Parking Options at John Wayne Airport

Parking options at Orange County Airport include: Parking Garages A1, A2, B2 & C (the first 15 mins are free for passenger dropoff/ pickpup) - all garages offer curbside valet parking.  All parking options offer short- and long-term parking. Each parking garage indicates level, available spaces, and disabled parking.
Valet parking
on the upper Departure Level in front of the Riley Terminal, with two dropoff curbside locations - one between Terminals A & B, and one between Terminals B & C. On arrival, call 949-752-5558, or use the while courtesy phone dialing 2-4018 in the Riley Terminal.
Garage parking:
Garages B2 and C are closest to Terminals B & C; while
Garages A1 & A2 are next to and across from Terminal A. 
Garages A1, B2 & C offer 2-hr limited parking on their lower level, near the terminal entrance.
Fees: each hr $2, up to daily max $20.
For lower parking fees, you can use the off-Airport Main Street parking lot on 1512 Main Street in Irvine, 92614. Courtesy shuttles run every 15 mins and are lift-equipped.  Shuttle pickup by blue buses (marked 'Main Street Lot')  is from the lower Arrivals level.  Fees: $2 each hr, up to daily max $14.

Payment options: PARCS were installed in all parking facilities and offer two options - either using the paper ticket system or go ticketless by swiping credit card for parking access and using same credit card upon exiting using Express Exit Lanes.

For more parking information call 949-252-5200. If you don't rememer where you parked call the Arport Police at 949-25-5000.

Parking Rates at SNA Airport

Description:Garages A1 (north) is adjacent to the Terminal; Garages A2 and B2 are located across the Terminal roadway. Terminal Parking is accessible from the Departure (Upper) Level only.
Rate: Each 1 Hr: $ 2
Daily max (24hrs): $ 20
Main Street
Description:Lowest daily parking rate with complimentary shuttle service to the Terminal every 15 minutes.
Located at 1512 Main Street in Irvine, it can be entered from Main Street or from the dedicated on-ramp to the 55 North when exiting the Terminal roadway.
Rate: Each 1 Hr: $ 2
Daily max (24hrs): $ 14
Description:Drop off/pick up your car on the Departure Level (Upper Level) of the Thomas F. Riley Terminal. The Valet Parking area is located between Terminals A and B. Upon arrival call (949) 752-5558 or dial 2-4018 from any White Courtesy Phone in the Riley Terminal and advise Valet Parking staff of your arrival for faster service.
Rate: Each 1 Hr: $ 10
Daily max (24hrs): $ 30

John Wayne (SNA) Airport Parking Map

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