Glasgow GLA Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Glasgow GLA Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout of Glasgow International Airport, Check-in & Transfer, and Terminal details:

Glasgow Airport has a main terminal (T1) with concourses (piers) A through D, and a satellite building (T2) -The West Concourse is used for international flights, the Central Concourse for domestic flights and the East Concourse for low-cost flights to the Scottish islands & Ireland.  'Skyhub', the security check area, is located between the Main Terminal and the Satellite building T2, which serves check-in facilities for LLCs (low-cost-carriers).

Checking In: (Do check with your Airline for service availability and eligibility).
Self-service checkin kiosks are near the check-in desks, for eligible passengers of bmibaby/bmi, Britti Airways & Flybe.
Online checkin is available for passengers of British Airways, bmi & KLM Cityhopper and includes passengers holding an e-ticket from United Airlines.
For long-haul flights check-in time is three hours prior to scheduled departure; for European flights two hours, and for UK & Ireland flights one hour.
NOTE: If your connecting flight requires an overnight stay, you need to make hotel arrangements, as there is no sleeping at the Airport. The next day you will have to check in at the Airport as normal.
Transfer Passengers:
Allow plenty of time between connecting flights, particularly if your luggage has not been checked through to your final destination.
(a) when connecting from an international flight to a UK flight: you need to go through passport control;
(b) when connecting from a UK flight to an interantional flight: you need to pass through special immigration control points and you may be asked to show your passport.


Terminal 1 - Major Airport upgrade work has now been completed:  International Arrivals now has a new look. Other improvements include the main check-in hall, landscaping in front of the terminal, road network & bathroom overhauls.
The new Emirates lounge for first- & business-class passengers and for Platinum & Gold Skyward members opened in July 2014.

The Ground Level 
has checkin desks 1 to 39 and ticket sales in the center, UK baggage reclaim, rental car counters and access to T2 check-in desks 4-64 to the right, and international baggage reclaim and access to the international arrivals pier to the left. This floor has the following services: American Express, Aviance Baggage office, Barrhead travel, Baggage enquiry office, BMI & British baggage service office, rental car counters, Customs red point, easyJet ticket office, Onward travel information, outsize baggage, premier dispatch, Servisair baggage office, Shop & collect, Special assistance, taxi info desk, Thomas Cook ticket desk VisitScotland, and Travelex.  A new food hall and cafe bar is now in the international arrivals area.
The First Level has a good selection of food & drink, shops & duty-free. This floor leads to carpark 2 via link bridge. Services on this floor include American Express, special assistance elevator, reserved seating & Travelex. 
After passing through security, you can reach gates 1 to 12 to the right, gates 14 to 26 and gates 51 to 52 in the center and gates 27 to 36 at left. The Skylounge can be reached by elevator or stairs. From the Spectrum internet desks you can take an elevator up to the second floor.
The Second Level houses the Servisair Executive Lounge and Frank & Benny's.
Concourses / Piers A to D of Terminal 1:
A pier - ground floor for international arrivals; (leading to the ground floor of the main terminal).
B pier - first floor for international departures gates 27-50 - gates 27A, B & C are at the entrance, gates 28-36 are accessible from first level of main terminal.)
C pier - first floor to Domestic departure gates 14-26, with British Airways & Flybe Executive lounges; and (accessible from the first level of T1)'
D pier - first floor to departure gates 1-12(accessible from the first level of T1).

Terminal 2 is connected to  T1's right side - used for check-in facilities for low-cost airlines (mainly Air Lingus, Virgin Atlantic & Thomas Cook). It houses check-in counters 40-64.

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