Parking Options at Fayetteville Grannis Field Airport

The passenger Terminal and Parking facilities can be reached from Airport Road;  drive about a mile on the access road which circles the parking facilities.  Location:  34.99116 -78.88656

Parking options at Fayetteville Airport
include short-term and long-term lots.
Parking fees:
Short-Term: first 30 mins $1; each add'l 30 mins $1, up to daily max $10
Long-Term: each hr $1, up to daily max $8.

Parking Rates at FAY Airport

Short Term
Rate: each add hr $1
30 mins $1
each add 30 mins $1
24 hrs $10
Long Term
Rate: 24 hrs $8
0-1 hr $1
each add hr $1

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