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Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport

Terminal Layout, Getting around, Passenger paging, International Departures, International Arrivals; Terminal Details & Amenities/Services.

The passenger terminal complex at Houston Intercontinental Airpor
t consists of five terminals - TA through TE.  The access road of JFK Blvd leads to center of the complex, with Hotel & Restaurant - dividing Terminals A & B (West) and Terminalc C, D & E (East)  - TD & TE are on opposite sides. A/B Parking is between TA & TB; while C Parking is between TC and TD/E.
All Terminals have these similar features: 
(a) Entering from street level you get to the baggage claim areas, rental car facilities, and amenities located next to the passenger pickup exits.
(b) Visitor Information Centers are in the baggage claim area of all 3 terminals. One doorway is designated for limos, taxis & public transportation, while another one is for private vehicle pickup. 
(c) When arriving on the second level you are in the center of the terminal facility, with airline counters along the walls, and shops, food courts & lounges fill up the remaining area.
(d) United Airlines is the only airline at present using multiple terminals: TA, TB, TC, & TE (not in TD).

Getting around:  
1. Terminal connections inside or outside their secured areas offer separate transport connections:
  (a) The above-ground TerminaLink train inside security starts at Terminal A station & connects terminals A, B, C, D/E (a 30 mins transfer);
  (b) The below-ground Inter-Terminal Train outside security connects TA, TB, Hotel, TC, & TD/TE.
2. TD & TE are connected by tunnel. TD connects at its gate D1 to the Noth gates of TC, and TE connects at its gate E1 to the South gates of TC.
3. Transportation: Most shuttle services are at the south side of Terminals A, B & C and the west end of D, and the Metro’s Airport Direct bus leaves from Terminal C to downtown Houston.
Passenger paging:  Pick up one of the white telephones placed throughout the terminals. Visually/ hearing impaired travelers should call 281-230-3000 or the TDD number 281-230-3089.
International departures: United Airlines at Terminal E; all other airlines at Terminal D.
U.S. & Canadian international arrivals
may now use the new self-service kiosks with Automated Passport Control (APC) technology - speeding up the passport control process.
International Arrivals arrive at Terminal E. From there they go through secure corridors, walk across the sky bridges to adjoining Federal Inspection Services (FIS), where they will claim baggage & clear U.S. Customs. If Houston is your final destination, proceed to the International Arrivals Lobby & passenger greeting area. If continuing your journey, re-check in your baggage at the recheck counters and proceed to the Arrivals Lobby, where an escalator down to the Inter-Terminal Train will take you to your connecting terminal. 

TERMINAL DETAILS:  Note: United is the only Airline currently using all four terminals for arrivals & departures. 

Terminal A of IAH serves Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Spirit, United & US Airways. Terminal A has on level 0 the TerminaLink train station (train starts here to all other terminals); on level 1 the baggage claim area; on level 2 the ticketing desks, separate security checks with access to North Concourse gates A1-A15 & South Concourse gates A17-A30; (levels 3 & 4 are parking levels and Level M houses offices.)

Terminal B of IAH has 5 levels serves United Airways only, and is divided by North & South concourses. TB is primary facility  for United Express - operated by its regional partners ExpressJet, SkyWest, Shuttle America & Trans States, which together, operate over 300 daily flights to U.S, Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean.   Level 0 houses the TerminaLink train station; level 3 houses offices, and levels 4 & 5 houses parking facilities.
Level 1 of TB is the baggage claim area;
Level 2 of TB houses the AdPM Station, ticketing counters, security check with  access to Concourse B gates at NE, NW, SE & SW:
(a) Northeast (NE) concourse with gates B84-A, B,C-B88; Northwest (NW) Concourse with gates B76-B83A;
(b) Southwest (SW) concourse with gates B21-B31; 
(c) Southcentral (SC) Concourse with gates B17-B20 (& gates 12-16 by Oct.'14 -thereafter a 6,000 square-foot United Club will be added);
(d) Southeast (SE) is a proposed new concourse.

