Newark Liberty EWR Airport Overview

Newark Liberty International Airport EWR serves both New Jersey and New York residents, and is one of three major Airports administered by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (the others being JFK & LaGuardia).

EWR Airport is located within city limits of Newark & Elizabeth, and is only 16 miles from midtown Manhattan -  situated near the New Jersey Turnpike (Exits 13A & 14), Routes 1 & 9, and I-78. The 'Airtrain Newark' serves all terminals and parking facilities P1 through P4, and continues on to the Newark Liberty Airport Station - connecting there to other trains and subways in New Jersey & New York City.

With about 35M passengers annually, and three long runways, Newark Liberty International is hub to United Airlines, and is served by all of the major U.S. and numerous international airlines, offering nonstop and connecting flights around the country and the world.

Current Airlines, Codes, telephone numbers, Terminals (TA, TB, TC) & check-in /arrivals levels:  
Aer Lingus EL (tel. 516-6222-4222) at TB, level 2 check-in & arrivals
Air Canada AC (tel. 888) 247-2262) at TA: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
Air China CA (tel. 800) 882-8122) at TB: level 3 check-in and arrivals
Air India  AI (tel. 212) 751-6200) at TB: level 3 check-in and arrivals
Alaska Airlines AS (tel. 800 426-0333) at TA: level 3 check-in & arrivals
Allegiant G4 (tel. 702-505-8888) at TB: level 2 check-in and arrivals.
American Airlines AA (tel. 800) 433-7300) at TA: level 3 check-in, level 2 arrivals
Austrian Airlines OS (tel. 800 843-0002) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 2 arrivals
British Airways BA (tel. 800-247-9297) at TB: level 1 check-in and arrivals
Cathay Pacific CX ( tel. 800 233-2742) at TB: level 3 check-in and arrivals
Delta DL (tel. 800 221-1212 (dom); 800 241-4141 (int'l) at TB: level 2 check-in; level 1 arrivals
El Al  LY (tel. 800 223-6700,  212 768-9200) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 1 arrivals
Elite 7Q (tel. 877-393-2510) at TB: level 3 check-in & arrivals
Ethiopian ET (tel. 800 445-2733) at TB: level 3 check-in & arrivals
Icelandair FI (tel. 800) 223-5500) at TB: level 2 check-in & arrivals
JetBlue B6 (tel. 800 538-2583) at TA: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
La Compagnie B0 (tel. 800 218-8187) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
Lufthansa LH (tel. 800 645-3880) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
OpenSkies EC (tel. 866 581-3596) at TB: level 1 check-in & arrivals
Porter Airlines PD (tel. 888 619-8622) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
SAS SK (tel. 800 221-2350) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 1 arrivals
Southwest WN (tel. 800 435-9792) at TA: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
Swiss LX (tel. 877 359-7947) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
TAP Portugal TP (tel. 800 221-7370) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
United /United Express UA (tel. 800 241-6522): see below*
Virgin America VX (tel. 877 359-8474) at TA: level 3 check-in, level 2 arrivals
Virgin Atlantic VS (tel. 800 862-8621) at TB: level 2 check-in; level 1 arrivals.
* United / United Express UA: All of United's transcontinental flights use EWR.  United's  Premier Access check-in is on Level 3. United Global Services members and customers traveling in United Global First should go to Level 3, Door 4 and take the escalator to the C-2 checkpoint for check-in.
- United Airlines UA:  (a) Departures are in TC, check-in levels 2 & 3; (b) Arrivals are at TB for  int'l flights, at TC for both int'l & dom. flights;  Arrivals level 1 is for both TB & TC flights.
- United Express UA:  (a) Departures are in  in TA, check-in level 3, and TC, check-in levels 2 & 3;  (b) its Arrivals are at TA, level 2, & TC, level 1.

- TSA also urges passengers t
o arrive for domestic flights 2 hours, for international flights 3 hours prior to scheduled departures.
- As of Oct 30, 2016 EWR has officially been upgraded from level 3 slot controlled airport (limited to 81 flights/hr) to a Level 2 schedule-facilitated airport under IATA worldwide slot guidelines. Air traffic schedules  for Winter 2016 season have consequently allowed for more flights and destinations, with more on-time perfomance, new carriers, retiming flights of late-night /early morning hours & more runway capacity.

Uniform signs & new roadway approaches:
- yellow signs point to airline gates, ticketing and flight services;
- green signs point to ground transportation, and
- black signs point to restrooms, telephones and other amenities.
All terminals have new roadway access (the roadway approach splits into Levels 1 & 2/3, which splits again into separate roadways for specific airlines)  and new terminal level designations: Levels 1, 2 and 'All Gates'. 

The on-Airport  Marriott Hotel (Tel: 1-973-623-0006), offers spacious facilities and conference rooms with WiFi access. Shuttle vans transport guests from terminals to the hotel. The hotel is presently undergoing upgrade and expansion work.

Newark Liberty Airport has three passenger terminals - TA, TB & TC.

Present & Future Airport Developments:
- United Airlines' Terminal C upgrades to check-in area and rest of TC have been or are to be completed very soon.
- JetBlue shifted six of its year-round Florida flights from LGA to EWR, in order to make room for its business shuttles between LaGuardia & Boston Logan airports.
- A 'new 3-level Terminal A will replace the aging current TA - to be built in a T configuration with 33 new domestic gates & intended to operate as a common-use facility - including a ticketing lobby, equipped with the latest check-in options, providing efficient passenger processing /movement. Baggage processing & screening are to be consolidated. The terminal will have new departures & arrivals roadways, a parking garage with pedestrian bridge to the Terminal, which  is to be linked to the Air Train. Completion of new TA is scheduled tentatively for 2022.
- The AirTrain system is to be repaired, starting and should extend its life until 2030 - whila a new replacement is being sought.

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