see YouTube site at https://www.youtube.com/user/DFWIntlAirport/videos.

Getting around*: This section offers transfer options within terminals, how to proceed if arriving at the new Airport Station, & available 'Minute Suites' to rest:
- Entry Door E16 is for passengers of Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and JetBlue
- Entry Door E20 is for passengers of Air Canada, Spirit & United
- Entry Door E35 is for passengers of American, Frontier & WestJet.
   * During Renovation up to 2017:
- TA:  entry doors A38 & A39 open Oct. 2016
- TB:  Renovations to be completed 2017.  Use entry B7 or B9 to acess gates B1-17;  use entry B25, B30 or B43 to access gates B24-49. Ongoing renovations at B18-23: Entries B16 & B19 are closed; lower level access to gates B18-23 is closed. Use detour.
- TD:  duty-free completed and concessions projects open 2016.
- TE:  renovations to be completed 2017.  Gates E2-10 are closed;  Alaska, Delta & JetBlue passengers use Entry E16; Air Canada, Spirit & United passengers use Entry 120; American, Frontier & WestJet passengers use Entry E35.  For gates E11-17 and gates E18-38 -use entry E14 or E16.
    To get from one terminal to the other you have two options:
- The free Skylink train runs inside the post-security area
of each of the five terminals, starting at the International Terminal D, between D11 & D20, and between D24 & D34, and connects to the other terminals by two Skylink stations each (close to the left and right end). It runs every 2 mins and takes an average of 5 mins for transfer. Terminals A, B, C & E Skylink stations are between gates
A13 & A16, and A29 & A34;  B9 & B12, and B28 & B31; C8 & C12 and C27 & C32;  D11 & D20, and D24 & D34; E8 & E11 and E31 & E32.
- Alternatively, free 'Terminal Link' blue & green accessible vans transfer passengers every 10 mins outside of the terminals' baggage claim, 5am-midnight, thereafter call 972-574-5465.
- Nearest pick-up/drop-off areas at terminals are beween: A15-16 & A25-26; B12-13 & B27-28; C12-15 & C24-27; D17 & D24; E9-13 & E18-21.
   Passengers arriving at the new DFW Airport Station:  Walk to Terminal A (a 3-minute walk) - enter the ticketing hall if departing from TA; if not - you have the following options to connect to one of the other terminals:
- Non-American Airline passengers with only carry-on bags may use a multi-airline kiosk (in elevator vestibule at TA) to check in for their flight.
- Passengers of airlines other than American with bags to check in may use the Terminal Link shuttle bus outside to get to their connecting terminal.
    To rest /refresh between flights, DFW now offers at Terminal D, near gate D23, nine 'Minute Suites' with shower facilities (& Terminal A will have soon a second Minute Suites).
    International Arrivals/ Transfers: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check,    retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bags. The Skylink at post-security gets you to your connecting flight - or use the walkway between A, B, C & D gates (E gates are not connected by walkway).
The three new gates in the corridor connecting Terminals D & B are swing gates, enabling international passengers to proceed directly upstairs to the Customs Hall via newly opened 2-level corridor between TD & TB.
    Aside from Global Entry & TSA Pre-Check - the following three additions have been speeding up the process considerably:
- Currently over 70 percent of international arrivals (US citizens & green-card holders, Canadians, citizens of Visa waiver countries),  will use the 51 APC's (automated passport control) processing machines).
'carry-on bags only' passengers may use the'Carry E-Z' green lines in the International Arrivals Hall.
- CBP baggage claim expanded to 13 positions, and the Terminal D22 checkpoint is adding 2 more lanes.
TSA Checkpoint Locations:  A10, A21, B9, B30, C10, C21, C30, D18, D22, D30, E16, E18, E33. 
TSA Pre-Check Locations: A21, C20, D22, D30, E18.
CLEAR at E33 - CLEAR members bypass long lines going straight to screening.
    * United Passengers:  Due to ongoing renovation work, the United Airlines has been relocated to a different section of TE through mid-2017. During this time United's check-in is near the E20 terminal entrance, and its flights are depart from/ arriving at gates E25–E30. Allow for extra time for check-in, baggage dro-off, security screening and walk to gate.

