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Parking Options at London Heathrow Airport

For passenger pickup at London Heathrow, use the Short-stay carparks. T4 has a height restriction of 2.6 meters at its forecourt.
Meet & Greet operators (Purple Parking, Meteor & MBW) park in the short-term carparks near the terminals. Kiss & Fly customers should use the terminal forecourt.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS:  1. Four parking facilities are inside the area surrounding Terminals T1, T2 (currently under construction & to open June 2014),  and T3 - reached by motorway M4 (Jct 4).  
2. A parking facility across from T4 is reached by motorway A30; and
3. Parking facility near T5A is reached by motoray M25, Jct 14.

Parking Options at BAA Heathrow Airport include Short- & Long-stay carparks, Business & Valet parking ('LAt/Long' = Latitude/ Longitude coordinate):
1. Short-Stay Carparks at Heathrow: Short-stay carparks are next to each of the terminals.
2. Long-Stay Carparks at Heathrow: (a) for Terminals 1 & 3 on the Eastern Perimeter Road (Lat/Long +051.47676; -0.42088); 
(b) for Terminal 4 just off the Southern Perimeter Road (Lat/Long +51.45533; -0.44848);
(c) for Terminal 5 on the Northern Perimeter Road next to Business Parking T1 & T3 (Lat/Long +51.47986; -0.46902).
3. Business Parking at Heathrow:
(a) for Terminal 1 (i) Business Parking Plus on Northern Perimeter, with a 3-minute on-demand courtesy bus, and (ii) Business Parking with a shuttle bus every 5 minutes, taking 8 minutes; 
(b) for Terminal 3: Business Parking (same as for Terminal 1);
(c) for Terminal 4 Business Parking on Southern Perimeter Road, with a shuttle bus every 5-8 minutes, taking about 3 minutes;
(d) for Terminal 5 the new Business Carpark has now been linked to T5 by a personal rapid transit system.
4. Valet Parking at Heathrow: (a) British Airways valet parking is available at T3 & T5 by simply driving to the designated bays by the Receiption building right outside the terminal, open 5am-9:30pm.
(b) Heathrow valet parking is available at all terminals, which have designated drop-off points on the forecourts where staff will attend to your car. Upon your return, the car will be waiting for you at the forecourt.

Parking fees are charged by regular or peak time rates:
Short-Stay: Regular & peak tariff prices differ only between the first 30 mins, 30-60 mins & 1-2 hrs;  thereafter the same price applies to: 2-3 hrs Br.Pd. 12.70;  3-4 hrs.16.50;  4-5 hrs 20.30, up to 9-12 hrs. 47.10. 
Long-Stay:  24-hrs:  Br.Pd. 22; each add'l 24-hrs or part thereof Br.Pd. 17.20 (at peak times Br.Pd. 25.30 / 19.80)
Business Parking at T1 & T3: daily rate Br.Pd. 25.30 to 26.30; 
Business Parking Plus at T1: daily rate Br.Pd. 31.20 to 32.40.
Business Parking at T4: daily rate: Br.Pd. 25.30 to 26.30
Business Parking at T5: dailyrate: Br.Pd. 31.20 to 32.20.

For more parking information call 0844 335 1000 or +44 121 410 5228.

Parking Rates at LHR Airport

Picking Up/Dropping Off
Description:You just follow the signs for departures and use the outside lane (except Terminal 5, where both lanes are used on the departures forecourt).
Short Term
Rate: 30 mins: 2.70
1 hr: 4.50
1-1.5 hrs: 6.60
1.5-2 hrs: 8.40
2-3 hrs: 11.60
3-4 hrs: 15.10
4-5 hrs: 18.60
5-6 hrs: 23.00
6-9 hrs: 33.30
9-12 hrs: 43.10
12-18 hrs: 47.10
18-24 hrs: 49.30
24-36 hrs: 77.50
36-48 hrs: 98.60
each add day: 49.30
Business Parking
Description:Close to the terminals, you will find Business Parking with a fast and frequent transfer service.
Parking With Disabilities
Description:Passengers in need of  special help need to follow these steps:
1. London Heathrow Airport provies wheelchairs and help with baggage.
2. Passengers with disabilities can lift the green telephone to request assistance.
3. Before returning to your car, you must pay the fee.
4. Press help button if you cannot reach the ticket/payment slot.
Long Term
Rate: 1-4 days: 17.00 per day
5 days and over: 16.40 per day
Rate: 1 day: 61.50
2 days: 83.50
3 days: 105.60
4 days: 127.40
each add day: 17.20

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