Parking Options at London Heathrow Airport

For passenger pickup you may use the new Meet & Greet Parking facility, with some of the Valet Parking features, but at reduced price. Just drive to a dedicated area in the Short-Stay carpark, where a team member will park your car (Meet & Greet must be pre-booked.  Alternatively, you can park in the short-stay carparks - note that T4 has a height restriction of 2.6 meters at its forecourt.
NOTE: All forecourts are for drop-off only - follow departures signs & use outside lane (T5 is for both lanes).  If dropping off/picking up at Terminal 4 - you may use the ong-Stay carpark for 2 hrs free (re-entry there within 24 hrs. is prohibited).

1. Four parking facilities are inside the area surrounding Terminals T2 & T3 - reached by motorway M4 (Jct 4).  
2. A parking facility across from T4 is reached by motorway A30; and
3. Parking facility near T5A is reached by motoray M25, Jct 14.

Parking Options at BAA Heathrow Airport include Short- & Long-stay carparks, Business & Valet parking:

Short-Stay Carparks
at Heathrow
are next to each of the terminals.
Long-Stay Carparks at Heathrow: (a) for Terminal 3 on the Eastern Perimeter Road (Lat/Long +051.47676; -0.42088); 
(b) for Terminal 4 just off the Southern Perimeter Road (Lat/Long +51.45533; -0.44848);
(c) for Terminal 5 on the Northern Perimeter Road next to Business Parking T1 & T3 (Lat/Long +51.47986; -0.46902).
Business Parking at Heathrow:
For Terminals 2 & 3:
      Business Parking Plus on Northern Perimeter, with a 3-minute on-demand courtesy bus, and
      Business Parking with a shuttle bus every 5 minutes, taking 8 minutes; 
For Terminal 4 Business Parking on Southern Perimeter Road, with a shuttle bus every 5-8 minutes, taking about 3 minutes.
For Terminal 5 the new Business Carpark has now been linked to T5 by a personal rapid transit system.
Valet Parking :  (a) British Airways valet parking T3 & T5: drivie to the designated bays by the Receiption building right outside the terminal, open 5am-9:30pm.
(b) Heathrow valet parking is available at all terminals, which have designated drop-off points on the forecourts where staff will attend to your car. Upon your return, the car will be waiting for you at the forecourt.
Terminal 5 Pod Parking  - a business carpark alternative to terminal parking: On arrival, call - pickup is within 4-6 mins.

For more parking information call 0844 335 1000 or +44 121 410 5228.  If needing detailed directions to your parking option, open

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