Honolulu HNL Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Honolulu HNL Airport

Honolulu Airport Terminal Complex, Important Notices, Getting Around (Departing & Arriving passengers, Terminal Details for Overseas, Interisland & Commuter Terminals, Airline Lounges & Ongoing Airport Improvements:

Honolulu Airport's terminal complex consists of three passenger terminals connected to each other - the  Overseas Terminal, the  Interisland Terminal and the Commuter Terminal -
connected by shuttle buses. When arriving by car, large overhead signs will indicate Check-in Lobby number & airlines.  

Important Notices:
- Honolulu International is urging passengers
to arrive at the Airport at least two hours ahead of your scheduled overseas flight, or 90 minutes ahead of your inter-island flight. Should you need to park or rent a car, add another 30 minutes to your arrival time at the Airport.
- Gate numbers with preceding letter Z are inter-island flights; gate numbers preceding letter M are overseas flights.
- Passengers will arrive
on either level 2 of either the Overseas or Interisland terminals, or at ground level of Commuter Terminal, where they will find Visitor Information booths located in gate areas and at baggage claim.
- A new Baggage Storage by SmarteCarte available offers attended baggage storage services at the Honolulu International Airport.

Getting around: A shuttle bus serves all three terminals and makes continuous rounds.
    Departing overseas passengers may, after security clearance, take a bus on the third level of the Overseas Terminal to their gate located either at Ewa or at Diamond Head Concourses. You can also walk from the Overseas Terminal to the Interisland Terminal (10-15 minutes) or to the Commuter terminal (another 5-10 minutes).
    Arriving overseas passengers at either Ewa or Diamond Head concourses can take a bus outside their gates back to the main terminal or the Interisland Terminal. HOWEVER,  all international arrivals (unless they completed US customs clearance by participating airports) need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag . Note that the international Arrivals corridor is now airconditioned and has moving walkways.  Information booths are located in the gate & baggage claim areas.
    Passengers at the Interisland Terminal who check in for a Mainland flight in the Overseas Terminal can take a bus on level 3 to get to their gate.

TERMINAL DETAILS:  Shops & Restaurants are available at: Central Concourse gates 14-23; Central Lobby; Diamond Head Concourse gates 6-11; Ewa Concourse gates 26-34, near gates 12/13 and 24/25; near baggage claim G-5;  at pre-security, level 2; and at Interisland & Commuter terminals.

1. The Overseas Terminal at Honolulu Airport
(the Main Terminal), is on the right side of the main airport access road. It is intended for U.S. domestic & international destinations; boarding gates are shared by all airlines - there is no gate assignment. The new international arrivals corridor connects level 3 of the Ewa Concourse directly to the International Arrivals building and the rest of the airport. Outside the terminal are two city bus stops.  The Overseas Terminal has three levels and three concourses:
   The ground level has Baggage Claims H through D, with adjacent Customs & passport checks for international arrivals.
   Level 2 houses the Central Lobby with five ticketing /check-in areas at Lobbies 4 through 8, serving the following airlines:
- Lobby 4: Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Alaska, ANA/Air Japan, China, Delta, Jetstar, Korean Air, Philippines, Qantas & WestJet. 
- Lobbies 5, 6 & 7:  Lobby 5: Japan Airlines;  Lobby 6: Omni Air, US Airways. Lobby 7: American. 
- Lobby 8: United. All passengers arrive on the second level.
Beyond the lobbies are security checkpoints 2 to 5, followed by amenities & services in each of the post-security areas, and leading to the Concourses:
Central Concourse has an information desk,  food & drink & shops in the center, and  gates 14 to 23. Lounges for American, Air New Zeland, & Japan Airlines are located in the Food Court.
       Diamond Head Concourse
has gates 6 to 11 with United & ANA lounges on level 3 (above gate 9).
- Between the Diamond Head and the Central Concourse are gates 12 & 13 with a currency exchange.
- Between the Central Concourse and the Ewa Concourse are gates 24 & 25.
       Ewa Concourse (to the right) with gates 26-34 houses lounge facilities for Qantas, American & Air New Zealand, reached near gate 26 to level 3. Past the Ewa Concourse is the security checkpoint with access to gates 49 to 53 and the Interisland Terminal gates (south) 54-61, connecting there to the Commuter Terminal gates 62-80.
    Level 3 has a food court and airline lounges for: Japan (ANA), Air Canada, China, IASS & Philippine airlines.
Airline Lounges at Overseas Terminal are on Level 2, 3 & on Ground Level:
At Levels 2 & 3: United, Air Canada, Air China, ANA, & Asiana airlines use the United Red Carpet Club, above gate 9.
- American, Air New Zealand & Japan Airlines,  - Level 3, Garden Court, above Kona Brewing
- China Airlines - Dynasty Lounge at Garden Court area
At Ground Level:
- Delta  - Sky Club at Garden Court area (also serves Alaska & Philippine airlines).
- Korean (members only) - Crown Room lounge at Garden Court Area.
- IASS (UC member Lounge) - Garden Court Area.
- Japan Airlines- (a) Sakura Lounge at level 3 above Sting Ray's Bar & Grill; (b) JAL Lounge: at Garden Court Area (used for overflow only).
- LEA Lounge.
- Philippine - Garden Court area.
- Qantas & JetStar - Qantas Club, above gate 26.
- United - Read Carpet Club, above gate 9.

