Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH) Airport

Sharm el-Sheikh SSH Airport Overview

Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport SSH (or Sharm Ash Shaykh Airport) is Egypt's second-largest Airport, and isgateway to the best Red Sea Resort for countless European sun-seekers, as well as  a great amount of Arab nationals, passing daily through the airport, while their numbers are still increasing.
SSH Airport, located about 23 km northeast of the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh,at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, bordering on the Red Sea.  The town of Sharm el-Sheikh is described as being situated on a promontory overlooking the Straits of Tiran at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba.

With 3 long runways and an estimated 7 million passengers a year, Sharm el Sheikh International is the second-largest Airport in Egypt, served by regular national & international airlines, by low-cost airlines, and charter services.

NOTE: Wiki's site points out that  "Nationals from the EU and the US do not require a visa for travel to Sharm El Sheikh if the visit is for fourteen days or less - although those travelling to outside the Sinai area may still require a visa, which are available  for a small fee on arrival. It is mandatory for all travellers arriving at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport to complete a landing card (handed-out by crew on flight), and on departing to complete an exiting card (handed-out at check-in) before passing through passport control".

Sharm el Sheikh Airport will soon have three passenger terminals, the T1, T2 (new T3 is still under construction). 
Parking options at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport include short- and long-term parking in a guarded parking lot across from the terminals.

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