San Francisco SFO Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at San Francisco SFO Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout of SFO Airport, Train connections from SFO; Getting around at terminals (Domestic & International transfers; International Arrivals & transfer Procedures,Security Check Lines), and all Terminal Details:

San Francisco's Airport has four passenger terminals -
IT (International Terminal), T1, T2, & T3 - arranged in a circle around the domestic garages. To the South of the garages is the large International Terminal with Boarding Areas A & G.  To the North of the garages, in thecenter, is Termnal 2 with Boarding Area D; left of T2 is T3 with Boarding Areas E & F;  right of T3 is Terminal 2 with Boarding Areas B & C.   Terminals 1, 2 & 3 handle domestic flights plus pre-TSA clearance flights from Canada. 

Train Connections from SFO: 
To get to areas in northern San Mateo County, San Francisco & the East Bay, take the AirTrain at the International Terminal, near Boarding Area G, to the BART train station.
Both AirTrain & BART share a station in Garage G - AirTrain being one level above BART. 
To transfer to the Caltrain, take BART on a short ride to the Milbrae station and change to Caltrain.

Getting around:  (As all terminals are arranged in a circle, walking around the entire terminal loop would take 25 minutes.)
The Red-line of the AirTrain (an automated people mover) serves all terminals & the garage, while the Blue line additionally serves the rental car facility - both lines run a continuous loop taking only minutes between stops (baggage carts have hand brakes and can be taken onto the AirTrain); however, you can also walk to your connecting terminal:
    Domestic passengers transferring from either T1 or T2 to the International Terminal must exit their terminal, then walk or take the AirTrain to the International Terminal, where they need to go through security checkpoint before proceeding to their departure gate.  If they have not yet checked in for their connecting flight, they need first to stop by at their airline counter in the Main Hall before proceeding to the International Terminal.
    Domestic passengers transferring from T3 to the International Terminal may transfer via a connector walkway (located post-security near gate 75) to the International Terminal's Boarding Area G arriving at post-security near gate G92. If they have not yet checked in for their connecting flight, they need to stop by at their airline counter in the Main Hall and then take either the AirTrain or walk to the International Terminal, where they need to go through security check before proceeding to their connecting gate.
    International passengers transferring  to Domestic Terminals:  There is no secure transit area in this case.  To connect to any of the domestic terminals, take the AirTrain’s red line at either station A or G below the Main Hall.  To get to Terminal 3, you can also use the short connector between Boarding Area G and Terminal 3 and its F gates.
    International Arrivals Procedure: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance at participating airports  you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag: Onward passengers will exit Arrivals Hall through dedicated doors indicating 'Connecting Flights', where they will re-check in bags at the baggage desk directly outside of the exit. If no agent is available there, or bags are not tagged to its final destination, visit your airline's ticket counter first.
    Security Check Lines: A frequent flyer remarked: "It is fast going through premium class (minutes), but through the regular line, arrive 2-3 hours minimum before time. I have watched airlines refuse boarding to ticketed passengers if they did not meet the international check-in time requirement. Needless to say the passengers were not happy as the re-booking or added hotel costs are on the passengers' nickel in such circumstances."
    Automated Passport Control kioks (APCs):  As of March 2015, all 40 BorderXpress have been installed - expediting the US Customs (CBP) process considerably.  Self-service APCs may be used by US & Canadian passport holders, by US permanent residents & by international travelers from Visa-waiver countries.

TERMINAL DETAILS for International Terminal & Domestic Terminals 1, 2 & 3:

