Banking / ATM Services at San Diego SAN Airport

Bank of America ATM machines at SAN Airport are located throughout the three terminals. (Note that there is a fee of $2.50 per transaction to users who are not Bank of America customers.
- Commuter Terminal – Main lobby (pre-security) across from checkpoint.
- Terminal 1 - past security checkpoint a gates 1 & 2; at Southwest Airline, level 2, near gate 5; and at Alaska Airline near gate 13.
- Terminal 2 East -  at gates 20-32 on level 1 lobby, near escalator; and past checkpoint near Jer's Chocolates
- Terminal 2 West - atgates 33-51: at baggage claim near carousel 4; near water fountain & Stone Brewery; and at Sunset Cove, under the escalator.

Currency Exchange at San Diego SAN Airport

Travelex Currency Exchange services at SAN Airport, including Western Union money transfers, copy & fax services & phone cards are available at Terminal 2, at:
- kiosk in baggage claim across from carousel 3 (tel. 619-260-1921); and
- mobile unit past checkpoint near gate 22 (tel. 6199-200-3530).

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