Transportation at DenverAirport:  The Ground Transportation Information Counter is on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal - open daily, 6:30am-11:30pm (tel. 303-342-4059 or e-mail: ground.transportation@flydenver.com).  Also, RTD (Regional Transport District) maintains a booth there.
NEW: Ride-Share Service permits have been given to Lyft & Uber - allowing their drivers to pick up arriving passengers on level 4, and dropping off departing passengers on level 6. 

Transportation options with Garage pickup locations
at either East Garage (even door numbers) or West Garages (odd door numbers):
(a) Commuter Shuttles: pick-up/ drop-off from Jeppesen Terminal Level 5, Island 3, outside doors 505-507 (east side) and 510-512 (west side). 
(b)  Hotel Shuttles: lane 3, doors 511, 506; 
(c) Limos: lane 1, doors 507-513, 504-5110;
(d) Mountain Carriers: pickup/dropoff at terminal level 5, Island 2, outside of doors 507-511(west side).
(e) Rental Cars: lane 4, doors 505-513, 504-512;
(f) Taxis
lane 1, doors 507-511, 506-510.
(g) Pikes Peak/Mt. Elbert: level 6 East, doors 605, 607, 611.

The RTD SkyRide public bus takes you to downtown Denver and stops at Jeppesen Terminal's level 5 - outside Doors 504, 506 & 510 (west side).  Buses run daily 3:30am to midnight. For information, contact them directly at tel. 303-299-6000 - e-mail: cismail@rtd-denver.com - or visit:  www.rtd-denver.com/skyride.shtml).  Note: While one-way ride fares are currently $9, $11 & $13 - you need exact change.

To be completed by 2015:  The Transit Center serving all RTD buses, as well as the new East Rail Line to connect the Airport to Denver's Union Station.

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