San Jose Mineta SJC Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at San Jose Mineta SJC Airport

The passenger terminal complex at Mineta /Silicon Valley Airport consists of Terminal A with attached Internatinal Arrivals,  and the new Terminal B, served by a free shuttle arriving every 10-15 minutes, 24/7, and making a continous loop between the terminals and the parking lots (starting with Terminal A).
  - Ruckus offers its popular 'Wickedly Fast Wi-Fi' service at Mineta Airport.
  - Global Entry enrolled passengers may now use the new automated Global Entry kiosks - considerably cutting down on processing time.
  - APC kiosks
(Automated Passport Control) are available to Canadian & U.S. citizens and green-card holders, as well as to passengers of countries with visa-waiver agreements. 
- International arrivals will arrive at either gates 15 or 16 of Terminal A - then proceed to level 1, International Arrivals, where they need to go through passport check, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and (if continuing journey) re-check in their bags. 

Terminal A of Mineta San Jose Airport has been given an upgrade by expanding the security checkpoint to 8 lanes (and 4 more to come), and adding new shops and restaurants, and new street-level ticketing lobbies.  Sip Savvy, Einstein Bagels & Red Mango are now centrally located.
    Level 1 at west end houses international arrivals, the baggage claim area with 3 baggage carousels, an information both  near the entrance, ATM, currency exchange, parking pay station, FedEx, hotel information points, & Starbucks, international arrivals from gates 15 & 16 with US Customs and ticket counters:
       Ticket counters 1-4 are for  American/ American Eagle, ANA* & United - passengers proceed to gate area at left.
       Ticket counters 5-8 are for Delta, Hawaiian, Jet Blue & Volaris* airlines - passengers proceed to gate area at right.
* ANA &  Volaris arrive at International Arrivals (gates 15, 16).
    Level 2 houses the security checkpoint and access to the boarding area with food & drink and retail outlets and access to airline gates - from the center of the secured area, gates 12-16 are to the left and gates 11-1 are to the right.  Duty-free is now available between gates 14 & 15.
The Blue Dot Meeter & Greeter area is in the security checkpoint lobby of level two.

Between Terminals A & B:
    'The Club at SJC'  (tel. 408-441-4550) - is (a) free to Priority Pass & Premium class ticket holders, and is (b) accessible to all passengers at a fee. It is located between Terminals A & B and offers many amenities, including a shower facility. (Note that The Club at SJC was voted among 700 airport lounges as having the  'Best Staff'.)
    The USO facility is at street level of Airport Blvd, between Terminals A & B (tel. 408-288/7603; /fax 7621), not accessible from inside the terminals.

Terminal B of Mineta San Jose Airport: 
The new & spectacular Terminal B displays a futuristic design, offers plenty of daylight, art, shared-use ticket counters & gates, and chairs with power cords & USB ports on their armrests for charging laptops & handhelds. Terminal B is currently served by Hainan, Southwest & Alaska airlines.
    Level 1 houses the baggage claim and  ticket counters 1 - 3 for Southwest, Hainan* & Alaska*. The USO facility is to the right.  * International flights of Hainan & Alaska arrive at the Inernational Arrivals facility.
    Level 2 houses the security checkpoint leading to the gate areas.
    The North Concourse houses gates 17 to 28. New glass-enclosed Gates 17/18 enable arriving international passengers to proceed directly via new sterile corridor to the International Arrivals Building; gates 17/18 are now 'swing gates' able to accommodate various-size aircraft. Opposite of gates 17/18 is the new 'Power Suite'  - a 2,500 sq.ft. hold room seating 150 passengers, with 'wickedly fast Wi-Fi' & work stations with built-in power outlets.  The North Concourse also offers plenty of food & drink and retail concessions. 

(A South Concourse is to be built once traffic levels justify it).

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