Parking Options at London Stansted Airport

Other parking options at Stansted Airport include 3 short-stay, a mid-term, a long-term & an economy carpark:

1. Short Stay parking is on Terminal Road South, both to the right & left of the bus stop, and across from the passenger Terminal.  There is also a Short-stay carpark accessible from the Molehill Green Roundabout.  All short-stays are within easy walking disstance.
Valet Parking is at the marked curb in front of the Terminal.
2. Mid-stay parking is available Near the A120 Exit to Thremhall Avenue.  The Park & Ride service is 5 mins from the terminal, with shuttle bus running every 10 mins.
3. Long-stay parking is assessible via M11 (exit J8a) & A120: at Priority Wood Roundabout go north, then make a left turn to Bury Lodge Lane (it's across from the Hilton Hotel).  The Park & Ride service is 10 mins from the Terminal and free shuttles run every 10-15 mins.
4. JetParks (Economy parking) is secure and offers easy road network access and is only 10-12 minutes from the terminal - served by a free & frequently-running shuttle bus. 
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Parking Rates at STN Airport

Long Stay Parking
Rate: 1 day 16
Mid Stay Parking
Rate: 1 day 17
1 hr free
2 hrs 1
Short Stay Parking
Rate: 1 day 37
25 mins 2.8
25-50 mins 5.5
50 mins - 2 hrs 10
2-3 hrs 12
3-4 hrs 14
4-5 hrs 16
5-6 hrs 18
6-9 hrs 20
9-18 hrs 30
18-24 hrs 37

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