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Tampa Airport ( TPA ) Terminal Map Information

Tampa Airport ( TPA ) Terminal Map # Fast food, restaurants, stores, cafes, bars

Type Name Terminal Location
Store News Central Landside Transfer Level
Store Duty Free Shop Airside F 87
Store Tech Interaction Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Pei Wei Airside A 12
Store Sports Scene Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Qdoba Mexican Grill Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Cole's Shoe Shine Landside Transfer Level
Cafe Starbucks Landside Baggage Claim Level
ATM ATM Airside E 69
Cafe Starbucks Airside C 40
RestRooms Restrooms Airside A 12
Store Nathans Accessories & Electronics Landside Transfer Level
Store Tampa Bay New Connection Airside A 12
Restaurant RumFish Grill Airside C 37
Restaurant Ducky's Airside A 10
Store Tampa Bay Times Airside E 62
ATM ATM Landside Transfer Level
RestRooms Restrooms Airside F 84
Restaurant The Gasparilla Bar Airside F 78
ATM ATM Airside A 11
Cafe Starbucks Airside F 87
Cafe Bay Coffee and Tea Company Airside A 3
Cafe Starbucks Airside E 71
Bar First Flight Wine Bar by Mise En Place Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Popeyes Airside F 85
RestRooms Restrooms Airside A 14
RestRooms Restrooms Airside C 34
Store Radio Road Landside Transfer Level
Cafe Stella Artois Cafe Airside F 88
RestRooms Restrooms Airside E Center Area
Restaurant P.F. Chang's Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Shula's Bar & Grill Airside C 39
Restaurant Auntie Anne's Airside A 8
Store Shalimar's Jewelry Landside Transfer Level
Store Tampa Gifts & News Landside Transfer Level
ATM ATM Airside F Center Area
Store Time Zone/Shades Airside C 35
Store Top T's Landside Transfer Level
Bar Cigar City Brewing Airside C 43
Store Brookstone Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Chili's Too Airside F 85
RestRooms Restrooms Landside Transfer Level
RestRooms Restrooms Landside Transfer Level
ATM ATM Airside C 35
RestRooms Restrooms Landside Transfer Level
RestRooms Restrooms Airside E Center Area
Store Bijoux Terner Airside E Central Area
Restaurant Chick-fil-A Landside Transfer Level
Store Gulf Coast Mercantile Airside F 84
Store Mindworks Landside Transfer Level
Cafe Columbia Cafe Airside E 68
Restaurant Shula Burger Airside C 39
Restaurant Wendy's Landside Transfer Level
Cafe CNBC Smart Shop Airside A 4
Store Swarovski/Tumi Airside F 85
RestRooms Restrooms Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Illy espressamente Airside F 77
RestRooms Restrooms Airside C 38
RestRooms Restrooms Airside F 86
ATM ATM Airside C 38
Store Destination Time Landside Transfer Level
Cafe Starbucks Airside A 12
Restaurant Great American Bagel Airside E 64
Store Ron Jon Surf Shop Landside Transfer Level
Store Tampa! Landside Transfer Level
Store Tech in a Sec Airside A 1
Store Duty Free Shop Airside E Center Area
Store Travelex Currency Exchange Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Flatbreadz Airside F 85
Restaurant Quiznos Airside C 40
Cafe Hard Rock Cafe Landside Transfer Level
ATM ATM Landside Transfer Level
Store SunTrust Bank Landside Transfer Level
Store Author's Bookstore Landside Transfer Level
Store NewsLink Airside C 41
Store The UPS Store Landside Transfer Level
Restaurant Four Green Fields Airside E 62

Tampa Airport Terminal Map Overview

Tampa TPA Terminal Map TPA Airside A TPA Airside B TPA Airside C TPA Airside E TPA Airside F TPA Landside


Terminal Layout at Tampa Airport; Getting Around; International Arrivals; Landside Main Terminal & Airside Satellites A, C, E & F; Airlines details; and Ongoing Terminal expansion:

The passenger terminal complex at Tampa International Airport consists of a three-level 'MainTerminal (landside) - surrounded by Satellites - A, C, E & F (airside) - each satellite being connected by monorail to the Main Terminal.. 
The landside building includes short-term parking at its top level, while the long-term parking garage is across from it. All passengers, whether arriving or departing, will pass through the Transfer Level 3 of the landside building; departing passengers proceed to Level 2, while arriving passengers go down to level 1 for baggage claim.
- Airport Volunteers provide you with brochures, maps & directions, as well as with tourist-related and regional special events information.
- For passenger pickup use the cell phone lot  accessible from I-274 & S.R.60, on Bessie Coleman Blvd (adjacent to the US Post Office); or the short-term parking on top level of the landside building. 

Getting around at TPA
- Surrounding Airside Satellites A, C, E & F  are connected by a monorail to the Landside Terminal.
- Access to the shopping arcade of the  Marriott Hotel is on the Transfer Level of the Landside Terminal
- The baggage claim level is divided into RED, North side - and BLUE, South side. Signs above the escalators & elevators will guide you. There is no direct transfer from RED to BLUE - to cross between them proceed up the elevator /escalator to Level 2, cross lobby and take elevator or stairs down to Level 1.
International arrivals:  Airside F is for international flights. Unless you have gone through US customs clearance at participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag.  The monorail connects all airside Concourses A - F.  (Gate displays show location of arriving aircraft while being in-flight.)  New APC kiosks (automated passport conrol) - presently intended for U.S. & Canadian citizens and passengers of Visa-Waiver countries - is speeding up the process considerably.

