Orlando MCO Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Orlando MCO Airport

Orlando International Airport Layout, Getting Around,  International Arrivals Procedures, and present checkpoints & Airline gate assignments:

The Passenger Terminal Complex at Orlando International Airport is divided into Terminals A & B, each with their own airside satellites, and connected by shuttle train.
  Traffic for Terminal A flows West to East; traffic for Terminal B flows East to West.

Getting around:  
1. The elevated AGT train shuttle
from the main terminal connects to all four Airside Satellites 1 through 4 at post-security. 
2. East & West Security Ceckpoints are on opposite ends of level 3's center:  West Security Checkpoint leads to Airside 1 (gates 1-29) & Airside 3 (gates 30-59);  East Security Checkpoint leads to Airside 2 (gates 100-129) & Airside 4 (gates 60-99).

International arrivals:
Currently non-U.S. citizens, coming from a visa-waiver country, may use the new APC kiosks collecting passenger's passport & flight information, customs declaration data, scan fingerprints, take a photo and issue a receipt to the passenger, who then brings their passport and receipt to a CBP officer for verification. Later APC kiosks will also be available to U.S. & Canadian citizens, and to US green-card holders
After passport control,
passengers proceed to the baggage claim area, retrieve their bags and  go through Customs Clearance. If continuing their journey, they will need to place bags on the belt for transfer to Terminals A  or B, then take escalator or stairs up to the AGT train station, board the train to connecting terminal (68 seconds), picking up bags, re-checking them in and proceeding through security check and on to their airside gate.
Passengers from gates 60-99 may either:
  (a) take checked bags with them and take escalator directly up to the AGT train station,
  (b) or place checked baggage onto the baggage belt for transfer to the Main Terminal; while
  (c) passengers from gates 1-29 should place checked luggage onto the baggage belt for transfer to the Main Terminal, and then proceed up the escalator, through security checkpoint, and then walk over to the AGT train station. The AGT elevated train will take you to the main Terminal - clearly marked with audio instructions - to Baggage Claims A or B.

The Main PassengerTerminal at Orlando International Airport is divided into Terminals A with Airside
gate satellites 1 & 2 -  and Terminal B with Airside gate satellites 3 & 4 ).  Levels 1 & 2 are Arrivals levels; level 3 is the ticketing & departures level. Separate security checkpoints lead to the Airside satellites and their repective gates.
Level 1 has baggage claim 8A & 28B, and on-Airport rental car agency desks. Outside, transportation is available for Lynx City Bus, buses to resorts, taxis, limos & Mears shuttles.
Level 2 has baggage claim carousels 1 to 16 and 20 to 32, with a currency exchange service. Outside, transportation is available for the Disney Magical Express Bus, taxis, limos & Mears shuttles.
Level 3 is the Departures Level with ticketing & gates. It has in the center a food court with a fountain (information desk, ATM & currency exchange are near the fountain). 
To the right of the center, at B side (Terminal B), are ticketing areas E to H, with an ATM, Lost & found & gift shops.
To the left of the center, at A side (Terminal A), are ticketing areas A to D, with 2 ATMs, mail box and gift shops in front of them.
Security Checkpoint West leads to Airside 1, gates 1-29 &  Airside 3, gates 30-59.
Security Checkpoint East leads to Airside 2, gates 100-129 & Airside 4 gates 60-99;

Terminal A
is currently served by Air Lingus, AeroMexico, Air Transat, AirTran, Alaska, American, AviancaTACA, Azul, CanJet, Caribbean, Copa, Gol, JetBlue, Miami Air,  Norwegian, Southwest, SunWing, TAM, Virgin Atlantic, Volaris & WestJet airlines.
Baggage 8A is at level 1; baggage carousels 1-16 are on level 2;  Airline ticketing is on level 3 - divided into A, B, C & D areas.
Airside 1
of Terminal A (divided into 'Wings' 4, 5 & 6) houses gates 1-29;
Airside 2 of Terminal A (divided into 'Wings' 7 & 9) houses gates 100-129.

Terminal B
  is currently served by  Air Canada / AC Rouge, Bahamasair, British Airways, Delta, Frontier, Lufthansa, Silver, Spirit, SunCountry, Thomas Cook, United & US Airways.
Baggage claim 28B is on level 1; baggage carousels 20-32 are on level 2; and airline ticketing is on level 3 - divided into areas E, F, G & H. 
Airside 3 of Termnal B (divided into 'Wings' 1, 2 & 3) houses gates 30-59;
Airside 4 of Terminal B (divided into 'Wings' 10, 11 & 12) houses gates 70-99.

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