Parking Options at Singapore Changi Airport

Parking Options at Changi Airport include six carparks close to the passenger terminals:
T1 has an open-air Carpark 1 - closed at present due to renovation work;
T2 has two multi-storey carparks 2A & 2B linked to the terminal with sheltered access;
Terminal 3 has at its basement level two carparks 3A & 3B. 

All carparks offer a 10-minute grace period for passenger pickup/drop-off.  Full charge will apply after vehicle is parked beyond 10 minutes, and is calculated from the time of entry.

Carparks are accessible from T2 Departure Check-in Hall Level 2 on either side; or from T3, B2 Mall, and Basement 2 on either side.

You are not bound to park in any specific carpark and can park in any one of them, short- or long-term.

Payment options are via CashCard or Autopass Card - you can top up both inside the terminal or at the carparks; the top-up facilities accept payment via NETS. 

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