Reagan National DCA Airport Overview

Reagan National Airport DCA is the closer of the two Washington airports serving the U.S. capital City of Washington, D.C. (the other being Dulles IAD). DCA offers a great view of the Nation's Capital, and quality shopping & dining in both pre- and post-security areas. 

DCA Airport is located in Arlington - across the Potomac River dividing Washington D.C. and the State of Virginia - and only three miles south of the central business district of the Nation's capital, Washington, D.C. It is situated on GW Memorial Parkway and is connected to US Rt 1 (Jefferson Davis Hwy) by airport viaduct (State 233); Interstate Hwy 395 is just north of DCA Airport and accessible by GW Parkway and Route 1.
Reagan National Airport is reached directly via the elevated Metrorail station connected to the concourse level of Terminals B & C (with a short walk to Terminal A)

Serving 23.6 million passengers in 2016, Reagan National is the closest airport to the D.C. Capital; however, with only mid-size runways, it primarily serves as a short-haul airport, with airline service being restricted to a 1,250 mile perimeter (with some exceptions).

Ronald Reagan National Airport has one large passenger terminal - divided into A, B & C 'sub-terminals'.

NOTE:  The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (operating both Dulles and Reagan airports) has expressed its commitment to serve its passengers by launching a new branding 'Your Journey Begins With Us'.

Present and future Airport developments:
 - Up to 2020, the redevelopment of Terminal B/C will be ongoing (started in 2015)   Aside from design improvements for better passenger service & efficiency, it will provide contact gate facilities, & secure connection between the concourses. A new concourse is to replace the 14 hardstands at airport's north side & relocate security checkpoints for seemless access to the gate areas without the need of re-screening. (Phase 5, completed in Summer 2016,  involved new restaurants of local, U.S. and foreign fare with essence on high quality and service.)
 - The new $1B multi-year 'Project Journey' transformation project will start in Summer 2017 and include construction of two new security checkpoints, fully connecting Terminal's B/C concourse level to airline gate areas; the buildout of an enclosed commuter concourse (replacing the current 14 outdoor gates serviced by buses from gate 35X).  Future improvements will include roadway and parking configurations.  Two new security checkpoints will be built above the Terminal B/C arrivals roadway and connected to National Hall and walkways from the Metrorail station and parking garages - whereupon the new checkpoints will expand capacity from 20 to 28 security lanes - thereby expediting screening process and creating seamless transfers between Terminals B/C's airline and commutr concourses.  (no completion date has yet been announced).

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