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Paris de Gaulle CDG Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Paris de Gaulle CDG Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Inter-Terminal Shuttes, and CDG Terminal details:

CDG Airport has three main passenger terminals T1, T2 & T3 at the north side are T1 & T3 (1 km apart), at the South Side is the T2 terminal complex:
T1 surrounds the round Parking Garage P1; and
T3 is near T2, and has two separate buildings and Garage P3; 
T2 complex south of T3 consists of Terminals T2A through T2G
. Terminals T2A/T2B, T2D/T2C & T2F/T2E all have in their center a garage with corresponding letters (i.e., PAB for Terminals T2A/T2B).  Separate & parallel Concourses L & M  (or  'Halls L & M') are between T2E/2F & T2G (east to West): 

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Current Inter-terminal shuttles: 
1. Between T1, T3 and the center between T2D & T2F take the CDVAL train - connecting closeby to the RER & TGV trains.
1. (a) Between T2A, T2C, T2E, Parking, T2F, T2D (no stop presently at T2B) & back to T2A:  take the free N1 shuttle at: 2A - Exit 5;
at 2C - Exit 12;  at 2E - Exit 16 at PW carpark;  at 2F - Exit 2;
(b) at CNCF railway station (North), Sheraton Hotel, & Left Luggage; and 2D - take Exit 6.
2. Between T2F & T2G take the free N2 shuttle.
3. Between T2E and separate 'Halls' ('Portes') L & M take the Metro LISA shuttle.
4. All transfer passengers in T2E & T2F: use the new pedestrian paths.
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Terminal 1 of  Charles de Gaulle Airport, has 4 levels: CDGVAL, Departures, Boarding & Arrivals:
The CDGVAL level has a few shops, food & drink & services, as well as chek-in 5 & 6 and access to CDGVAL transport.
the Departures level has check-in counters 1 - 4, services and food & drink, leading up to:
The Boarding Level houses a few shops & services and connects to the seven gate areas surrounding the inner circle by separate security checks to gates 10-18; 20-28, 30-38, (the center gate area is currently without gate numbers ), gates 60-68, 50-58 and 40-48.
The Arrivals level houses the baggage claim carousels, information counter and meeting point.
Level 4 is the baggage claim level, which has an Information counter (an Ideal place to meet and greet),  and encircles its parking facility.

Terminal 2 complex consists of six passenger terminals and two satellite concourses:
Skyteam Alliance members are in T2E, 2F & T2G (depending on their destination), while T2F handles their Schengen (domestic) flights.   Oneworld Alliance members are in T2A & T2B.  

T2A: Level  01 is the Services area (Info desk, currency exchange, tax refund, ATMs, PRM reception, pharmacy, & baggage service), while level 1 is the Departures area houses more shops & services and leads to the gates. The Roissybus to Paris Opera is outside.
T2B: Level -1 is the Arrivals level, while level 1 is the departures level  (presently closed for renovation)
T2C: Level -1 is the Services area  & Les Cars Airfrance outside, while level 1 is the Departures Area with shops and Food & Drink, and access to gates.
T2D: Level 01 has some food & retail shops, while level 1 is the departures level with baggage reclaim,  Info counter, meeting point, border control & access to the gates
T2E: the largest of the T2 terminals:
Level 2 is the Departures level with check-in counters 2 - 13 on both sides of the center, and two security checkpoint thereafter for either K or L & M satellite gates. Straight on, it will lead to Gates K30-K54; while the shuttle train will take you to either of the separate satellite buildings ('Halls' L & M)  with gates L21-53 and gates M21-50.
Level 0 is the arrivals level with baggage claim, Information counter, meeting area & services,
T2F:  Level 2 is the secure Departures level with shops, food  & services and access to gates F24-36 to the left and F44-56 to the right.   Level 0 is the arrivals level with services, baggage claim and meeting point.
T2G: Level 0 is the departures level with an information counter in the center, baggage claim to the left and security checkpoint to the right, along with shops & Services.  Level 1 only houses services and amenities.

Terminal 3 of Charles de Gaulle Airport has two separate buildings for arrival & departure. From T3,  both the RER & CDGVAL trains are just 300 meters, or a 5-minute walk, from the Terminal. 
On level 0 is the baggage claim, information counter, meeting point & services, with the Roissybus stop outside. 
On level 1 is an information counter, services & amenities, & security checks leading to gates.

If you need to transfer to Orly Airport, please refer to the Transportation /Buses & Trains section.


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