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Your Guide to Airlines Serving Paris de Gaulle Airport

Paris CDG Airport stands as a major European gateway, facilitating connections for travelers across the globe. It's a primary hub for leading carriers such as Air France, Delta, and KLM, boasting over 1,200 daily departures to more than 300 destinations worldwide, making it a favored choice among passengers.

Air France

As France's flagship carrier, Air France dominates operations at the airport, providing direct flights to over 200 global destinations. Renowned for its premium onboard experience, the airline ensures a comfortable journey across its extensive network covering Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Additionally, passengers can enjoy a wide range of in-flight entertainment options and gourmet dining, enhancing the travel experience.


Delta Air Lines, a major American carrier, maintains a significant presence at the airport, connecting passengers to numerous cities across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Celebrated for its customer service excellence, Delta also offers upgraded amenities such as lie-flat seats on certain routes, Wi-Fi access, and an extensive in-flight entertainment system, catering to the needs of both leisure and business travelers.


The Dutch national airline, KLM, is another key player at the airport, with flights to over 150 destinations around the globe. KLM prides itself on its high-quality service standards, offering passengers a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience to various cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Travelers flying with KLM can also benefit from the airline's partnership with other carriers, expanding their travel options through codeshare agreements.

Other Airlines

In addition to Air France, Delta, and KLM, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is served by several other notable airlines, ensuring a broad selection of destinations and services for travelers. Some of these include:

  • American Airlines: Offers extensive connections between Paris and numerous cities across the United States, providing a wide array of in-flight comforts and services tailored to international travelers.
  • Emirates: Connects passengers to Dubai and beyond, renowned for its luxurious service, including private suites, shower spas, and onboard lounges for first and business class passengers.
  • Lufthansa: Germany's leading airline, offering direct flights to Frankfurt and Munich, with seamless connections to destinations worldwide, known for its reliability and quality service.
  • Qatar Airways: Provides access to Doha and an extensive network of destinations across the globe, celebrated for its exceptional service, comfort, and in-flight entertainment options.

It's important to note that the information provided here is subject to change. For the most current details, including specific airlines' terminal locations, please refer to the complete list of airlines served by the airport:

Last updated:

