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Lambert St Louis Airport ( STL ) Terminal Map Information

Type Name Terminal Location
Restaurant The Pasta House Overview Map Mid Level - Airport Administrative Offices
Store Vending Terminal 2 E20
Restaurant Vino Volo Terminal 2 E18
Restaurant Auntie Anne's Pretzels Terminal 2 E12
Restaurant The Great American Bagel Overview Map Mid Level - Airport Administrative Offices
Store Maxiga Terminal 1 A8
ATM ATM Terminal 1 A10
Store Spectacles Terminal 2 E12
Store Vending Terminal 1 A16
Store Vending Terminal 2 E29
Store Hudson Overview Map Mid Level - Near Airport Admin Offices
Store Discover St. Louis Terminal 2 E18
Restaurant Schlafly Tap Room Terminal 1 C1
Store Vending Terminal 1 C5
Restaurant Burger King Terminal 2 E16
Cafe Starbucks Terminal 1 C2
Restaurant Jamba Juice Terminal 1 C24
Store Natalie's Candy Jar Terminal 2 E14
Store Tech on the Go Terminal 1 A8
Cafe Starbucks Terminal 2 Pre-Security
Restaurant Great Wraps Terminal 1 C18
Restaurant St. Louis Brewmasters Tap Room Terminal 2 E24
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 C2
Restaurant Chili's Terminal 2 E20
Bar Stella Artois Bar Terminal 2 E31
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 C8
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 2 E20
Store Vending Terminal 2 Ticketing
Store CNN Newsstand Terminal 2 E20
ATM ATM Terminal 1 Mid Level - Stage
Store Ebony News Terminal 1 C5
Store Spectacles Terminal 1 C14
Store Bookmark-Inmotion Terminal 2 E18
Restaurant Brioche Doree Overview Map Upper Level - Entry/Exit 6
Cafe Starbucks Terminal 2 E16
Store Vending Terminal 2 E10
Store Hudson Terminal 2 E29
Store Airport Shoeshine Terminal 1 C5
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 A15
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 2 E10
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 2 Ticketing
Store Vending Terminal 2 ET14
Restaurant Heavenly Hot Dogs Overview Map Mid Level - Airport Administrative Offices
ATM ATM Terminal 1 Mid Level - Stage
Store Hudson Terminal 2 E6
Restaurant La Tapenade Terminal 1 C9
Store Vending Terminal 1 C24
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 C17
Cafe Starbucks Overview Map Mid Level - Airport Administrative Offices
Store Spectacles Terminal 1 A8
Restaurant Beers Of The World Terminal 1 A6
Restaurant Mike Shannon's Terminal 1 A14
Store Vending Terminal 2 E33
Store Vending Terminal 2 ET12
RestRooms Restroom Overview Map Upper Level - Entry/Exit 2
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 2 ET16
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 2 E33
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 C23
Restaurant Chili's Terminal 1 C15
RestRooms Restroom Overview Map Mid Level - Airport Admin Offices
Store Hudson Terminal 1 Mid Level - A Concourse Security Checkpoint
Store Shoeshine Terminal 1 Mid Level - Near C Concourse Security Checkpoint
Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts/ Baskin Robbins Terminal 2 E16
Store Shoeshine Terminal 1 Mid Level - Near Airport Admin Offices
Cafe Starbucks Terminal 1 A6
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 C9
Store Bliss Terminal 1 C14
Store Hudson Terminal 1 C10
Restaurant Grounded in St. Louis Terminal 1 A9
Restaurant Pasta House/Schlafly Terminal 2 E6
ATM ATM Terminal 2 E20
Store Hudson Terminal 1 C18
Store Kids Works Terminal 2 E22
Store Natalie's Candy Jar Terminal 1 C12
Store Airport Shoeshine Terminal 2 E12
RestRooms Restroom Overview Map Upper Level - Entry/Exit 6
Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts/ Baskin Robbins Terminal 1 A16
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 2 ET12
Store Tech on the Go Terminal 2 E18
Store Hudson Terminal 2 E12
Restaurant Starbucks Terminal 1 C17
Store Tech on the Go Terminal 1 C7
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 A8
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 A2
Store Hudson Terminal 1 A17
Store Airport Shoeshine Terminal 1 A3
Store St. Louis Sports Terminal 2 E12
Store Hudson Terminal 1 A8
Store Hudson Terminal 1 Upper Level
ATM ATM Terminal 1 C15
Store Eddie Bauer Terminal 1 C6
Restaurant Great American Bagel Terminal 2 E8
Store Vending Terminal 1 A10
Restaurant Brioche Doree Terminal 1 A4
Restaurant California Pizza Kitchen Terminal 2 E16
ATM ATM Terminal 2 ET12
Restaurant Eighteen-76 Terminal 2 E10
RestRooms Restrooms Terminal 1 C16
RestRooms Restroom Overview Map Lower Level - Entry/Exit 12
Restaurant Missouri Vineyards Overview Map Upper Level - Entry/Exit 6

