Transportation at DenverAirport:  The Ground Transportation Information Counter is on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal - open daily, 6:30am-11:30pm (tel. 303-342-4059 or e-mail: www.ground.transportation@flydenver.com).  Also, RTD (Regional Transport District) maintains a booth there.
NEW: Ride-Share Service permits have been given to Lyft & Uber - allowing their drivers to pick up arriving passengers on level 4, and dropping off departing passengers on level 6. 

Transportation options with  pickup locations
(East Garage, even door numbers - or West Garages, odd door numbers:
    Commuter Shuttles pickup/ dropoff from Terminal Level 5, Island 3, near doors 505-507, east side & 510-512, west side. 
    Hotel Shuttles: lane 3, doors 511, 506; 
    Limos: lane 1, doors 507-513, 504-5110;
    Mountain Carriers: pickup/dropoff at terminal level 5, Island 2, outside of doors 507-511(west side).
    Rental Cars: lane 4, doors 505-513, 504-512;
lane 1, doors 507-511, 506-510.
    Pikes Peak/Mt. Elbert: level 6 East, doors 605, 607, 611.

The RTD SkyRide public bus (wheelchair accessible) takes you to downtown Denver depart about every 15 minutes. It departs at Jeppesen Terminal's level 5, island 5, - outside west side Doors 506 & 510.  Buses run daily 3:30am to midnight/ 1:28am. For information, contact RTD directly at tel. 303-299-6000,  e-mail: cismail@rtd-denver.com - or visit:  www.rtd-denver.com/skyride.shtml.  Note: While one-way ride fares are around $9, $11 & $13 (depending where you go) - you need exact change.

To be completed by 2015:  The Transit Center serving all RTD buses.
To be completed by 2016:  The new East Rail Line connecting the Airport to Denver's Union Station within 35 minutes.  The first stop will be at 72nd & Himalya Station; the second stop at Pena Blvd. Station and the third at 40th Ave. /Airport Blvd. Station. Another three stops are aong 40th Ave. 

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