Taiwan Taoyuan TPE Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Taiwan Taoyuan TPE Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport,  Immigration procedures, Terminal Details, Services & Amenities (including Airline Lounges),  and Passenger Transfer to Another Flight : 

Taiwan Taoyuan International has presently two multi-level passenger terminals - T1 & T2.  Both terminals have parking on their north & south side, with the Control Tower in the center.  Also, both Terminals are connected by a shuttle bus outside -close to Hangzhan S. Rd., and by the Skytrain inside, running between Terminal 1’s Departure & Arrival Hall at Level 1,and its concourses; and between Terminal 2’s Departure Hall and its concourses. The Skytrain runs at peak hours every 2 to 4 mins, off peak hours every 6 to 8 mins.
At the South end of the Airport is the Aviation Museum and the CAL Park and Evergeen Transit Hotel.
    Terminal Service Counters contacts
at T1 - tel. +886-3-273 5081;  at T2 - tel.  +886-3-73 5086.
    Self-check-in kiosks are available for the following airlines: China, EVA, Cathay, TransAsia, Delta, United, KLM, Dragonair, All Nippon.
    Arriving & Departing passengers with infirmities may use the free automated buggies in concourses & arrival areas.

Immigration procedures: Speedy immigration service is now available for foreign business travelers visting Taiwan at least three times a year.  Eligible foreign passengers may now apply online for an Arrivals Card, making the immigration process for foreign passengers quicker:
- foreigners without a Taiwan (ROC) resident certificate, diplomatic ID card or resident visa;
- Mainland Chinese with multiple entry & exit permit for sighseeing;
- residents of Hong Kong & Macau with single/multiple entry & exit permit (excluding those entering Taiwan with an online entry permit, landing entry permit or Taiwan resident certificate (ROC); and
- Nationals without household registraton or ROC resident certificate. 
For application open: https://oa1.immigration.gov.tw/nia_acard/acardAddAction.action

TERMINAL DETAILS:  (Terminal service counter contacts: T1: +886-3-273-5081 T2: +886-3-273-5086.)

Terminal 1 (north) with 5 levels (B1 & 1 - 4) had recently completed its major overhaul.  T1 is served by airlines with the following codes: FE, 3K, KE,MH, PR, TG, TR, GE, VN, TZ, NX, CX, 5J, CI, AK, D7, KA 3U, JW, 9C, HO, EK, IT, VJ, ZV, 7C, MM, XW, GK, SC.
    Level 1 houses airline counters 1-12, and self-checkin kiosks,  and the Arrivals Hall with baggage claim carousels 1- 6 & airline service centers.
    Level 2 is the Administrative Area and houses a Ministry VIP Lounge, and stairs & escalators to level 3.
    Level 3 houses both Arrival & Departure facilities:  the Arrival Passport Check Hall, and the separate Departure Immigration Hall, leading to the Departure Passport Check Hall. On either side of the Departure Immigration Hall is access to:
      Concourse A with gates A1-A9, with mainly Air China flights
      Concourse B with gates B1-B9,  with mainly Cathay flihts (both concourses with transfer to T2).
    Level 4 has some VIP lounges, a Business Center, & shower facilities.

- Terminals 1 & 2 are connected by two short people movers located at their concourses (at post-security). 
- The new Plaza Premium Lounges - luxury pay-in lounges at both T1 & T2 - opened July 2016 (starting with NT$1,300 for two hours),  and include two Travellers Experience Zones.

Terminal 2 (south) with 6 levels (B2 & B1& 1 - 4)  T2's renovation/ expansion work (increasing yearly passenger capacity by 5M annually, for a total of 17M), and includes ceiling & floor reconstruction, may still be ongoing, and part of the security check area may still be closed. T2 is served by airlines with the following codes: SC, ZH, TK, SQ, B7, UA, MF, BR, HU, HX, JL, KL, AE, OZ, MU, CZ, DL, CI, BX, CA, NH.
    Level B2 is the baggage process center and includes payment of customs duty.;
    Level B1 is a public area leading to basement and Parking Lot 2.  It houses a food court, access to expresss bus, and to Arrivals & Departures halls.
    Level 1 has  the Arrivals & Baggage Claim area (carousels 1 - 6) with customs inspection counters. Public areas include the Greeting Lobby, rental car desks, nursery room & children's play room, and Express Bus Waiting Room.
    Level 2 is the Arrivals Area with Immigration Hall, Visa office, Transfer Counter, Transit Lounge, Skytrain to Terminal 1; and acccess to parking lot. 
    Level 3 is the Departures area with Departure check-in hall and check-in counters 2 - 17 on both sides of the information counter. Behind the Information counter is the Departure Inspection Counter, leading to:
     Concourse C boarding gates D1-10 at left, with mainly China Airlines
     Concourse C boarding gates C1-10 at right, with mainly EVA Air. (both concourses with transfer to T1)
    Level 4 houses VIP lounges, a business center, and the BR Transit Hotel.