The International Terminal at SFO with boarding areas A & G (Boarding Area G at gate G93 connects to T3's gate 75 by  post-security walkway).
 The Main Hall is on the ground level with check-in facilitites, a food court, and with security checks to the boarding areas A & G:
    Boarding area A (gates 1-12) - is currently served by AeroMexico, Air Canada,  Air France, Alaska, Asiana, Avianca, British Airways, Cathay Pacific,  China, China Eastern, China Southern, Emirates, Etihad, Eva Air, Hawaiian, Japan, JetBlue, KLM, Korean, Philippine, Sun Country, Virgin America (only flights from Mexico), Virgin Atlantic, WestJet & XL Airways France. Getting to Boarding Area A's airline lounges: turn left after security check, take elevator to level 4 & follow signs.)
    Boarding area G (gates 91-102) is currently served by Aer Lingus, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Lufthansa, SAS, Singapore, Swiss Intern'l, Turkish, United & Virgin America (only flights to Mexico).
Split level boarding areas are for dining & shopping on the upper level and gate rooms on the lower level. Other amenities are storage & spa facilities; showers, cell phone rentals & business services; baggage wrapping and medical clinic, to name a few.
NOTE: Boarding Area G, on level 3, near gate G93 just added an innovation facility /think tank dedicated to ground-breaking new ideas - named  #Converge@flySFO  - free & accessible to all passengers with a boarding pass for International Terminal & Terminal 3 - which are connected inside security.
    Airline Lounges at the International Terminal:
Air France - KLM Lounge: (also for AeroMexico, & China Eastern) at Boarding Area A, Level 4.
British Airways Terraces Lounge (also for Korean Air) at Boarding Area A, Level 3, between gates 4 & 6.
Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge, at Boarding Area A, level 4
China Airlines Dynasty Lounge (also for Asiana) at Boarding Area A, level 4
Emirates Lounge at Boarding Area A, between Gates A3-A5.  
EVA Air Evergreen Lounge (for Air New Zealand & EVA Air) at Boarding Area G, level 3, after security check turn right.
Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge at Boarding Area A, level 4;
Philippine Airlines Mabuhay at Boarding Area A, level 4;
Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge at Boarding Area G, level 3, at post-security turn right, follow sign; 
United Airlines Red Carpet Club* at Boarding Area G, level 4.
United Airlines First Class Lounge - shared with ANA first class & Lufthansa first class - at Boarding Areaa G, between gates G96 & G98
Virgin Atlantic Cub House Lounge at Boarding Area A, pre-security: proceed to hallway next to Aviation Museum; take elevator to level 5, then follow signs.

Domestic Terminal 1 at San Francisco Airport with boarding areas B & C:
    Boarding area B (gates 20-39 ) is currently served by Alaska, Southwest & US Airways airlines. It offers Information counters, hotel boards, and access to the International Main Hall and to Boarding Area C.
    Boarding area C (gates 40-48) is currently served by Delta's domestic flights & by Frontier. 
The USO Lounge, a
ccessed via elevators behind Delta's ticket counter, on the Mezzanine Level is open 24/7, tel. 650.821.7613.

Domestic Terminal 2 at SFO with boarding area D (gates 50-59) is currently served by American & Virgin America airlines.  When entering T2 from the Departures curb, you have the North Ticketing Hall for American Airlines to the left, and the South Ticketing Hall for Virgin America to the right, followed by the security checkpoint in the center, and leading to the Retail Concourse, and straight ahead to the Departures Lounge and Boarding Area D.
The 640,000 sqare feet - LEED Gold award - terminal has a capacity of handling 5.5 million enplaned passengers a year, and offers a large retail area with food & drink establishments, & retail stores, a gourmet marketplace with wine bar, and a spa.  Among the terminal's sustainable features are paperless ticketing and preferential parking for hybrid cars. Terminal 2 also hosts food vendors offering healthy fare from local sources.  The new Yoga Room is located past security checkpoint, next to 'Recompose area'.
Easy transfer via a pedestrian bridge leads to the AirTrain, with connection to the BART transit system.

Domestic Terminal 3 at SFO with Boarding Areas E and F- connected by by a temporary walkway, is currently served by United Airlines' domestic flights only. T3, at gate F75, connects by walkway to the International Terminal's at Gate G93, with temporary walkway from there to the A gates.  All modes of transportation can be accessed outside of levels 1 and 2.  A new reception area for United's Global Services customers and a new check-in area for MileagePlus Premier customers were recently added.
T3 houses on its Mezzanine level a full-service branch of Bank of America & ATMs at pre- and post security; a nursery & a Video Remote Interpreting Service. The departure area, with an Aquarium, leads to: 
   Boarding Area E (gates 60-69) - recently renovated & expanded - now has a long eastern concourse connecting to Boarding Area F,  and ten new gates. It offers 'The Flight Deck'  interactive info & entertainment area, comfortable seating, luxury amenities, free WiFi, 9 work stations, 375 power outlets, yoga room & kids play area, spacious restrooms with private dressing areas, nursing mother's lounges, and great dining & retail options. 
   Boarding Area F (gates 70-90) houses the Amerian Express Centurion Lounge, United Airlines Red Carpet Lounge for domestic flights, and a  'Kids' Spot' near gate 87A
NOTE:  Work continues on the T3E project until July 2015: (connecting concourse between Boarding Areas E & F with new security checkpoint & 'up to' 10 lanes & new wait time tech; three more gates, expanded concessions & amenities).  Also, a number of new concessions will be arriving in the next few months.

Amenities and services inside SFO passenger terminals  - most of which are separately listed - include Information booths with language assistance; an abundance of food & drink establishments and shops, business centers, work stations, and more. Free phone boards for lodging, transportation & attractions are in the Baggage Claim area of all terminals.  For paging service call 650.821.8211, then select 2).

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