Rochester Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off All passenger pick-up (lower level) and drop-off (upper level) locations are accessible to airport entrances. Skycap service is located on both the lower and upper levels to assist with baggage.
Curbside check-in is available, however it varies by airline. Please contact your individual airline for more information.

Note: All unattended vehicles on the terminal roadways will be ticketed and towed without warning according to federal guidelines. If you intend to park under 30 minutes, use the Short Term Lot which offers free parking for the first 1/2 hour and which is a short walking distance from the terminal.

Free Cell Phone Lot - temporary parking for drivers picking up arriving passenger(s). You must stay with your vehicle at all times. When your arriving party has arrived, collected their baggage and calls you on the phone, proceed to the curb to pick them up. No parking or waiting allowed on airport roadways.

Parking Options & Fees:

1. Valet Parking* The valet parking station is on the upper level roadway. Fees:
A flat rate of $13/day, plus a one-time service charge of $20. Payable by credit card only.

2. Short-Term Parking Lot - blue:
First 30 mins - free;
31 to 60 mins - $2
Each half hr, up to 11.5 hrs - $1 (1.5 hrs: $3; 2 hrs: $4, etc.)
11.5 to 24 hrs (daily max) - $24

3. Long-Term Parking at Ramp Garage - orange:
0-2 hours - $3.50
Each hr thereafter - $2; up to
6 hrs - $11.50 br> Over 6 hrs (daily max) - $13

4. Weekly Lot - green:
Daily (24 hrs) - $11
Weekly - $55

5. Airport Shuttle Lot - yellow:
Daily (24 hrs) - $6

6. Airport Economy Shuttle Lots - red, white & blue: free shuttle services every 5-10 minutes.
Daily (24 hrs) - $5.50

Payment Methods: Check out the Zoom Lane and the Automated Pay Lanes. With Autopay, passengers can pay via an automated machine at the toll plaza exit. Cash, credit or debit card accepted. Look for Autopay signs as you exit the parking lots.

*Valet Service Valet attendants, available 24/7, park your car and will be waiting for you upon your return. No reservations needed. Follow these two steps: (a) Drop off your car and keys at the Valet Station located on the airport’s upper level roadway. Valet attendant will be waiting there and park your car while you get on with your trip. (b) Upon your return, pick up your your car at the Valet Station on the airport’s lower level roadway, just outside of baggage claim. Credit cards only (American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard). For more information, call 585 327-6700.

Disabled Parking: Not all garages are accessible. The use of valet parking would be your best choice as you can pull up your car right at the terminal curb and leave the search for handicap parking up to the Valet. On your return, your car will be ready outside the baggage claim area on the lower roadway level.

Airport Hotel Parking
For a set number of days, overnight travelers can park their car in their hotel's parking area. The on-airport hotel "Fairfield Inn" and offers "park & fly" packages, including up to 21 days free parking. Comfort Inn Rochester International Airport also offers similar packages. Both hotels offer free airport shuttles to/from the termin

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