[Future Terminal 3:
  Ongoing onstruction on the new 'smart, green & cultural' mega-terminal -  intended to combine T1 & T2 - to transform into a sustainable airport and create a new travel experience for passengers. Tentative completion: 2020.]

Services and amenities in T1 & T2:
Both terminals offer an abundance of amenities and services. An Information Center is in T1’s central area, level 1F, and in T2 on level 3F. A Tourist Service Center is in T1 on the north side of level 1F and in T2 in the center of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area. Other amenities & services include: Food & drink establishments, shops & duty-free shops, Airline lounges, Banks, Beauty Salon, Massage Center, Business Center, Children's Playroom, Departure/ Arrivals services, Forwarding Counter, Hotel reservation desk, Insurance, Internet & Mobile Phone services, as well as Lost & Found, a museum, nurseries, a post office, prayer rooms, restaurants, shops, service counters, shower rooms, smoking rooms, and a Tourist Center.
   Lounges & Business Center at Terminal 1, level 4:
- CX, GE, TG & CI VIP lounges and the MORE Business Center can be reached by stairs or escalator from level 3.
- The new Plaza Premium lounge, a luxury pay-in lounge ($40 for two hours), opened July 2016 in the departure areas of both Terminals 1 & 2.
   Airline VIP Lounges at T1& T2:
Cathay Pacific Airways at T1, south side of the Control Area on level 4;
China Airlines at T1, Central Part of the Control Area on level 4;
China Airlines at T2, central part of the control area on level 2;
Eastern Air VIP at T1, Central Part of the Control Area on level 4;
EVA Airlines at T2, east side of Departure Transit Lounge on level 4;
Japan Airlines at T1, central Part of the Control Area on level 4;
Singapore Airlines at T2, west side of Departure Transit Lounge on level 4F;
TransAsia Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Thai Airways - at T1, south side of the Departure Area at level 2, Mezzanine. 

Passengers Transferring to Another Flight:
    Arriving at Terminal 1:
- Direct Transfer: Go to the Transfer Service Desk for transfer procedures, following signs along Arrival Corridor. Proceed thereafter to the boarding gate on level 3F, go through security checkpoint and then to your gate.
- Passengers disembarking from Terminal 1 and re-boarding at Terminal 2 with one of the following airlines Airlines: AC Air Canada , B7 Uni Airways, BR EVA, EL ? , KA Dragonair, KL KLM Airlines , NZ Air New Zealand,  OZ Asiana, QF Qantas, SQ Singapore, UA United: After disembarking at Terminal 1, go to the Transfer Service Desk on level 2F and follow transfer instructions. Thereafter proceed through the Transfer Room and directly to the Departure waiting area on level 3F for boarding - or go first to the transfer lounge on level 3F to rest, and then proceed to the gate of your connecting flight. (Passengers can also reach the transfer service desk at Section C by walking along the Arrivals corridor at Section B.)
    Arriving at Terminal 2:
- Direct transfer: Go to Transfer Service Desk at level 2F along the Arrival corridor, follow instruction, go through security checkpoint and go to your connecting flight gate.
- Passengers disembarking at Terminal 2 and transferring within Terminal 2: Head to Level 3F by going through the Transfer Room, following signs towards Transfer Waiting Room at Section B, take the escalator to arrive at C5R at level 1F and take the Airport shuttle bus to Terminal 1. At Terminal 1 go to the Transfer Service Desk along the Arrival corridor on level 2F by following signs. Go through security checkpoint and to your connecting flight gate.

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