Parking Options at Lehigh Valley Airport

All parking options at Lehigh Valley Airport can be reached from Airport Road.  Preferred Parking spaces & Cell Phone Lot have separate exits.  Short-term lot is across from the terminal, with Long-term & Preferred Lots (for frequent flyers) to the right. Long-term Parking is south of the Short-term lot .

If you pick up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use either the short-term parking lot or the free (up to 30 mins) Cell Phone Waiting Lot, marked at the airport entranc by a yellow parking sign with a cell phone.  Stay in your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb.  When entering the Airport, follow the yellow & black cellphone sign.

Other parking options at Lehigh Valley Airport include short- and long-term lots.  Short-term parking is adjacent to the terminal; long-term parking is next to the terminal and Economy parking is only a short walk from the terminal and offers free shuttle bus service, starting at 4:30am until last flight; this lot has credit card payment  feature at Credit Card Exit Only.
Valet parking: Drop off your car at the curb of the upper level near the tcket counters.  On your return staff will hand you the keys for your car in front of the baggage claim area.

Parking fees:
All lots:  first 10 mins free; 11-40 mins $1; 41-60 mins & each following hr $2; thereafter:
Short-Term: each following hr $2; daily max $22;
Long-Term: each following hr $2; daily max $14; weekly $79.

Payment c
an be made for all parking options at the Terminal Pay Station of the main terminal; then retireve parking ticket & receipt, get your bags and proceed to the 'Paid in Terminal or Credit Card Exit Only' lanes.

For more parking information call 1-800-FLY-LVIA.

Parking Rates at ABE Airport

Short Term
Rate: Per Hour $ 2.00
Per Day $ 22.00
Parking rate for all lots
Rate: 0-10 minutes FREE
11-40 minutes $ 1.00
41-60 minutes $ 2.00
Long Term
Rate: Per Hour $ 2.00
Per Day $ 14.00
Per Week $ 79.00

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