Belavia AirlinesTerminal 2B
Thai AirwaysTerminal 1
KLM AirlinesTerminal 2G
Air ItalyTerminal 3
China Southern AirlinesTerminal 2E
Iberia AirlinesTerminal 3
Transavia AirlinesTerminal 3
KLM AirlinesTerminal 2C
Swiss International Air LinesTerminal 2B
Air Malta AirlinesTerminal 2F
GolTerminal 2F
ANA AirlinesTerminal 2E
Ural AirlinesTerminal 2E
Montenegro AirlinesTerminal 3
Iran AirTerminal 1
Czech AirlinesTerminal 2G
Royal Air Maroc AirlinesTerminal 1
Smart Wings AirlinesTerminal 3
Sata International AirlinesTerminal 1
ANA AirlinesTerminal 1
Air FranceTerminal 2C
Virgin AtlanticTerminal 2F
Ethiopian AirlinesTerminal 2A
Czech AirlinesTerminal 2D
Air MadagascarTerminal 2A
Saudia AirlinesTerminal 1
Georgian Airways AirlinesTerminal 2B
Air Baltic AirlinesTerminal 2F
Hong Kong AirlinesTerminal 2E
Ukraine International AirlinesTerminal 2B
Air CanadaTerminal 2A
Wizzair AirlinesTerminal 3
Czech AirlinesTerminal 2F
Freebird AirlinesTerminal 3
Delta AirlinesTerminal 2G
EgyptairTerminal 1
Etihad AirlinesTerminal 2A
Tui AirwaysTerminal 1
Aegean AirlinesTerminal 2A
KLM AirlinesTerminal 2F
Turkish AirlinesTerminal 1
AlitaliaTerminal 2F
Air China AirlinesTerminal 2E
Sunexpress AirlinesTerminal 3
Finnair AirlinesTerminal 2A
Air Europa Lineas Aereas AirlinesTerminal 2D
KLM AirlinesTerminal 2E
AlitaliaTerminal 2C
LufthansaTerminal 1
Azul BrazilianTerminal 1
Vietnam AirlinesTerminal 2A
Flybe AirlinesTerminal 1
Air SerbiaTerminal 2B
Gulf Air AirlinesTerminal 2A
KLM AirlinesTerminal 2A
NouvelairTerminal 3
Avianca AirlinesTerminal 1
Aeromexico AirlinesTerminal 2D
Luxair AirlinesTerminal 2D
Corsair AirlinesTerminal 1
Japan AirlinesTerminal 2D
Air Malta AirlinesTerminal 2E
OnurTerminal 3
Garuda Indoesia AirlinesTerminal 2F
Aeroflot Russian AirlinesTerminal 2E
Aegean AirlinesTerminal 2E
EVA AirTerminal 1
TAP Air PortugalTerminal 1
Kenya AirwaysTerminal 2F
Air ArabiaTerminal 2E
Air Malta AirlinesTerminal 2A
Air BurkinaTerminal 2E
Club Air SpaTerminal 3
Air FranceTerminal 2B
Vueling AirlinesTerminal 1
Tarom Romanian Air TransportTerminal 2F
Air Mauritius AirlinesTerminal 2F
Alitalia Express AirlinesTerminal 2F
Delta AirlinesTerminal 2D
Twin JetTerminal 3
Aeromexico AirlinesTerminal 2E
EmiratesTerminal 2C
AlitaliaTerminal 2E
Finnair AirlinesTerminal 2F
Finnair AirlinesTerminal 2D
Air FranceTerminal 2A
Fly One S.R.L.Terminal 2E
Air AustralTerminal 2F
Air Transat AirlinesTerminal 3
Asl AirlineTerminal 2E
Qatar AirwaysTerminal 1
Ural AirlinesTerminal 2A
Seven AirTerminal 3
United AirlinesTerminal 1
Singapore AirlinesTerminal 1
Air FranceTerminal 2D
Air AustralTerminal 2E
Mahan AirTerminal 1
Tarom Romanian Air TransportTerminal 2B
Air FranceTerminal 2E
Easyjet Switzerland AirlinesTerminal 3
China Eastern AirlinesTerminal 2F
Brussels AirlinesTerminal 1
Air Europa Lineas Aereas AirlinesTerminal 2G
Air Tahiti NuiTerminal 2A
Air Mauritius AirlinesTerminal 2G
SAS Scandinavian AirlinesTerminal 1
IcelandairTerminal 1
Air Baltic AirlinesTerminal 2A
Xiamen AirlinesTerminal 2E
La CompagnieTerminal 1
ANA AirlinesTerminal 2A
Air SerbiaTerminal 2F
Aeromexico AirlinesTerminal 2F
Air CaraibesTerminal 1
Air Algerie AirlinesTerminal 2E
Tunis Air AirlinesTerminal 3
Delta AirlinesTerminal 2F
LATAMTerminal 2E
AlitaliaTerminal 2G
Cyprus Airways AirlinesTerminal 1
Gulf Air AirlinesTerminal 1
Srilankan AirlinesTerminal 1
Lot Polish AirlinesTerminal 1
AIR CAIROTerminal 2E
Atlas Blue AirlinesTerminal 3
Malaysia Airline AirlinesTerminal 1
Iberia ExpressTerminal 3
Air Europa Lineas Aereas AirlinesTerminal 2F
Royal Jordanian AirlinesTerminal 2B
Air SerbiaTerminal 2F
Air Mauritius AirlinesTerminal 2D
Air SerbiaTerminal 2E
Air Moldova AirlinesTerminal 1
Jet Airways (India) AirlinesTerminal 2F
QantasTerminal 2B
Aer LingusTerminal 2E
Air Baltic AirlinesTerminal 2E
Hainan AirlinesTerminal 2E
AlitaliaTerminal 2D
EVA AirTerminal 1
Air Mauritius AirlinesTerminal 2E
Kuwait AirwaysTerminal 1
American AirlinesTerminal 2A
British AirwaysTerminal 2B
PegasusTerminal 1
Air FranceTerminal 2G
Air Nostrum AirlinesTerminal 2D
Aeroflot Russian AirlinesTerminal 2F
China Eastern AirlinesTerminal 2E
Croatia AirlinesTerminal 1
Air CorsicaTerminal 3
Air Europa Lineas Aereas AirlinesTerminal 2E
Air SeychellesTerminal 2F
Olympic AirlinesTerminal 1
China AirlinesTerminal 2F
Japan AirlinesTerminal 2F
Aerolineas Argentinas AirlinesTerminal 2F
Air IndiaTerminal 2E
Cathay Pacific AirwaysTerminal 2A
Ukraine International AirlinesTerminal 2F
British AirwaysTerminal 1
Cubana de AviaconTerminal 1
RossiyaTerminal 2C
LATAMTerminal 2A
Korean Air Lines AirlinesTerminal 2E
El Al AirlinesTerminal 2A
American AirlinesTerminal 2B
Xiamen AirlinesTerminal 2F
Bulgaria Air AirlinesTerminal 2B
Air FranceTerminal 2F
QantasTerminal 2E
Delta AirlinesTerminal 2C
Austrian AirlinesTerminal 2D
Swiss International Air LinesTerminal 2F
VoloteaTerminal 1

Tips, Help & Resources

After reviewing the provided list of airlines serving Paris de Gaulle Airport, here are some helpful links that can aid you on your air travel journey:

Paris de Gaulle Airport airlines served Q&A

Air France leads with the highest number of daily departures, providing direct flights to over 200 global destinations. Following closely are Delta and KLM, with numerous flights connecting passengers to cities across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Yes, the airport is served by several budget airlines offering competitive fares to various destinations. For specific budget airline options and destinations, passengers are advised to check the latest airline listings on the airport's official website.
Absolutely. Air France, Delta, and KLM, among other airlines, offer direct flights from the airport to numerous cities in Asia and the Americas. Air France, for instance, covers a significant network across both continents, ensuring connectivity to major destinations.
Passengers can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including gourmet dining, extensive in-flight entertainment options, Wi-Fi access, and lie-flat seats on certain routes. Each airline, such as Air France, Delta, and KLM, offers unique services to enhance the travel experience.
Airlines like KLM offer codeshare agreements with other carriers, expanding travel options for passengers. For information on codeshare flights and partnerships, it's best to consult directly with the airline or check their official website for the most up-to-date details.
Yes, airlines such as Emirates provide luxurious services for long-haul flights, including private suites, shower spas, and onboard lounges for first and business class passengers. For detailed information on luxury services, passengers should contact the respective airline.
For the most current flight schedules and updates on airline services, passengers are encouraged to visit the airport's official website or directly contact the airlines. Keeping in touch with the airline via their customer service channels or social media platforms is also a good way to stay informed about any changes.