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London Stansted International Airport Map & Terminal Guide

Getting Around the Airport

The terminal building structure at the London Stansted International Airport consists of one main terminal building that houses all the airport facilities.

Main Terminal

The main terminal building has three distinct areas:

The check-in/departure lounge houses all airline ticket/check-in counters and baggage claim carousels. It also has a customs and US border passport check area. The whole airport is wheelchair accessible and has restrooms, dining, and shopping options. Facilities include a prayer area, currency exchange by MoneyCorp at more than five spots, nursing rooms, vending machines, SIM cards, and trolleys.

Outside there is the ground transportation area with options for bus stops.

There is also the Stansted Express with platforms 1-3.

The security checkpoints lead to three separate buildings that house the airport terminal gates.

Gates 01-19

The first terminal gate area houses gates 01-19 and offers the following facilities: vending machines, nursing rooms, restrooms, and several dining and shopping options. You can also find free drinking water.

Gates 20-39, 81-88

The second terminal gate area houses gates 20-39 and 81-88. Gates 81-88 are specifically UK Departure gates. There are an apron level and a transit level which consists of a tram. Restrooms are located throughout. There is also an airport information center and nursing room in the Departures for 20-39.

Gates 40-59

The third terminal gate area houses gates 40-59 and offers the following facilities: Ryanair customer service, currency exchange by Moneycorp, vending machines, and restrooms. You can also find free drinking water.

Food, Shops & Amenities

There are many options for shopping and dining around STN airport. Some notable restaurants and dining options include Costa, Giraffe, and Halo. For shopping, the airport offers click and collect options, Estee Lauder, duty-free spirits, Hema, Dune, and other similar brands.

Airline Lounges

There are many passenger lounges around the STN airport. There is an Escape Lounge where you can book your seat and enjoy a range of dining and drinking options along with free WiFi. The pre-booking can be done at £19.99 per person.

Terminal Tips

  • Arrive 90 minutes before flight time in case of domestic flights, and two hours before flight time in case of international flights.
  • Print your boarding passes beforehand or use electronic boarding passes to save time
  • Get all information regarding baggage sizes, airline schedule, curbside pickup/dropoff, or wheelchairs, prior to reaching the airport
  • Keep your identification documents and other items of need in a small carry-on bag
  • When traveling with kids, keep items to keep them busy and engaged such as games, laptops, books, snacks, or others depending on their interest

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