Lost & Found at Lima Jorge Chavez LIM Airport

For items lost on the airplane, contact your airline.
For items lost in the Terminal, contact the Customer Care desk (tel. 511) 5173500 / 5173501) or Security (tel. (511) 5173545 / 5173546); or e-mail hallazgos@lima-Airport.com - items are held for 30 days only.

Pets / Animals at Lima Jorge Chavez LIM Airport

Pets are not allowed at the airport unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel. Contact your airline as to their requirements. Also, if you want to take your pet overseas, you must call or go to the SENASA office. Their personnel are responsible for ensuring that your pet meets the necessary requirements to leave the country. They provide 24-hour service, and their phone number is (+511) 575-1599.

Smoking at Lima Jorge Chavez LIM Airport

Smoking is not permitted in the terminal. However you can smoke outside the terminal or in the Smoking Bar located in the International Terminal - Tel: (511) 517-3207.

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