Public Transportation fom Newark Airport:  (The Airtrain inside the Airport  takes 7 mins to Terminal C, 9 mins to Terminal B & 11 mins to Terminal A.)  and connecting to JFK (Kennedy)  or LGA (LaGuardia) Airports:

1. AirTrain Connections:  Air Train is free within the Airport & thereafter it is $5.50, which is included on both the New Jersey Transit and Amtrak tickets to/from the Airport. The AirTrain stations of each terminal have ticket counters. The Air Train connects passengers at the Newark Penn Station (a 15 minutes trip) to:
   (a) the Path /NJ Transit  to Journal Square (30 mins) & to Hoboken (55 mins) in New Jersey;  and to  Manhattan's 33rd Street (60 mins) & the World Trade Center downtown (40 mins) in New York.  Path trains run underground in Manhattan.
   (b) the NJ Transit to New York's Penn Station (30 mins - current fare $12.50); or to Trenton, N.J. (66 mins);
   (c) the Amtrak train (tel. 800-872-7245) to either:
        (i) Philadelphia, PA (70 mins); between 6am-9pm six or more trains arrive hourly at the Airport station - from 9pm-midnight its only four  trains with service. 
        (ii)  to New York City  and beyond (some trains continue their route all the way to Boston, with some stops in between.
2. New Jersey bus lines 28, 37, 62, 67 & 107 serve the Airport - for more information open the NJ Transit website at (www) njtransit.com/hp/hp_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=HomePageTo.
3. The Newark Airport Express Bus to New York City ($16 one-way or $28 r/trip) - departs daily every 15 mins 6:45am-11:15pm; thereafter every 30 mins. 
Bus pickups:  at Terminal A, Arrivals, at Courtyard A, lanes 1-4; at Terminal B outside of Arrivals, lane 2; and at Terminal C, outside of Arrivals, at bus stops 5 & 6. 
First stop in Manhattan is Grand Central Station at 41st Street, between Park & Lexington Avenues; second stop is on Bryant Park at 42nd St/ 5th Ave.; last stop is at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st St., between 8th & 9th Avenues).  Count on at least an hour to first stop, add another 20 minutes to the last stop during rush hours.
4. Passengers heading westwards to Pennsylvania should take the Trans-Bridge Lines .
5. Train connections: To connect to either the New Jersey Transit or the Amtrak Train, passengers need to use the AirTrain Newark system. (for train schedules visit either:  amtrak.com,  NJtransit.com  or airtrainnewark.com.   

1. Connecting to JFK Airport: The least expesive way is taking the AirTrain to the Newark Penn Station, switching there to the underground Path Train, getting off at Manhattan's New York Penn Station; following signs to the A train subway station, and taking the A subway all the way to Howard Beach station, then transferring to the Airtrain which serves all terminals - count on up to 2 hours transfer time at rush hours when A trains run express, add half hour during non-rush hours.   Aside from taxis & limos,  you may want to try the Olympic Airporter, which runs every hour from EWR's Terminal A to JFK's Terminal 1 - taking 1.5 hours (open olympic-limo.com)
If opting for private Limo or Van Service (visit Ground Transport Information Counter in baggage claim areas of the terminals) - the transfer takes an estimated 75-90 minutes travel time.
2. Connecting to LaGuardia Airport:  You have several options - the least expensive of which is taking the AirTrain with public transport connections. (a) metered taxis available from uniformed dispatchers outside the terminals; or (b) for private Limo or Van Service visit the Ground Transport Information Counter in baggage claim areas of the terminals) - estimated transfer time: 60-90 minutes;
(c) The ETS Air Shuttle (tel. 718-221-5341) takes 45-60 mins.
(d) the least expensive option: Take the AirTrain to Newark Penn Station, switching there to the underground Path Train, getting off at Manhattan's New York Penn Station with two options there: (i) follow signs  to the subway station,  take the E or F train  to  'Jackson  Heights/ Roosevelt Avenue' station & from there take  to the Q buses to LGA, which take only minutes to LGA - (subways have route/transfer maps in their trains); or (ii) simply exit Penn Station and take the Public bus 'NYC Airporter' running frequently directly to LaGuardia (tel. 718-777-5111 - you can purchase tickets online at NYCAirporter.com.)

Buses To City

Service Area: Midtown Manhattan
Description: Express service from EWR to 3 locations in midtown Manhattan: Port Authority Bus Terminal, NY Public Library, and Grand Central
Fare Information: $16 one way; $28 RT
Contact Information: http://www.coachusa.com/olympia/ss.newarkair
Location: Arrivals level of terminals A, B, & C
Service Name: NJ TRANSIT BUS
Service Area: All points in NJ
Description: Offers bus service to a wide range of Nw Jersey detinations.
Contact Information: http://www.njtransit.com/sf/sf_servlet.srv?h

Train To City

Service Name: AIRTRAIN
Service Area: Airport connector to NJ Transit, Amtrak, Terminals, and Parking
Description: Main inter-terminal connector, operates 24/7, and also connects passengers to New Jersey transit and Amtrack rail and bus service. 
Fare Information: Free between terminals, $5.50 to connect to NJ Transit or Amtrak
Contact Information: http://www.panynj.gov/airports/ewr-airtrain.

Trains To Surrounding Area

Service Name: NJ TRANSIT
Service Area: All points serviced by NJ Transit, including Philidelphia and New York Penn Station
Description: Airtrain connects EWR airport with the NJ Transit system, allowing passengers to go to all points serviced directly or via connections.  NYC Penn station is 25 mins away.
Contact Information: http://www.njtransit.com/rg/rg_servlet.srv?h

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