NOTE:  DFW’s renovation efforts in the last few months focused on the terminals' life extension by replacing infrastructure and making parking, check-in, security check and baggage retrieval more efficient. It also included more natural light, a more open environment, more seating, charging stations and self-service technologies.  DFW also offers a new choice of food options and adding electronics, gift shops and high-end retail shops.
- TE's new concessions at the departure gates include: (a) inside security:  XpresSpa at E31; InMotion Entertainment  at E16;  Love Shack  at E11;  Sonny Bryan's  at  E13; Texas Marketplace at E15;  Marshall-Rousso at E12; Camille's Ice Cream Bars at E13; (b) ouside security: Southwest News at E14.  Hugo Boss at gate D24 (across from Cool River Cafe) offers a great selection of European Mens' ware
- Children's play grounds (adult seating for supervision is provided) are located at TA, gates A13, and TB, Gate B12.
- Nursing rooms are at gates A18, B40 & E14.
- For physical exercise, there is  A three-quarter mile path runs beween gats D6 & D40; for more workout use the two 55-foot high stairways leading up to the Skylink station. A Yoga studio is at gates B1 & E31.
- Inerfaith chapels are at gates B28, D21 & C4.

TERMINAL DETAILS for Terminals A - E. (Free WiFi access is available in all 5 terminals; TSA Pre-Check is at Terminals A, C & D).

Terminal A of DFW serves American Airlines only (gates A8-39), using presently security checkpoints A12, 21 & 35 leading to  gates A8-A39 with Skylink stations at A13 & A16, and A29 & A34;  ticket counters are in pre-security (at left, center & right), with 3 baggage claim areas to the left & 2 to the right of the center.  Self-service ticket kiosks are in both airside (11) and landside 13). Food & drink and retail concessions are available in pre- & post-security areas. Terminal A will also have two 'Minute Suites'.  A 7-Eleven opened at post-security area, near gate A25.
Terminal A was the first of of the four older terminals (TB, TC & TE) to undergo renovation. Already a renovated portion of the terminal has opened with new security checkpoint,  concession 'villages' around Skylink people mover stations, TSA checkpoint with 4 lanes & extended re-pack area.  Near gate A39 are separate accesses to C & B gates and at opposite side at gate A6, there is access to DART located on the lower level. 
  - Terminal A is only a 3-minute walk from the new DFW Airport Station - with its Orange Line light trains heading to the City.
    Terminal B of DFW serves American Airlines only (gates B1-49), with security check-points B9 & B19 leading to gates, and  with Skylink stations at B9 & B12, and B28 & B31. Past Gate 1 are separate  walkways to gates D1-D40 & gates A1-39.  Ticket counters are in pre-security, at left, center and right, and two baggage claim areas are to the left, two in the center and 3 at right.  Food & drink , shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas The USO center is at B15.  A Federal inspections services (FIS) corridor allows for international passenger arrivals at Terminal B to proceed directly to the Customs facility adjacent Terminal D.
NOTE: The first  phase of TB's upgrade & expansion work has been completed and a new section of TB was opened - including gates B4 - B11, a corresponding security checkpoint, a ticketing hall and two baggage claim counters. The ongoing second phase renovations will be completed late 2016 - including new passenger entries with elevator access, a new parking garage next to TB with 1,800 spaces - connected to gate B9 by covered walkway. Two more phases will follow, to be completed during 2017.

- The Terminal D Duty-free Project:  'TRG Duty Free' and 'Texas retailer' together were selected to design & operate the new duty-free stores (with luxury & premium retail brands) at 6 locations, with a total of 20,000 sq.ft. - including a 2-level 13,000 sq.ft. primary store between gates D22 & D23, upgrading TD's central area with an executive lounge, specialty stores & kiosks. Completion is scheduled for year-end 2016.

