Parking Options at Marquette Sawyer Airport

Parking options at Sawyer International Airport: The parking lot is across the terminal, with the first two hours free in the front row - ideal for passenger pickup/ dropoff. The long-term parking lot charges a flat daily rate, regardless of how many hours you parked. 

When entering the parking lot you receive a ticket which you will need later when you are ready to pay.  Pay machines are located inside the passenger terminal and takes cash, credit & debit cards; you can also use the outdoor pay station, one of which does not take cash, so choose the right lane.

Parking fees:  first 2 hrs free; 2-4 hrs $2:  4-6 hrs $3; 6-8 hrs $4; 8-24 hrs. $5; weekly $35.

For more parking information you can call 906-346-3308, ext. 222/ fax 906-346-3309 - or e-mail:

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