Parking Options at Munich Airport

Parking options at Munich Airport - note that ech of the parking options is showing a blue sign with P & parking map; and under it a white sign (see below):
P9 & P10 undergroud garages are best short-term parking for parking at the Airport Center - sign shows T1 & a tower.
P1 - P4 are short-term underground carparks opposite T1 - sign has a clock.
P5, P7 & P8 are underground carparks opposite Terminal 1, best  over 8 day parking - sign has a calendar
P26 is best option to Hotel Kempinski underground carpark - sign has a calendar
Last-second parking (with higher rates) - park at entrances to T1, at stopping zones right in front of Arivals A, B, D & E.

'Park, Sleep & Fly' is available if you are a guest of Hotel Kempinski. 
Valet parking is available at one othe stopping zones in front of the terminals.
Women's parking is availble in all underground garages & at the multistory parking facilities at T1 & T2.
Extra-wide parking spaces are marked  with an 'XXL' sign.
Premium secure parking is available on level 06 of P20 carpark, near Terminal 2.
Barrier-free parking are in all underground garages & multi-story parking facilities at T1 & T2

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