    Terminal C of DFW serves American Airlines only (gates C2-39), with security check-points C10, 20, & 30 and gates, Skylink stations at C8 & C12 and C27 & C32.  Past gate C2 is a walkway to gates A1-39.  Ticket counters are in pre-security, at left, center and right, and one baggage claim is to the left, two near the center and three at right.  Food & drink, shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas.  Note that the Hyatt Regency DFW is adjacent to Terminal C (tel. 972-453-1234).
     International Terminal D of DFW serves the following airlines: American at gates D17-40 - while gates D6-16 serve (AeroMexico, Avianca, British, Cayman, Emirates, Etihad, Japan, Korean, Lufthansa, Qantas, Qatar, Sun Country, & Volaris. Skylink stations are at gates D11 & D20, and D24 & D34. TD has Security check-points D18, 22 & 30 - leading to  gates D6-D40 - with a walkway past gate D40 to gates C2-39. The Skylink stops are near gates D1, D20, D25 & D34.   (NOTE: A 5-minute shuttle from DFW's Express South Parking serves TE's airlines.)
The three new gates located in the corridor connecting Terminals D & B are swing gates, enabling international passengers to proceed directly upstairs to the Customs Hall via newly opened 2-level corridor between TD & TB.
Ticket counters are in pre-security, two at left and two at right, and a baggage claim is both to the left and right. Food & drink establishments, shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas.  Interactive touch screens, recently installed in Terminal D (showing available concessions and their location), will be installed in the other terminals as well. 
- The Grand Hyatt DFW is inside of this Terminal (tel. 972-973-1234), as well as the new Minute Suite center (near gate D23 - while a second one should be completed soon).
- The Departures level has two direct access points to the Parking Garage for passengers of gates D22-D6 (left) & gates D23-D40 (right).
- 7 new concessions (unique restaurants, retail  service shops) are being added, while 'TRG Duty Free' and 'Texas Retailer'  were selected to design & operate the new duty-free stores (with luxury & premium retail brands) at 6 locations, with a total of 20,000 sq.ft. - including a 2-level primary store between gates D22 & D23, upgrading TD's central area with an executive lounge, specialty stores & kiosks. Completion is scheduled for year-end 2016. (The popular Guidance system used at new TA Garage will also be added at TD.)
     Terminal E of Dallas Fort Worth Airport serves the following airlines and their gates: Air Canada, E21; Alaska: E11, E23; American: E35 – E38; Delta: E12 – E17; Frontier: E20; jetBlue: E23; Spirit: E18, E31 – E33; United: E25-30; and Westjet: E22. Skylink stations are at gates E8 & E11 and E31 & E32.
TE has security checkpoints E8, 15, 16 & 33, and gates E2-E38, with T-shaped temporary satellite & gates E21-E30*  (gates E11-E17 are currently being renovated). None of the E gates currently connect to any A, B, C, or D gates;  Ticket counters are in pre-security, one at left, one at center and one at right, and two baggage claims to the left, three at center and 3 to the right.  Food & drink establishments, shops & services are available in pre & post-security areas.  CLEAR Biometric Screening Services get you through security within five minutes (visit www.clearme.com) with members-only CLEARlane at Checkpoint E8. 
Free power stations are available at D21, 23, 30 & D40.
NOTE:  Ongoing Construction on the Terminal renovation/ expansion project is to be completed by 2017:  During construction time, onsite parking will remain available in the garage across from gates E2 through E10 and serve as overflow - access is via walkway from/to E14. Also, Terminal Link shuttles are available to operational sections of Terminal E.
 - The new Satellite E: Passengers check in at Terminal 2. After they complete passport & hand baggage checks, they proceed by underground transport system to the 7,000 sq.meter Satellite terminal, housing a numbeer of restaurants & cafes, 15 retail stores and 3 duty-free areas.  With 27 aircraft stands serving the pier, there is hardly any need for bus transfer any longer.
 - TE 's current status: The first three phases of construction at TE have been completed and include gate renovations of E11 - E17 and corresponding ticketing hall for Alaska & Delta airlines; upgrades to baggage claims at E13 and E14, and opening of security checkpoint E16.  At the gates, upgraded seating and charging tables were added, along with the following concessions:  At Gate E11: Love Shack (Chef Tim Love's Fort Worth Burger Joint);  at Gate E12: Marshall-Rousso (Accessories); at Gate E13: Sonny Bryan's Dallas Smokehouse Barbecue; at Gate E15: Texas Marketplace (Gifts); and at Gate E16: InMotion Entertainment ( Electronics). The adjacent parking garage with 1,800 spaces and parking guidance system has opened at the same time.
During Phase 4 work of the TE Project  gates E2-E10 will be redeveloped and more concessions added.
Airport & Airline Lounges inside the terminals:
- At or near gate D21 are lounges for:  British Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Qantas Business, & The Club at DFW.
- at gates B28, E8 are the DFW Travel Lounges;
- at gate E22 is the Delta Sky Club ;
- near gate D17 is the Centurion Lounge;
- at gate D21is the Club at DFW;
- at gates D21, E7 are the Priority Pass lounges;  
- at gate E7 is the United Red Carpet Club.

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