Parking Options at San Francisco Airport

To pick up a passengers at SFO, you can use the free Cell Phone Lot (up to 1 hour) located at 806 South Airport Blvd (ZIP Code 94128), accesible via Interstate I-380 or U.S. Hwy. 101 (a 5-minute drive from the terminals).  Stay with your car until your party collected bags & calls you to be picked up at the curb.  (You can also use the short-term parking garage inside the terminal circle.) 

Green Vehicle Parking Zones:
(charging is free - level 1: 110 V standard outlet; level 2: 240V; supply your connecting cable for level 1).  Parking stalls are marked 'Green Vehicle Parking'.
1. At long-term Garage at levels 2 & 5, near elevators & at long-term surface lot at Bus Stops 5, 7 & 8.
2. At Domestic Garage, level 1 (stalls are in each section of the garage, adjacent to elevator lobbies.
3. At International Garage A (South Link Rd.) at level 2 near terminal walkway, &  level 7 near AirTrain terminal.
4. At International Garage G, (North Link Rd.), at level 1near elevators, level 3 near terminal walkway, and level 7 near AirTran terminal
5. Park Valet on level 4 of Domestic garage.

Parking options at San Francisco International Airport
include a cell phone lot, Kiss & Fly drop-off, Domestic/ Hourly, International /Hourly, Long-Term, ParkFast, ParkVALET parking options - including Short-term/hourly parking inside the terminal circle, daily/ hourly parking across from the International Terminal, or long-term parking - next to the Cell Phone lot:
The Kiss & Fly Drop-off is at the Rental Car Center on North McDonnell Road - where passengers can take the AirTrain's Blue Line to their terminal within minutes.  NOTE: Passengers for domestic flights may also check-in bags and get boarding pass in the Center's lobby.
Electric Car Plug-in Zones:  At Domestic Garage, level 1 & ParkValet on Level 4;  In International Garage G, at levels 1 & 3. and at Garage A, at level 2.  At Long-term Garage, at level 2; and at Long-term Surface Lot at Bus Stops 5, 7, & 8.

1. Five-level Domestic Parking Garage with short tunnels leading to all Terminals is intended for short-term parking - located in the center of the Terminal Circle. Its designated Letters A - G refer to the boarding gate letters of Terminal 1 (B & C),  Terminal 2 (D), Terminal 3 (E & F), & the International Terminal (F/G & A/B).
To access the Domestic Garage, follow signs to the International Terminal on the roadway, then follow 'hourly' parking signs on the flyway to the garage entrance - follow color coded sections: orange for A/B & B gates; red for C gates; purple for D gates; blue for E gates, and green for F & F/G gates.
    ParkFast is available on level 4 of the Domestic Garage. Subscribers enjoy automated entry/exit without lines or cashiers. You can also use a valid credit card.  Directions: from U.S. 101, use the Airport exit, then follow signs to Domestic Terminals Departures Level roadway; stay in the left lane & turn left into the garage entrance, opposite Delta Airlines curb.
Fees: non-members: each 20 minute segmen $2; up to daily max $38 (members daily max $36).
    ParkVALET is available for all terminals and is located in the Domestic Garage. (Directions are same as for ParkFast).
Fees: first 24 hrs $38; each add'l 24-hr period $45.

2. International Parking Garages A & G - intended for daily/ hourly parking - are in front of the International Terminal's North & South sides, and all terminals can be accessed from these garages either by pedestrian walkways to International Terminal - or by  AirTrain to Terminals T1, T2 & T3.
To access Garages A & G, follow International Terminal signs on the roadway & then the Garages A & G signs on the flyway.
Fees for hourly parking: $2 each 20 minute segment; up to daily max $28.

3. Long-term Parking is available:
a) in the Parking Garage on South Airport Blvd. (closest to the Airport entrance), with a pick-up/drop-off parking shuttle stop to/from the International Terminal.
    (b) Overflow, Long-term Parking Lot D' s entrance is on San Bruno Ave., across from the Long-term Parking Garage.
Fees: $2 each 20 minute segment; up to daily max $18.

Payment Options: Credit Card In/Out, Ticket & Credit Card, Ticket & Cash payment; or
sign up for FasTrak, utilizing FasTrak entry & exit lanes, with receipt taken at exit only. To apply, open (www)

For more parking information call 650-821-7900.

San Francisco (SFO) Airport Parking Map

San Francisco SFO airport parking map Long TermLong TermShort TermShort Term

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Burlingame Airport Parking - Self

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Self Park Open 24 Hours Handicap
Distance from the Airport: 3 miles
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Open 24 hours.


The lot uses an automated check out system that accepts cash or credit cards. Provide your receipt to the driver on your return to receive a voucher that credits your prepayment of the first night parking, less the service fee. If help is needed there is a call button available. Shuttle buses run approximately every twenty minutes. Look for the Hilton San Francisco Airport Hotel Shuttle as we share shuttle service with the adjacent hotel.


Pick-up and drop-off are in the same area. The shuttle will pick you up on the Upper Level Departure Area, Center Island, at the Hotel Shuttle Curb. The shuttle will be designated as Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Hotel / Embassy Suite / Burlingame Airport shuttle. Continuous shuttle service to and from the San Francisco Airport - Every 20 Minutes between 5am - 9:20am & 5pm - 10pm (every 30 minutes between 9:30am - 5pm & 10pm - 11:30pm). For after hour pick up at the Airport between midnight and 5:00am, you will need to contact the parking lot attendant (650 340 8500) to arrange a pickup for you. Provide your receipt to the driver on your return to receive a voucher that credits your prepayment of the first night parking. For personal assistance after hours you may also call 650-340-8500.


Please arrive with ample time prior to the time you want to be at your airport terminal (located 3 miles to/from SFO). Upon arrival, park your vehicle in an available slot and proceed to the shuttle bus pick-up area. Provide your receipt to the driver on your return to receive a voucher that credits your prepayment of the first night parking. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes starting at 4:00 AM. Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront Hotel / Embassy Suite Hotel / Burlingame Parking shuttle.

Address & Phone:

620 Airport Blvd. Burlingame, 94010

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12/27/14 at 12:00pm
Parking Return
12/31/14 at 12:00pm
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Uncovered Self
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