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Greenville Spartanburg Airport ( GSP ) Terminal Map Information

Greenville Spartanburg Airport Terminal Map Overview

Greenville Spartanburg GSP Terminal Map GSP Concourse A GSP Concourse B


The passenger terminal at Greenville Spartansburg Airport has Concourses A & B.  Airport improvements have recently been made in three phases:
    Phase 1 of the Airport improvement projects had recently been completed - including: 
Concourse A & B expansion for restrooms, food & drink, and retail concessions; construction of the North Wing for temporary airline facilities; utility & infrastructure relocation; a canopy over curbside for loading/unloading; covered walkways to parking garages, new terminal glass facade, new baggage claim area with new carousels, more restaurants, 700 feet of glass panels.
Phase 2 - the Building Core Construction involves the Grand Hall Development with new concessions area; renovation of ticketing lobby; new Customer Service booths, new landside garden; new baggage screening equipment & facilities; consolidation & relocation of security checkpoint, and Concourses A & B renovations.
Phase 3
- final projects include a new Administrative Office for GSP and a new Conference Center - scheduled for 2016.
 Terminal improvement work ended with completion of the Grand Hall by Fall 2016 which opened in November 2016.

- The ground level of the terminal
serves both Arrivals & Departures:  The Arrivals area  has 2 baggage carousels  to the left of the center,  (the Rental Car Customer Center is now in Parking Garage A).  The Departures area to the right houses the ticket lobby with ticketing desks. After security check an escalator in the center takes you to:
- Level 2 of the terminal is in the secured area, with a restaurant in the center,  a garden outside, houses Concourses A & B on both side:
    Concourse A has gates A1 to A9;
    Concourse B has gates B1 to B4.

Current Airlines serving GSP Airport: 
Allegiant, tel. 702-505-8888
American, tel. 800-433-7300
Delta, tel. 800-221-1212
Southwest, tel. 800-435-9792
United, tel. 800-241-6522.