Dallas Love Field DAL Airport Overview

Dallas Love Field DAL serves the City of Dallas and nearby Cedar Springs & Mockingbord, in the State of Texas. It handles mostly domestic flights (Dallas/Fort Worth DWF Airport is the area's primary airport handling international & domestic flights). The Airport  is for many an affordable and convenient alternative, as evidenced by its growing passenger count.

DAL Airport is located within Dallas city limits on 8008 Cedar Springs Road - 7 miles NW of the downtown business district of Dallas (a 20-minute ride to the Convention Center). It is primarily served by Southwest Airlines - founded and headquartered at Love Field.

Serving an estimated 8.2 million passengers annually, Dallas Love Field is used by domestic airlines offering direct and connecting flights.

Dallas Love Field has currently a new  Main Terminal, and a temporary  terminal T1 which will be integrated into the Main Terminal after October 14, 2014.

Present and future Airport developments:  While a number of upgrades in the new terminal are still ongoing, the temporary T1 is still in operation, however, by October 2014, there will be only one consolidated passenger terminal housing all airlines.

Dallas Love Field:  Aug.'14 news: The current plan is to close Terminal 1 by October 1, moving flights to new terminal, with Virgin America moving on Oct. 13.
1. Airlines:  Southwest has already moved into the new terminal. Virgin America's move from DFW Airport to Dallas Love Field is scheduled between Oct. 12 & 28 (adding add'l flights in Feb & April 2015).  Starting October 2014 :  Delta & United airlines will occupy 2 gates; while Southwest & Virgin America will use 16 gates. 
Both Southwest & Virgin America are planning on a tight aircraft turn-around schedule per gate - done in phases between October '14 & April '15.  Delta & United will use the remaining six turns each .
2. The Airport status as of mid-August 2014 reveals that (a) Flights by ExpressJet (for United Airlines) and Delta & SeaPort still use old Terminal 1 -  these gates need to be dismantled & paved over.  Gates for Virgin America & United 'look ready'.  (b) The new Terminal is pretty much completed inside - but still needs outside work.  It has the shape of a big T - with passengers entering from the bottom of the T - after passing security checkpoint & taking stairs /escalators up to level 2, which connects the lobby to the terminal. The T's crossbar represents the gate area - with Southwest occupying gates 1-10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20 (to the right & along the top of the T); Virgin America using gates 11 & 13 at the bottom of the T's left half; and  United using gates 15 & 17 - bordering on Southwest airline gates.

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