Los Angeles LAX Airport Overview

Los Angeles International Airport LAX is California's largest - and the Country's the third largest Airport, serving the City of Los Angeles and its surrounding counties, and functioning as a major intercontinental transfer hub.

LAX Airport is located about fifteen miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles, in southern California, and is accessible via State Hwy 1, and Interstate Hwys. 405 & 105.  To check on Airport conditions you can tune in LAX Air Radio 530.

With four runways and an estimated 68 million passengers annually, Los Angeles International Airport is served by a multitude of domestic and international airlines offering flights across the U.S. and around the world, particularly long-haul flights to/from Asia, Australasia and Latin America. 

Hours of Operation:  While the Airport is open 24/7, airline check-in counters and security checkpoints open between 4am-5am and close 11:30pm-2:30am, Pacific time, depending on each terminal's flight schedules. Terminals have each separate opening and closing times:
T1 - 4am-11pm; T2 - 4:30am-2am; T3 - 4:15am-1am; T5 - 4am-1:30am; T6 - 4:30am-1:30am; T7 - 4am-midnight; TBIT South 6am-1am; TBIT North - 8am-1am. (the second time listing represents the following day).
For TTY - call California Relay Service at 1-800 735-2929.

On-Airport Hotels:
Nearly 50 hotel/motels are located right on-Airport property - The Tom Bradley terminal offers free phone boards in the baggage area, connecting to hotels/motels, many of which offer free shuttle services located on the isles in front of each terminal, marked Red (color).

1. Due to ongoing construction until 2016, it is strongly suggested that you take the low-cost FlyAway non-stop bus from Union Station, Van Nuys & Westwood; or the Metro Rail Green Line (Transport options & details are listed separately at this site).
2. For passenger pickup, either park your car and enter the passenger terminal, or use the free Cell Phone Waiting Lot, located at 96th St. & Vicksburg Av. intersection - adjacent to Economy Lot C entrance.
3. LAX posts construction alerts at lawa.org/laxdev/RoadAlerts.aspx & la-next.com. The Construction hotline is 310-6499-5292

Los Angeles International Airport has 9 passenger terminals within the 'Central Terminal Complex' - currently served by a U-shaped two-level roadway.
Current & Future Airport Developments:   For construction updates call 310-649-5392; for Airport traffic conditions visit www.laxishappening.com
1. The 'new' Bradley terminal
opened Sept. 2013, with ongoing work to be completed by 2015:
a. The South Concourse has been demolished; and each of the new West gates (151, 153 155, 157 & 159) will be completed with new boarding bridges & ground equipment.  The  North Concourse is completing its demolishion, with phased construction of East gates scheduled for 2015.
b.  A consolidated SSCP on the mezzanine level, with vertical access & south connector bridge has been completed, and by  March 2015  it will have access via elevator, escalator & stairs from both North & South.
2. Construction on 'Curbside Appeal Project - Spring 2014 - 2015 - done in phases, are being announced on LAX social media and real-time traffic map.
3. Terminal 2 is currently adding space for new concessions - done in phases.
4. Terminal 4: 
The T4 connector to TBIT at post-security is scheduled for completion by late 2015. Meanwhile buses shuttles passengers to remote gates on west side of airfield.
5. Terminal 5's Phase I renovation Delta continues making upgrades through 2015, when T5 it will have doubled its size.
6. Terminals 6, 7 & 8: extension & overhaul work adds 29,000 sq.ft to United's Premium Airline Lounge; (no timeline available)
7. As per 12/18/14 announcement, the Future 'Landside Access Modernization Program' (see www.connectinglax.com) includes a new automated LAX Train, connecting passengers to the terminals from new airport facilities (Rental Car Center, multiple locations for passenger pick-up/ drop-off, and Metro’s planned Crenshaw Line station at 96th St. & Aviation Blvd. Together with a new Automated People Mover, Metro Station, Consolidated Rental Car- & intermodal transportation facilities,  traffic congestion will be considerably eased from terminal areas & nearby neighborhoods. Environmenal review process has started and construction is to begin in 2017 and involve:
-   new automated LAX Tain connecting terminals to Rental Car Center, multiple pick-up & drop-off facilities, & Censhaw Line station, will (a) provide quick access to terminals; (b) incude 3 stations inside the CTA (central terminal area), connecting to terminals by pedestrian walkway; (c) will enable passenger pickup /dropoff outside of the CTA; and (d) its design is for passengers with baggage in mind;
-  new  Rental Car Center will have everything in one location, connected to the terminals by LAX Train - improving efficienty, eliminating rental car shuttles, and providing access to major freeways;
-  new locations for arrival, departure, pickup/ dropoff outside of the CTA by LAX Train  (a)  will offer easy parking with direct LAX Train access,  (b) provide accessible meet & greet areas; (c) ceate new pickup /dropoff locations with access to other hotel & airport shuttles, & (d) include retail, dining options & other amenities;
-  offer a quick connection to Metro's planned Crenshaw Line station at 96th St. /Aviation Blvd - due to LAXTrain linking the Airport to Metro's transit station, providing regional connections.    

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