Transport options from Ezeiza Airport to your destination include:  Taxis, Bus shuttles, Public buses, & transfer to Jorge Newbery Airport.
The closest railway station
is Ezeiza's Constitucion terminal.

Recommended by travelers is the white 'Taxi Ezeiza' for its safety and reliability  (tel. 5480-0066 or visit taxiezeiza.com.ar) 
Also recommended are the Manuel Tienda Leon shuttles (tel. 54 11) 0810 888 5366 or visit tiendaleon.com.ar/home/home.asp).  Its shuttles arrive at both terminals outside of arrivals and run every 30 minutes to the City, stopping near Plaza San Martin, and close to Puerto Madera, where you can take mini buses or taxis of the same company to your final destination. 

Not recommended by travelers is (a) renting a car to drive through or around the City, as lanes are narrow and City drivers don't respect lanes; (b) taking public buses.

Public buses:
Bus 394 to the City
is located at the AA2000 Corporate Building, with access to Edcadassa. It serves theMonte Grande Railroad Station & Camino de Cintura (southern belt road).
Bus 502 runs to Ezeiza City.
Bus 51 runs to Constitucion via Monte Grande.
Bus 86 runs between the Airport & City Center's Plaza de Mayo.

Transfer to Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP) - which is only 1.2 miles from downtown Buenos Aires - handles domestic flights & flight to some South American destinations. In 2013 it counted 9.6 million passengers - one third of Argentina's entire air traffic.    Air conditioned bus shuttles 'Manuel Tienda Leon' are reliable and have a reservation booth at Arrivals hall, departing every 30 minutes - taking 50 minutes for the trip.

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