NOTE:  Access from the Inter-island & International Parking Garage to the Overseas Parking Structure (OST) will be blocked. The following airline passengers, checking in at Lobbies 6 - 8, should use access to the OST from the level 2 entrance: Lobby 6 (Allegiant, Omni and US Airways), Lobby 7 (American, China Eastern and Delta) and Lobby 8 (United, ANA, Asiana and Air China) 

2. The Interisland Terminal at Honolulu Airport is located to the right of the main airport access road, and it connects by walkway to the Main Terminal & by escalator to the Commuter Terminal. This Terminal serves passengers of Hawaiian & Mokulele airlines.  The six circular check-in islands in the center of the lobbies can be used for inter-island, mainland & international flights.
   The Ground level is the baggage claim level.
   Level 2  houses Ticketing check-in Lobbies 2 & 3 on either side of the entrance, with four security checkpoints leading to the waiting area with an ATM machine, Information booth, food & drink and retail outlets and the Hawaiian Lounge upstairs on the third floor. Past the waiting area are gates 54 to 61. Passengers arrive at the second level, while an escalator at gate 61 takes you to the Commuter Terminal.
Airline Lounge at  Interisland Terminal:
  Hawaiian Islands Premier Club near gate 56.
      [The new Mauka Concourse is under construction, to be tentatively completed in 2020].

3. The Commuter Terminal at Honolulu Airport
, which is across from Parking B, and north of the Interisland Terminal across from the US Post Office (by car, enter from main airport access road or from Aolele Street). This Terminal serves passengers of the following airlines: go!, Island Air, . Inside it is connected to the Interisland Terminal by an escalator, has a Baggage Claim A and a Ticketing Check-in Lobby 1, with food & drink, a newsstand, and security checkpoint leading to gates 62 to 80. Passengers arrive at the ground level.
NOTE: Plans for the The planned Diamond Head Commuter Terminal were abandoned in early Dec. 2015.

Ongoing Improvements:
-  An Interim Rental Car Facility -
located at eastern half of the Overseas Parking Structure (across from Overseas Terminal's baggage claim - officially opened Nov. 2015 with car-wash, fueling station, customer service building and easy car pickup /return areas. - housing rental car agencies Advantage, Avis, Budget, Hertz & National. 
- A permanent 5-level Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC)
is currently under construction - to be completed late 2020.
-The new L-shaped 'Mauka Concourse' under construction is situated next to the Inter-Island Terminal, able to support larger aircraft. It will have 6 new gatehouses, each with 2 passenger loading bridges, and will have 11 gates, passenger holdrooms, security screening lanes,and concession spaces - to be completed by 2020.

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