Madison Dane County MSN Airport Overview

Madison Dane County Regional Airport MSN serves the city of Madison and its surrounding areas of southern Wisconsin. Despite the 'Regional' in its name, it is no longer just a regional airport, due to the considerable increase in passengers and airlines.
Airport terminal and main checkpoint are open daily at 4am, while a second TSA checkpoint at the south end of the terminal is open during morning rush hours 4:30am-7am.

MSN Airport is only  five miles northeast of the city center of Madison and can be accessed via I-90 north, or I-90/I-94 south. The roadway approach to the airport is simple and streamlined. The International Lane has four lanes divided by traffic separation islands. An electronic sign welcomes you and shows current parking status. 

Note that only one way leads into the airport and one way out. 
As you drive into the complex, the turnoffs to hourly, daily and surface parking come up to the left.
The roadway in front of the terminal is divided into six lanes, four of which are for dropping off/ picking up passengers.

With over 1.8 million passengers in 2016, Madison Dane County Regional Airport is served by major U.S.airlines offering direct flights to U.S. airport hubs with connections around the globe.

Dane County Regional Airport has one passenger terminal.

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