Belgrade Nicola Tesla (BEG) Airport

Belgrade Nicola Tesla BEG Airport Overview

Belgrade Nicola Tesla Airport BEG (named after the Serbian-American inventor) is Serbia's busiest airport and serving it capital city of Belgrade. The Airport is experiencing a sharp uptick in passenger traffic and has added a number of new airlines and routes.  It is presently Europe's second-fastest growing airport!

BEG Airport is located in the town of Surcin, 12 km west of central Belgrade & its main railway station,  accessible via motorway E70 & E75 to the north, and R153a to the south.

With a long runway and an estimated 3.5 million passengers a year, Nicola Tesla Airport is hub to flag carrier Jat Airways and a base for Wizz Air, and is served by an increasing number of  international & charter airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all parts of the globe.  

Nicola Tesla Airport has connected passenger terminals T1 & T2.  (The summer flight timetable applies between the last Sunday of March, and the last Saturday of October)

NOTE:  since March 2016 additional security measures are in place in both terminals and passengers need to get to the airport 2 hrs prior to scheduled international flight.

Parking options: the Garage is about 150 meters from the trminal, while the parkign lot is across from the terminal.  For more parking information call +381 11 3035 400.

Future Airport developments:   While phase 1 of Terminal 1's upgrade work has been completed, adding 5,000 sq.meters of space, as well as a T1-T2 connector, Phase 2 covers T2's expansion by 11,000 sq.meters, 4 more air bridges.

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