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Paris de Gaulle CDG Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Paris de Gaulle CDG Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Inter-Terminal Shuttes, and CDG Terminal details:

CDG's Airport terminal complex consistss of Terminals 1 & 3 (T1 & T3) located at the north side are T1 & T3 (but 1 km apart),  and  the eight T2 satellites at the South Side:
T1 surrounds the round Parking Garage P1; and
T3 (near the T2 satellites), has two separate buildings and Garage P3; 
T2 Satellites (south of T3) include Terminals T2A through T2G
. Six semi-circle satellites are on opposite sides with a garage in the center:  T2A/T2B, T2D/T2C & T2F/T2E .  The 2 separate & parallel satellite Concourses L & M (or 'Halls') between T2E/2F & T2G are part of & serve T2E -connected by separate shuttle trains.  In the center of each pair of satellites are the Garages serving them, bearing corresponding letters (i.e., PAB is for Terminals T2A/T2B).

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Current Inter-terminal shuttles: 
1. Between T1, T3 and the center between T2D & T2F take the CDVAL train - connecting closeby to the RER & TGV trains.
1. (a) Between T2A, T2C, T2E, Parking, T2F, T2D (no stop presently at T2B) & back to T2A:  take the free N1 shuttle at: 2A - Exit 5;
at 2C - Exit 12;  at 2E - Exit 16 at PW carpark;  at 2F - Exit 2;
(b) at CNCF railway station (North), Sheraton Hotel, & Left Luggage; and 2D - take Exit 6.
2. Between T2F & T2G take the free N2 shuttle.
3. Between T2E and separate 'Halls' ('Portes') L & M take the Metro LISA shuttle.
4. All transfer passengers in T2E & T2F: use the new pedestrian paths.
For an extensive on-line, up-to-date  tour, getting from Terminals 2 to Paris - open (http://)

Note: (a)  WiFi access is currently only free for the first 15 mins; a day pass would cost you about EUR 10. (b) while children's play areas can be found in several terminals - Terminal 2E offers a Disney-themed  larger area.  (c) be aware that food outlets are closed overnight - with only vending machines available.

Terminal 1 of  Charles de Gaulle Airport, has 4 levels: CDGVAL, Departures, Boarding & Arrivals:
The CDGVAL level has a few shops, food & drink & services, as well as chek-in 5 & 6 and access to CDGVAL transport.
the Departures level has check-in counters 1 - 4, services and food & drink, leading up to:
The Boarding Level houses a few shops & services and connects to the seven gate areas surrounding the inner circle by separate security checks to gates 10-18; 20-28, 30-38, (the center gate area is currently without gate numbers ), gates 60-68, 50-58 and 40-48.
The Arrivals level houses the baggage claim carousels, information counter and meeting point.
Level 4 is the baggage claim level, which has an Information counter (an Ideal place to meet and greet),  and encircles its parking facility.

The eight T2 Satellite buildings include six passenger terminals T2A - T2G,  with  two separate satellite concourses L & M for T2E:
Skyteam Alliance members are in T2E, 2F & T2G (depending on their destination), while T2F handles their Schengen (domestic) flights.   Oneworld Alliance members are in T2A & T2B.  
T2A: Level  01 is the Services area (Info desk, currency exchange, tax refund, ATMs, PRM reception, pharmacy, & baggage service), while level 1 is the Departures area houses more shops & services and leads to the gates. The Roissybus to Paris Opera is outside.
T2B: Level -1 is the Arrivals level, while level 1 is the departures level. (T2B has just completed its renovation work during which it was closed).
T2C: Level -1 is the Services area  & Les Cars Airfrance outside, while level 1 is the Departures Area with shops and Food & Drink, and access to gates.
T2D: Level 01 has some food & retail shops, while level 1 is the departures level with baggage reclaim,  Info counter, meeting point, border control & access to the gates
T2E: the largest of the T2 terminals:
Level 2 is the Departures level with check-in counters 2 - 13 on both sides of the center, and two security checkpoint thereafter for either K or L & M satellite gates. Straight on, it will lead to Gates K30-K54; while the shuttle train will take you to either of the separate & parallel-running satellite buildings L & M with gates L21-53 and gates M21-50, respectively.
Level 0 is the Arrivals level with baggage claim, Information counter, meeting area & services,
T2F:  Level 2 is the secure Departures level with shops, food  & services and access to gates F24-36 to the left and F44-56 to the right.   Level 0 is the arrivals level with services, baggage claim and meeting point.
T2G: Level 0 is the departures level with an information counter in the center, baggage claim to the left and security checkpoint to the right, along with shops & Services.  Level 1 only houses services and amenities.

Terminal 3 of Charles de Gaulle Airport has two separate buildings for arrival & departure. From T3,  both the RER & CDGVAL trains are just 300 meters, or a 5-minute walk, from the Terminal. 
On level 0 is the baggage claim, information counter, meeting point & services, with the Roissybus stop outside. 
On level 1 is an information counter, services & amenities, & security checks leading to gates.

Airport/ Airline Lounges: 
1. The I-Care Lounge
at T1 is at post-security's international area, after immigration - in the duty-free area; signs will direct you. (Schengen passengers need to obtain an I-Care Lounge Inviation Card' issued by the Information Desk at Terminal 1's departure level (desk 34) then proceed through immigration to thelounge.  Note: Transit passengers departing from T2 may use the shuttle bus, taking into account that it will take at least 30 mins to their departure gates.
2. The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at T2 is at post-security, pst passport control -to the right near gates A37-39.  It opens & closes according to flight schedule.

If you need to transfer to Orly Airport, please refer to the Transportation /Buses & Trains section.


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