Newark Liberty EWR Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Newark Liberty EWR Airport

Newark Liberty Airport layout,  Getting around (Terminal-to-Terminal connections, Internatioal Arrivals, Virtual Avatar, United /United Express passenger information), & Terminal details and Airline details.

Newark Liberty Airport consists of three major passenger terminals – TA, TB & TC-
arranged in a semi-circle. All three Terminals have four levels:  Levels 1, 2, 3, and a Gate level between levels 2 & 3 with Gate areas 1, 2 & 3; at gate area entry is the security checkpoint.  Three escalators located at each level's center, at right & left, connect to the next level, while elevators are on both ends of levels 1-3.  Signs direct passengers to specific levels of terminals and to their services.
Current airline information (Codes, tel. numbers, terminals, check-in & arrivals levels) are listed at the end.
If arriving at EWR by AirTrain your first terminal stop after 7 minutes will be at Terminal C, with another two minutes each to Terminals B and A in that order.
Free WiFi is available in all terminals for the first 30 minutes!

Getting around: 
    Terminal to Terminal connections: 
Hop on the  AirTrain (serving pre-security, non-sterile areas on the Gate Level of all terminals and free within the Airport) and get off at your connecting terminal within minutes - however to get to your connecting gate you need to go through security check first.
You can also take the shuttle bus between TA & TC - at TA (near gate A28), TC (near gate C71) - no security check needed.
The AirTrain also takes you to the rental car facilities, hotel shuttles and central parking lots P2, 3 & 4. Furthermore, The AirTrain gets you daily, 24/7, from/to and around Newark Airport, with connections to New Jersey Transit and the rail lines that run on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line, as well as to/from Manhattan and points north, or Philadelphia and points south.
    International Arrivals: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes).  To get to your connecting flight, take the Airtrain which serves all pre-security areas of all terminals.
    Airport-related information:  Aside from information counters, EWR in each terminal a 'virtual avatar' - with the likeness of a real person.

- The new Welcome Centers in the Arrivals areas of the three terminals (with ATM cash machine), are staffed by Customer Care Representatives wearing red vests, who offer the following services: Ground transportation information, hotel reservations, info on shops & restaurants, rental cars and tourist attractions.
- WiFi service at all three New York airports is only free for 30 minutes; thereafter it is $4.95 per hour, $7.95 per day, and for frequent fliers $9.95 a month.

Terminal A at Newark Liberty Airport - used for all domestic flights of  Air Canada, Alaska, American, American Eagle, jetBlue, Southwest, United Express, & Virgin America.  The shuttle bus from Terminals A to C stops near gate A28.
    Level 1 of TA offers access to the parking facilities.
    Level 2 of TA is the arrivals level with baggage claim, rental car counters, hotel phone board, bus & taxi counters.
    Level 3 of TA has 5 check-in areas and 3 security checkpoints leading to airline gate areas A1, A2 & A3.
    Concourse /Gate Level of TA leads to three gate areas: Gate Area A1 (gates A10-18);  Gate Area A2 in the center (gates A20-28); and Gate Area A3 (gates A30-39).  Each gate area has an airline club lounge. ATM machines are on the Gates Level and near gate A14. Food & drink, shops & newsstands are only on this level.
NOTE:  A new Terminal A will replace the current one - to be completed by 2022.

Terminal B at Newark Liberty Airport - used for arriving & departing international flights, and by United for some international arrivals (with all others at TC) - houses  immigration/ customs facilities.
TB offers an exclusive Meet & Assist Service: For Airport Concierge call 1-877-854-5472 or open:;  for Air General call 1-877-854-5472 or open:
Terminal B recently completed its major overhaul which included lower-level ticket counters, in-line baggage screening, connector expansion, mid- & upper-level renovations, and upgrades on the meet & greet area. Airlines also made substantial investments (including the new Lufthansa Terminal B lounge). While the Port Authority manages the majority of TB, 15 gates in the B2/B3 satellite, & the Customs facility - Delta Air Lines manages the B1satellite with its 9 gates.
    Level 1 of TB:  opposite level 1 are three bus stops.
    Level 2 of TB is the Arrivals level with baggage claim and an information counter on opposite side. In the center is a hotel board, rental car counters, & taxi & bus desks;
    Level 3 of TB has 5 check-in areas and 3 security checkpoints leading to the Gate Level:  Gate Areas B1(managed by Delta), and B2/B3 - managed by the Port Authority.
    Concourse /Gate Level of TB houses (before security check) the new British Airways Galleries lounge for its first-class & Club World (business class) passengers & Executive Club Silver & Gold members. This level has separate security checks for Gate Areas B1, B2 & B3. (Gates Area B1 is managed by Delta, while Gate areas B2/B3 are managed by the Port Authority):
    Gate Area B1 (gates B40-47) has two VIP lounges for Lufthansa & Virgin;
    Gate Area B2 (gates B51-57) in the center; has a nursing suite;
    Gate Area B3 (gates B60 to B68) has two VIP lounges; a nursing suite, currency exchange is available in the gate area B3 and at gate B61. B3 houses the Virgin Atlantic member lounge.  Food & drink, as well as retail concessions are only located in the Gate Levels, with Relay being in each gate area.

