New Orleans Louis Armstrong ( MSY ) Airport Terminal Map

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Type Name Terminal Location
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse B B5
ATM ATM Main Terminal West Terminal
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse D D6
Restaurant Dooky Chase Restaurant Main Terminal West Terminal
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse D D3
Store New Orleans Saints Store Main Terminal East Terminal
Store Essence News Concourse D D1
Store Hudson News Main Terminal East Terminal
Airline Lounge International Lounge Concourse C C1
Store Hudson News Concourse C C5
ATM ATM Concourse D D2
Restaurant PJ's Coffee Concourse C C6
Store Travelex America Main Terminal West Terminal
Restaurant Ye Olde College Inn Concourse D D6
Restaurant The Grove/Smoothie King Concourse B B4
Restaurant Lucky Dogs Concourse B B8
Store Hudson News Concourse D D5
Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts Main Terminal West Terminal
Restaurant Zatarain's Kitchen Concourse C C14
Bar Atrium Bar Concourse C C8
Store Hudson News Concourse B B5
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C11
Store Creole Kitchen Main Terminal East Terminal
Store Perlis Clothing Concourse D D7
Cafe PJ's Coffee Concourse D D7
Restaurant Lucky Dogs Concourse C C6
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C7
Store Westwin Concourse D D5
Restaurant Copeland's Gourmet Kitchen Concourse C C7
Store Hudson News Kiosk Concourse C C1
Restaurant Flite 504 Concourse B B8
Restaurant Zatarains Concourse B B7
Store Flight 985 Concourse C C5
Restaurant Air Meals Concourse B B8
Bar Jester's Concourse D D8
Restaurant Dook's Place Main Terminal East Terminal
Store Westwin Concourse C C14
Restaurant Subway Concourse B B4
Restaurant LP Bistro/PJ's Coffee Concourse B B5
Restaurant Praline Connection Concourse B B8
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse B B7
Cafe Wow Cafe & Bar Concourse D D1
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse D D5
Store WhoDat (Saints Kiosk) Concourse C C7
ATM ATM Concourse C C4
Cafe West Beignet Main Terminal West Terminal
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal East Terminal
Restaurant French Market Pizzeria Concourse B B11
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal West Terminal
Store Jazz Essence Concourse B B4
Store InMotion Main Terminal East Terminal
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C5
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse D D1
Store Westwin New & Gifts Concourse B B9
Store Louisiana Tax Free Main Terminal West Terminal
ATM ATM Concourse B B7
Restaurant Smoothie King & The Grove Concourse C C1
Bar Delta Sky Club Concourse D D4
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse B B10
Store The Grove/Smoothie King Concourse D D3
Store Westwin Main Terminal
Restaurant Lucky Dogs Concourse D D4
Store Praline Connection Concourse B B2
Cafe Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro Scoop Cafe Concourse D D8
Store Jazz Essence Concourse D D7
ATM ATM Main Terminal East Terminal
New Orleans Louis Armstrong MSY Terminal Map MSY Concourse B MSY Concourse C MSY Concourse D MSY Main Terminal


Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has one main passenger terminal - divided into West & East Terminals:
- The West terminals with Concourses A, B & C serves all current airlines, except Air Canada, Delta & United.
 - The East Terminal with Concourse D serves currently Air Canada, Delta & United.

    The Baggage Claim level is divided by  baggage carousels 1 through 11 and  12, 13 & 14. The baggage claim connects outside via two walkways to the parking garage and has inside two escalators & elevators leading to the ticket lobby & gates.
    The Ticketing Level : Airline ticketing desks are available at north & south sides:  United, Air Canada & Delta are at west side (counters A, B & C) - all other airlines at east side (counters D - M) side. This level offers an information counter in the center, Travelex, Whintney Bank, LA Tax Free, Hudson News, Westwin, Mobile Qubes, fast food,  restaurant, retail concessions and shoeshine. 
    Checkpoint & FIS/Customs lanesCheckpoint B has 5 lanes, Checkpoint C has 4 lanes, Checkpoint D has 5 lanes, The Delta Expansion has 2 lanes, and FIS/Customs 5 lanes.
    Concourse A has been closed until further notice.  Note that United and Delta use both Concourses C & D.
    Concourse B with gates B2 - B15 serves GLO & Southwest , and offers a many concessions, including 3 restaurants..
    Concourse C with gates C1 - C16 serves Alaska, Allegiant, American,  Branson AirExpress, British Airways, Choice Air, Condor, Copa, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, United & Vacation Express, and offers a number of concessions.  Whitney Bank offers full-service, including currency exchange.  Lost & Found is in the upper level near the Airport Police. The Customer Service Center is on level 2 (tel. 504-303-7792.
    Concourse D with gates D1 - D12 serves Air Canada, Delta, & United. The Delta Sky Club is located between gates D2 & 4. Concouse D offers concessions and has a Restaurant/Bar.

Other Amenities & services inside the passenger terminal include banking facilities, express shipping, free WiFi access,  police station, pet relief area,  post office, tax-free shopping (tel. 504-467-0723 or open, virtual private network access & visitor information & assistance.
Cruise Line transfers:
  - Passengers arriving at New Orleans can also use the services of  'Advance Checkin' (1-877-467-8898) located near baggage claim belt 1 on the lower level, which will directly forward their bags to either their cruise ship or hotel (and later back to the Airport)
  - VIP Baggage Check Service operated by 'Rush It Courier Service' stores regular & oversized items and offers cruise ship check-in and baggage transportation (504-471-0080).

NOTE - Construction started January 2016 on the new 'North Terminal' - to be completed  October 1, 2018 - intended to replace the current terminal.