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Terminal Layout; Travel to the United States, Passengers arriving at T2 and connecting to another flight; and Terminal Details:

The passenger terminal complex at Dublin Airport consists of two terminals - Domestic T1 & International T2
- connected landside by a new 100-meter pedestrian corridor. Both terminals and their piers offer first-rate facilities, amenities and services, befitting an international Airport of its size. Across from T1 are parking blocks A, B & C, while the new short-term multi-story carpark is across from T2.  U.S. Customs Clearance (CBP)  is available in both terminals.
Travel to the U.S.
  - Passengers planning to travel to the U.S.
need to apply for travel authorization online prior to travel: open https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/
  - Passengers departing to the U.S. can use Dublin Airport's U.S. Pre-Clearance service at Terminal 2 near gates 401-406, saving time upon arrival at the U.S.
  - Shopping in U.S. Boarding Area:  The The Loop' shopping areais after U.S. security check & pre-clearance is now double its previous size.

Passengers arriving at International Terminal 2 and transferring to another flight:  From Arrivals Pier walk towards baggage claim hall; turn left, then right. (If transferring to T1, continue straight ahead.) Pass through passport control, then take escalator up to Departure level, go through security check & concession area, then take escalator down and continue straight ahead to your gate.

Terminal 1* of Dublin Airport - served by Ryanair for all of its flights, and by all other airlines serving Dublin Airport with non-transatlantic flights (which are at T2).  T1 has an Arrivals, Departures & Mezzanine level, reached by escalator. It houses the The Loop and has gate areas 101-113, 201-220 & 301-313.  The aging T1 has now completed much of its renovation work.
Departures level of T1 has at its center entrance the airline desks, to the left currency exchange and adjacent escalator to Arrivals/ Area 14; while to the right are escalators & elevator to the food court.  Behind the airline desks are the 6 rows of check-in counters 3 throuth 13 and beyond counters 3-4 is the Fast Track Entrance with access to The Loop & to departure gates.  Note that T1 now added 15 more self-service bag-drop units for Ryanair passengers, and 3 separate baggage-drop units at check-in Area 7 for common-use by airlines (like CityJet and Flybe).
    The Loop, covering 18,300 sq.ft of new & upgraded stores, is now completed - representing a first-rate shopping & restaurant area - with access at its center to gates 301-313, and at its left end to gates 201-220. This level also connects to Terminal 2 at the left end.  'Street Feast" with freshly prepared wholesome food in front of customers also offers 'grab-and-go' food.
    Arrivals level of T1 houses the baggage hall with carousels 4 - 1 and 5 - 9 on either side of the center, which has security screening leading to Arrivals meeting point and information counter. This level also houses a cafe, ICE currency exchange, a book shop, ATM machine, Bank of Ireland, pre-booked rental cars and rental car counters, Information desk, Tourist & transportation information, & a bar.
    New 'T1 Lounge' is for qualifying passengers of British, Lufthansa, Swiss & Turkish airline, and for  paying passengers.
* NOTE:  The 44-year-old terminal T1 already added the 15 automatic tray return systems, completed its departure & arrival areas, while its security checkpoints are being upgraded, added 10 new aircraft parking stands, replaced the Arrivals Hall floors, removed its exit doors and replacing the space with meet & greet area.  In several phases, T1 has undergone, or will undergo overhaul work: Arrivals Hall and  facade (ceiling replacement, desk removal from window areas - and,  making it for user-friendly - placing restaurants in separate areas of other services, including Tourist Info office and desk). 

Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport
with gate areas 401-406 & 407-426 is currently served by transatlantic flights of Aer Lingus, American, Delta, Emirate, Etihad & United airlines . It houses a US pre-clearance immigration facility, which leads to new US Pre-clearance Lounge. Numerous concessions for shops, restaurants & bars are located mainly inside the Departures Lounge, with views overlooking the airfield.
    Departure level of T2 has at the center escalators up to the Departures Hall, some airline help desks and check-in desks 1-18 (right) and 29-56 (left).  Outside of it are the taxi & bus stops and walkway to Terminal 1 & short-term carparks A, B, C.  The Departures Hall houses the Security Screening area & a Fast-Track entrance, all leading to the Departures gates & The Loop (Shopping).  Note that T2 now has 32 self-service kiosks & 12 touchless self-service bag-drop units for Aer Lingus passengers,
Access to gates 401-426 is in the center, past the concessions (gates 401-406 house U.S. Customs & Border Protection). The departures hall leads to carparks and transportation facilities.
    Arrivals /Baggage level of T2  has, before Customs, a corridor for flight connections to Terminal 1 . After Customs inspection are baggage crousels 1 - 6, a currency exchange, 2 baggage handler service desks, a Loop shop, and access to the Arrivals Hall, which houses in the center a meeting point and at either side food & drink and retail concessions.
    Airline lounges at T2 are located in the gate area. Getting there: After checking in, take escalator up to arrivals level,  turn right and take escalator up to departures level, turn turn again and proceed through security check and through retail area; take either escalator down and turn right 180 degree & follow corridor to Airline Lounges, or take elevator, turning right and follow Airline Lounges.