London Stansted STN Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at London Stansted STN Airport

Arriving & Checking In at Stansted Airport,  Terminal Layout & Details, and Domestic & International connections :

 Arrival Time & check-in at Stansted AirportBefore leaving for the Airport, recheck (online or by phone) the departure time of your flight by contacting your airline. You should be arriving at the check-in counter prior to your scheduled departure (rechecking the screens upon your arrival) for:
- 3 hrs: long-haul flights 3 hrs (El Al: 3.5 hrs); and all charter flights;
- 2 hrs: Europe, UK & Ireland; 
- 1 hr (at least!) on-line check-in;
Self-service kiosks for Air Berlin are at check-in Zone A; for Ryanair at check-in Zones F & J.
A new hi-tech boarding pass system ('Smart Access' scanners) replaced manual boarding pass checks.

TERMINAL DETAILS:  (For Customer Service & Feedback call 0330 333 03 04). The new curved-screen 39ft NanoLumens visualization system offers flight info & Airport updates, along with advertisement.

London Stansted International Airport has presently one large passenger terminal, divided into Check-in & Domestic Arrivals with new 'Meet & Greet' area, International Arrivals & Departures, and the Departure Lounge. 
    The Terminal completed its huge transformation project, showing significant improvements, including:  A new security search area, additional lanes, and  dedicated channels for fast-track, families, and special need passengers. A new World Duty Free area leads to the new International Departure Lounge.  There is a new Escape Lounge (below the main departures area), while new food & drink brands were added. New shopping areas with 16 new retail shops opened.

   The Ground level - Check-in & Domestic Arrivals area has (from left to right) Check-in Zones A through K (marked by yellow cubes), an BT Openzone area, Left luggage/ Lost & Found; Foreign Exchange (Moneycorp), outsized baggage, repacking area, special assistance desk, our operators, cash machine, domestic arrivals, food & drink establishments, shops, and Fast Track & Security checks 2 to 8 leading to the departure lounge and gates 1 to 99.
    The International Arrivals area
has 7 baggage carousels, one of which is for oversized baggage, and a baggage enquiry desk. It also has Customs, passport control & a shower. In the International arrivals concourse are rental car desks, currency exchange, Information desk, Burger King & Costa Coffee, duty-free, Spar & WHSmith. Outside is an escalator from the car park & train station. From the exit you have access to the car park, bus & train stations.
   The Departure lounge area has a large choice of shops and some food & drink establishments. It also offers an Airline information desk, BT Openzone area, Moneycorp exchange, TV area, cash machine, a shower, security checkpoints and access to gates 81-88 via pier, to gates 1-19 & 20-39 via transit; and, past ‘Pret A Manger’, the departures route to gates 40-59. A new International Departure Lounge  has recently opened, as well as the new Escape Lounge.

Other amenities & services
inside the passenger terminal include food & drink  and retail concessioons, Information desk, free internet access, lost & found, left baggage, meeting points, meeting rooms for hire, showers, family facilities, business services, ATM cash machines, currency exchange, smoking areas, baggage trolleys, worship areas, and more.
Ryanair has a new pay-as-you-visit business lounge.

Domestic & International Connections:
    If you arrive on an international flight, you will need the proper documents for British entry, as you have to pass through passport control & Immigration, regardless of whether your connecting flight is a domestic or an international one.
    If you connect from a UK flight to an international flight, you may have to show our passport when passing through special immigration control.
    If you stop over between connecting flights, you will have to exit the airport after passport control, baggage reclaim & Customs, and then check in timely for your onward flight. Keep in mind that Stansted Airport does not allow overnight stays and you will have to make arrangements for a hotel stay.

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