Lambert St Louis Airport Terminal Map Overview

Lambert St Louis STL Terminal Map STL Terminal 1 STL Terminal 2


Terminal Layout, Getting Around, TSA pre-check, International Arrivals & Terminal Details:

Lambert-St. Louis Airport's terminal complex consists of a DomesticTerminal 1 (T1) with Concourses A & C, and an International Terminal 2 (T2) with Concourse E
- connected by a free shuttle bus. Repair work done after considerable tornado damage in April 2011, is now completed and both Terminals 1 & 2 are fully operational (with a new inline baggage system at T1, Concourses A & C upgrades, new pre-check security screening center and new copper roofing.
    If arriving via MetroLink use either the 'Lambert-East stop' for Southwest, Frontier & Charters - or the 'Lambert-Main stop' for all other airlines - both stops are close to their terminals.
    WiFi Boingo access is free to passengers for one daily login of up to 20 minutes. Thereafter the current 24-hr access fee of $7.95 will apply.

Getting around STL:
   Free shuttle buses continuously run between the terminals, and both  terminals have a MetroLink Red Line station to downtown St. Louis.
Passengers arriving from Air Choice One or Cape Air flights, will be shuttled to their departing Concourse - no need to go through security screening.  Use either the courtesy phone or dial Air choice One(314-843-8586) or Cape Air (314-222-5322).
TSA pre-check: Eligible passengers of American, Delta, United & US Airways can now go through its expedited lane. For more information visit:
International Arrivals:  Terminal 2 has on its lower level Immigration & Customs gates.  Unless you have gone through US customs clearance at participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bags.


Terminal 1 of Lambert Airport with Concourses A and C.  The Terminal has a lower, mid, & upper level.  Note that the Hudson Group, under a 10-year contract, has added /is adding: news, gift & specialty retail concessions at 13 locations offering top national brands. It also reopens a majority of existing stores operated currently by Paradies shops.  A new lounge with art, live green wall, water feature & view of arched windows was just completed offering rotating exhibits, red leather seating, and a welcome respite & beauty.
    The Lower Level of T1 (with outside Arrivals Drive) houses the baggage claim, banking facilities, and has in the center four information points, doors 11 - 18 (doors 16,15 & 14 lead to the yellow level of the parking garage).  American Airline Service is at Door 17 (with Federal Credit Union). Outside of the lower level are the shuttle & bus port, off-airport shuttle, & taxi stands.  The USO lounge is to the left of the baggage carousels, next to the Post Office.
    The Mid-Level of T1 houses a few food & drink establishments, services & amenities, including ATMs, Airport administrative offices, & USO lounge (at Concourse A security checkpoint /Exit 17).
    The Upper Level of T1 (with outside Departures Drive) has a few food & drink establishments, information points and doors 1 - 6.
       Concourse A of T1 with gates A2-A21 serves Air Canada, Delta, United & EXTRAirways (its domestic arrivals only). It houses a number of food & drink facilities near the gates.
       Concourse C of T1 with gates C1-C24 serves Air Choice One, Alaska, American, Cape Air & Frontier (all of its departures & domestic arrivals). Concourse C has a Travelmart, vending machines, and a few other stores.

Terminal  2 of Lambert Airport with Concourse E.  T2 is currently mainly served by Southwest Airlines, which recently added gates E31 & E33.  It also installed two new jetways, new carpeting, new podiums and new coutners .  The western gates E29-33 also received some upgrades and added new retail & food kiosks.
    The Lower Level of T2 is the Arrivals level with Immigration & Customs facilities & baggage claim. Outside of it are ground transportation options.
    The Upper Level of T2 is the Departures level with ticketing desks, food & drink, shops & services and access to the E gateway with gates E2-33. T2 connects to the Hourly Parking facility.
       Concourse E of T2 (Gates E2-E14 are to the right, & gates E16-E24 to the left, with separate gates E29-E33 south of E24.  E gates are served by Frontier (international arrivals), EXTRAirways (international arrivals), and Southwest (using gates E4-E24 and E31 & E33).