Public Transportation from Dayton Airport: (Taxis are available between 7am & midnight, or past the last flight arrival. The 'Taxi Starter' booth is directly in front of the terminal (tel. 937-890-3217). For limousine service complete your reservation form at www.airportlimo.com.  'Charter Vans Inc.' (tel. 937-898-4043 or 800-847-0934 or visit chartervans.com) offers vans & mini-buses, as well as coaches, and serves hotels, businesses and military installations. Its dispatcher is inside baggage claim carousel 1. 

Greater Dayton's  RTA Express Route 43  serves the Airport, Vandalia, Northwoods Blvd. & Peters Pike.  For more information, visit:  www.i-riderta.org.  - for route map open: www.i-riderta.org/route_43.aspx/

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