Terminal C of IAH is base for domestic operations of United Airways. The terminal is divided ito a North and a South side. While TC South connects to TE, TC North currently connects to TD (however, the North concourse space is to be used for the upcoming TD expansion).  
Level 0 has the train station; level 1 the bagage claim. 
Level 2 houses the APM Station, ticketing desks, security check and access to
North Concourse, gates C24-C27 at left with connection to TD at right; and C14-C23 straight ahead (C14 connects to D gates D1-D3; and
South Concourse gates C29-45 (with connection to TE after C45).
Level 3 houses offices.

The following Airlines use Terminal D for Departures & Terminnal E for Arrivals:  AeroMexico, AirChina, AirFrance, British, Emirates, Korean, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar, Singapore, TACA, Turkish & Viva Aerobus.

Terminal D of IAH:
The ticketing level (first, or street level) has two entrances, to be used for passenger drop-off, and two exits, to be used for passenger pick-up and for taxis, limos, etc. Between the exit doors is an escalator leading to trains and Terminals A, B & C. In the back of it is the baggage claim. Ticketing desks are near the entrances.The security check is between exit and entrance doors and behind it is the escalator & elevator to the gates.
The departure level (second level) has 9 gateways with gates D1-D12. Gateway to gates D1-D3 connects to gates C14-C2. As you enter, you find an ATM machine and three lounges, as well as currency exchange service near gate D7. T A tunnel leads to Terminal E. 
Terminal D is to be completely overhauled and is to have 15 wide-body gates. The space for expansion is to be derived from TC's North concourse. While a Request for Proposal is to be submitted by late summer, construction should start by mid-2015 - and continue into 2021. During construction, the existing structure is to stay operational throughout this process.

Terminal E of IAH: Level 0 houses the underground baggage facility;
Level 1 is the Arrivals level with baggage claim;
Level 2 is the Departures level with access to gates E gates Level 2 also houses the International Arrivals facility with a greeting area in the lobby. Once you get through security check on either side of level 2, you can proceed to the gate area.
The gate area is the building which runs along the opposite side of the access road, with southward extensions on each end. Close to the center of it is the connection to Terminal D, and another to US Customs; to the left is the connection to/from Terminals A, B & C & domestic baggage claim.  The left-side gateway extension has gates E1 through gates E11, while to the right are gates E12 to E24 (some gates add A or B to their number - i.e., gate E20B or E20A.
Level 3 houses offices.

Amenities & Services inside the passenger terminals:  All terminals provide free internet access; food & drink estabishments, shops, newsstands and shoeshine. TD & TE also offer currency exchange, while TA, TD & TE also offer duty-free shops. Movie rental and an interfaith chapel are available in TC, and in-Motion Entertainment in TE. The large  USO facility in TD contains a Cyber Café, video gaming stations, entertainment lounge, quiet room, children’s play room, and kitchen. The Real Food Company in TC was named 'Best New Food & Beverage Concept' by Revenue News.
The automated self-service kiosk is intended for frequent travelers enrolled in the Global Entry system, to bypass passport control, customs & Immigration when returning to the U.S., by simply activating their data at this kiosk (note that the Global Entry program is now extended to Mexican citizens).
Due to other recent improvements, including new concourses at TA & TC, the Houston Airport System has some of the nation's finest terminal facilities - one of which is the 'La Grand Comptoir' French brasserie in TC North, which recently received the 'Best Restaurant in the World' prize.

Houston Intercontinental IAH Airport

Terminal A Terminal B
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Walk Route

Exit Terminal through security and follow signs for Terminal B, go through security into Terminal B
Walk Time: 8 min

Shuttle Route

Board the Inter-Terminal Train at Terminal A. Exit train at Terminal B, enter Terminal B.
Shuttle Time: 6 to 16 min

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