La Guardia LGA Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at La Guardia LGA Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout of New York LaGuardia Airport, Terminal Transfers, Delta Passengers,  and Terminal Details:

The passenger terminal complex at LaGuardia Airport has four terminals  - TA, TB, TC, & TD, with direct access from the Grand Central Parkway.  While TA, TB, TC & TD follow in that succession, TA  is a short distance from the other terminals (with separate exit from Grand Central Pkwy.).  TB is divided by long-term parking lot P3 from TC & TD, which are connected at  airside by a 650-foot bridge .  All Terminals are to receive an inline baggage system and offer food & drink & retail concessions.  The 'virtual avatar' - with the likeness of a real person - provides information similar to the ones at information counters.
A transportation information center is in the arrivals area of each terminal.  Each terminal has bus, taxi & rental car shuttle pickup outside of the arrivals level (NYC Transit buses M60, Q33, Q47, Q48 & Q72; Express buses to Mahattan and JFK Airport).

NOTE: The ongoing $3.6B passenger terminals reconstruction project is to transform the Airport into a World Class Airport - expected to be completed by 2021.

Terminal TransfersTC & TD are connected at their airside by a long footbridge. For other terminal to terminal connections (including parking lots) - take a taxi outside - or use the free shuttle buses coming around every 10-15 minutes: Route A serves all terminals 4am-11:30pm, or Route B serves Terminals B, C  D, 6am-2am)
Delta Passengers:  Delta uses TC & TD; Delta Connection uses TD;  Delta Shuttle flights to/from Boston uses TC, with dedicated check-in counters, enhanced Boeing 717 flights with first-class seating. Weekday shuttles depart between 6am-8pm; check-in without bags: 15 mins (with bags 30 mins.)
American Airlines Passengers:  As a result of the merger of U.S. Airways into American Airlines, note that American Airlines now uses at Terminal B gates D1-D10 & C1-C8, and at Terminal C gates C35-C44.  AA ticket counters at TB at the left half of the check-in level lead directly to Concourses C & D, while ticket counters at TC, in the center of the check-in level, lead directly to gates C35-C44.  AA's Admirals clubs are at TB, gate D1, and at TC right after security check.


Terminal A at LGA (also referred to as 'Marine Air Terminal') with gates A1-A6 - presently served by Delta Shuttle for its flights to DCA & ORD (its Boston shuttle flights are at TC) - consists of two connected parts:  While the old part represents the original round-shaped Marine Air Terminal, now serving as Departure / check-in  area - new new part serves as Arrivals / baggage claim and Gate areas with gates A1-A6.  Past security check are two baggage claims. The ‘Yankee Clipper’ restaurant is at Departures, while ‘Java City’ is opposite gate 2.  Taxis & buses stop outside the arrivals level.

Current 'Central Terminal B' at LGA
  has three levels & Concourses A through D:  Arrivals & Departure levels, and all concourses, offer food & drink and retail concessions
   Arrivals Level houses the baggage claim, a food court in the center, and transportation information booths at either side.
   Departures Level houses two check-in areas, a lounge, Travelex near Concourse A entrance (Tel. 718 672 4748), a Food Court near Concourse D, and security checkpoints at each entrance to Concourses A through D:
      Concourse A of TB with gates A1 to A7 - presently serves Air Canada, Frontier, JetBlue, & United airlines. It also has a new Nursing Suite.
      Concourse B of T
B with gates B1 to B8 - presently serves Southwest & Spirit airlines. A currency exchange is near gate B6.
      Concourse C of TB with gates C1 to C14 - presently serves American, Delta Shuttle to Boston, Envoy, United, & Virgin America airlines.
      Concourse D of TB with gates D2 to D10 - presently serves American, Delta & WestJet. A lounge is close to gate D2. Currency exchange is near gate D3.
   Upper Level houses a lounge, a dental facility, & first aid station.

Redevelopment of Central Terminal B and linking all terminals: 
To bridge the gap between scheduled NEW Central Terminal's partial opening by 2019 - current TB concluded its major service upgrades (including completion of its food & retail renovation program with new specialty retail outlets, expanded dining options and remodeling of all Au Bon Pain locations; changeover to BoA ATMs and a new Centurion SM Lounge for American Express card members). Both food courts will have completed their refurbishment, including free charging points for mobile devices .
  - Ongoing construction on the new Central Terminal  will be completed 2019/20 - and include 35 gates, be nearly 40 percent larger, & replace the current TB upon completionThe new facility will have a new central entry portal to the Airport connecting to the other terminals - scheduled completion 2019/20. 
  - A $4B project starts in 2016 with the intent to integrate and link all terminals in a continuous line

Terminal C
at LGA - with gates C15-C44 (gates C26 & C28 are in the center, C15-24 are at East, and C29-44 are at West) -  presently serves American, Delta & Delta Shuttle to Boston, .
    Arrivals Level houses two transportation information booths and three baggage claims.
    Departures Level with check-in counters, leads to security check & gates. Near gate C44 is a currency exchange service. Food & drink, as well as shops are in the Departure level and nearby gate areas.
NEW:  The huge New York-themed new tech-enhanced food hall  - with over 110 iPads, and with seating at center -  surrounded by restaurants, features over 110 iPads (with available OTG's app to check on flights & pay for order at Apple Play. A number of self-service counters are for passengers paying for food on the go.  Terminal C will also offer fresh produce, baked goods, premium coffee, and more.
For those with more time may try the new chef-driven restaurants.
A new Delta Sky Club
is part of TC's overhaul.

Terminals C & D are connected at  post-security by a 650-foot bridge
- enabling passengers to roam freely between them. Both terminals have expanded security lanes.

Terminal D (The Delta Terminal
) at LGA - with gates D1-D11 - presently serves Delta & WestJet.
   Arrivals level has a transportation information booth and three baggage claim areas.
   Departure level has two security checkpoints at either side of the security gate and a lounge across from gate 1.  Food & drink, as well as shops, are available on this level and near gates 1 & 2.  The new Food Court offers a sushi bar  with healthy choices. Delta's Sky Club has been expanded.
TD was transformed into a high-tech building to meet today's travelers. 700 iPads attached to desks, tables & chairs offer free access to full internet, where passengers can order food or retail items on high-resolution graphic menus to be delivered to their current seating, and also scan flight information. 

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