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Pittsburgh Airside D Bars, Cafes & Restaurants

Burgh Sportz Bar

The Burgh Sportz Bar is a Pittsburgh-themed bar featuring Pittsburgh sports memorabilia honoring the legacy of the region’s professional football, hockey and baseball teams.
Gate/Area: Concourse D
Phone: (412) 472-5176

Hudson News

From your favorite reading material, snacks, and more, you can get a little bit of everything at Hudson News.
Gate/Area: Concourse D
Phone: (412) 472-3167


InMotion Pictures provides affordable portable entertainment for travelers.
Gate/Area: Core D
Phone: (412) 472-5185

Paradies CNBC

Stop by Paradies and pick up a gift or something to read for your trip…to paradise.
Gate/Area: Concourse D
Phone: (412) 472-3433


Gate/Area: D77


In the mood for a fantastic libation? Why not stop in for a HUGE Ultimate Margarita, Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea, or an Ultimate Hawaiian Volcano?!
Gate/Area: Concourse D