Terminal C* at Newark Liberty Airport exclusively used by United & United Express airlines - note, however, that United also uses Terminal B for some international arrivals, while United Express uses Terminal A for some domestic flights.  International Arrivals at TC go through passport control and customs clearance at TC  on a separate level.  (see also United / United Express passengers notes above).
United's new Global Services Reception Lobby
- intended for its top-frequent flyers - is accessible via  premier access entry at Door 4, departures level, adjacent to C-2 security checkpoint.  Its reception area has direct access to 4 new security lanes, which can be used as TSA Pre-Check or standard lanes.
    Level 1 of TC is the Arrivals level with baggage claim, information counter, taxi & bus desks; & a bus stop outside. United Airlines ticket holders can store their bags with NBS Storage at Terminal C, between baggage carousels 1 & 2.  Arriving passengers will go through Immigration check and proceed to the baggage claim on the lower level.
    Level 2 of TC serves ticketing and Economy check-in, plus PremierAccess check-in; Global Services & BusinessFirst check-in. 
A  secure mezzanine level between levels 2 & 3 houses Airline Club, currency exchange and US Immigration.
    Level 3 of TC serves ticketing and Economy check-in, plus Group check-in, and Special Services. and has 3 security checkpoints leading to airline gate areas C1, C2 & C3 and to the  AirTrain Newark station.
    Concourse /Gate level of TC leads gate areas C-1, C2 & C3 and their individual gates and services; each houses a 'Kiosk Check-in/ Customer Service Center; Concourse C2 also houses ticketing/check-in, while TSA PreCheck is at all 3 checkpoints. Food & drink, as well as shops, are located on the Gate Level, and in the three gate areas. A bus stop is outside of the Lower Level, to the left.   Gateways 1 & 2 house airlines lounges.
   Gate Area C1 is arranged in a Y-shape (gates C70-99);  Currrency exchange & ATM are near C90, United Club near C74, ATM near C75; Currency exchange near gate C74; the Shuttle Bus from TC to TA stops near gate C73.
   Gate Area C2 in the center (gates C101-C115A-B) with an info point near gate C102A.
   Gate Area C3 (gates C120-139) with an info point near C122; United Cub near C3's entry, an ATM near C133; currency exchanges near C132 & near C3 entrance.
* NOTE:  Terminal C's redevelopment has been completed : Its exterior and inside check-in areas have been upgraded, including the exclusive Premier Access check-in. In the post-security areas, OTG Management transformed the terminal by enhancing feel & functionality. Completed Phase 1 involved (transition of 48 dining & market spaces, to include CAPS Beer Garden, Chef Paul Leibrant's Vesper Tavern, Italian steakhouse Abruzzo, the French 'Riviera' restaurant, Ninna's Meatball Kitchen & Worldbean Coffee).  Travelers are able to pay at both gate & dining areas with United MileagePlus award miles at one of the 1,500 iPads available throughout the terminal.

Current Airlines with Codes, telephone numbers, Terminals (TA, TB, TC, check-in & arrivals levels:  
Air Canada AC (tel. 888) 247-2262) at TA: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
Air China CA (tel. 800) 882-8122) at TB: level 3 check-in and arrivals
Air India  AI (tel. 212) 751-6200) at TB: level 2 check-in, level 1 arrivals
Alaska Airlines AS (tel. 800 426-0333) at TA: level 3 check-in &arrivals
American Airlines AA (tel. 800) 433-7300) at TA: level 3 check-in, level 2 arrivals
Austrian Airlines OS    (tel. 800 843-0002) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 2 arrivals
British Airways BA (tel. 800-247-9297) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
Cathay Pacific CX ( tel. 800 233-2742) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 3 arrivals
Delta DL (tel. 800 221-1212 (dom); 800 241-4141 (int'l) at TB: level 2 check-in; level 1 arrivals
El Al  LY (tel. 800 223-6700,  212 768-9200) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 1 arrivals
Elite 7Q (tel. 877-393-2510) at TB: level 3check-in & arrivals
Icelandair FI (tel. 800) 223-5500) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 1 arrivals
Jet Airways QJ (tel. 877 835-9538) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 1 arrivals
JetBlue B6 (tel. 800 538-2583) at TA: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
La Compagnie B0 (tel. 800 218-8187) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
Lufthansa LH (tel. 800 645-3880) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
OpenSkies EC (tel. 866 581-3596) at TB: level 1 check-in & arrivals
Porter Airlines PD (tel. 888 619-8622) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
SAS SK (tel. 800221-2350) at TB: level 3 check-in; level 1 arrivals
Southwest WN (tel. 800 435-9792) at TA: level 3 check-in; level 2 arrivals
Swiss LX (tel. 877 359-7947) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
TAP Portugal TP (tel. 800 221-7370) at TB: level 3 check-in, level 1 arrivals
Virgin America VX (tel. 877 359-8474) at TA: level 3 check-in, level 2 arrivals
Virgin Atlantic VS (tel. 800 862-8621) at TB: level 2 check-in; level 1 arrivals.
United / United Express (with same UA code & tel. 800 241-6522): All of United's transcontinental flights are now out of EWR.  United's  Premier Access check-in is on Level 3. United Global Services members and customers traveling in United Global First should go to Level 3, Door 4 and take the escalator to the C-2 checkpoint for check-in.
- United:  Departures at TC, check-in levels 2 & 3;  Arrivals: at TB (Int'l) & at TC (Int'l & Dom) both on level 1.
- United Expresss:  Departures at TA, level 3, and at TC levels 2 & 3;  Arrivals:  at TA, level 2 & TC, level 1.

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