As part of Tampa Airport's concessions redevelopment program (adding 65 new stops & restaurants (40 percent of which are local),  the following outlets have been added since early 2016 (30 more to be in place by year-end):
- at Airside A:   Bay Coffee & Tea (organic coffee shop); Auntie Ann;
- at Airside C:  RumFish Grill, Time Zone, Shades, Starbucks.
- at Airside E:  Ducky's, CNBC News, Starbucks
- at Airside F: The Gasparilla Bar (near gates 78/79); Tampa Bay Times newsstand near gates 62/68 offers grab&go food from local bakery shop.
- By late Dec. 2016 Tampa Airport opened 23 of 69 shops & restaurants scheduled to open at the Airport (the most recent of which were the new 'Starbucks Evenings' with added offerings of beer, wine & tapas, and TUMI/Swarovski'a high-end travel accessories.

The Main Terminal at landside
has recently completed extensive renovation work to accommodate international flights and improve customer service.  It houses the Baggage Claim on Level 1, Ticketing on Level 2, and Transfer on Level 3 (with short-term parking on level 4).  Levels 2 - 3 are divided into Red areas on the North side, and  Blue areas on the South side, depending on your airline (*see Airline listing below), with signs above elevators & escalators guiding you to the proper side.  There are two satellites at each east & west side of the Main Terminal:  at west (Airside E & F) and at East (Airside C & A). At the Terminal's East side are outdoor terraces & an automated people mover station. 
    Baggage claim on level 1 contains the baggage belts, the ground transportation information desk, rental car counters, courtesy phones for hotels and off-site rental cars, paging phones (for outside paging call 813-870-8770), skycaps & baggage carts. The baggage belts are arranged in 3 sections, each of wich has RED & BLUE airline-assigned baggage baggage belts on opposite sides (however, there is no access between Red & Blue sides - take elevator up to level 2, cross lobby, & take elevator /stairs down one level). The RED belts are numbered 9 - 15; the BLUE belts are numbered 1 - 7. The center section has 4 information counters. Taxi & Bus pickups are on east & west sides, at blue & red.
    Ticketing on level 2 houses the airline ticket counters BLUE & RED (Blue are currently for Delta, American, United and JetBlue) and courtesy phones for paging, and carts & Skycap service.
    Transfer level 3 offers transfer to A gates 1-18, C gates 30-45, E ate 62-75 & F gates 77-90.  It also offers food & drink & retail concessions (most are at Landside, but some at Airsides offer extended food courts & restaurants not available at Landside), currency exchange & ATM machines, information kiosks, Travelers Aid, chapel, hair salon & shoe shine, as well as access to the Marriott Hotel.
A new 1,100 square-foot USO center is is now open for business. Separate Shuttles take you from this level to A - F gates.
   [Level 4+ is for short-term parking]

    Airside Satellites A, C, E & F at Tampa International - each connected to the landside Main Terminal by monorail - offer a food court, gift shop and smoking patio, while Airsides E and F also house duty-free shops. Note that the shuttle lobbies take passengers from the Landside terminal directly to the individual TSA screening points the the Airside Satellites.
Airside A with gates A1-18 (A1 is downstairs) serves Alaska, JetBlue, Silver, Spirit, Sun Country & United; 
- Airside C with gates C30-45 serves Frontier, Southwest;
- Airside E with gates E62-75 serves Delta, Swift Air & WestJet;
- Airside F with gates F77-90 serves international flights of American, British, Cayman, Copa, Cuba Charters, Edelweiss, Lufthansa & World Atlantic. A currency exchange service is near gate 86.

    Airlines currently serving TPA (T&BC = Ticketing & Baggage Claim with either RED or Blue assignments; CC-i = Curbside check-in:
Alaska  800-252-7522 - Airside A, T&BC: RED,  no CC-i
Air Canada 888-247-2262 - Airside E, T&BC: RED, no CC-i
American 800-433-7300; for Cuba travel: 1-866-422-2247 - Airside F, T&BC: BLUE; yes CC-i
British 800-247-9297 - Airside F, T&BC: RED; no CC-i
Cayman 800-422-9626 - Airside F, T&BC: BLUE; no CC-i
Copa Airlines 800-359-2872 - Airside F, T&BC: BLUE, no CC-i
Delta Air Lines 800-221-1212 - Airside E, T&BC: BLUE; yes CC-i
Edelweiss 877-359-7947- Airside F, T&BC: RED; no CC-i
Frontier 800-432-1359 - Airside C, T&BC: RED; no CC-i
Jet Blue 800- 538-2583 /or for Cuba travel 1-866-422-2247 - Airside A, T&BC: BLUE; yes CC-i
Lufthansa 800-645-3880, Airside F, T&BC: RED; no CC-i
Silver Airways 800-881-4999 - Airside A, T&BC: RED; no CC-i
Southwest 800-435-9792 - Airside C, T&BC: RED, yes CC-i
Spirit Airlines 801-401-2200 - Airside A, T&BC: RED, no CC-i
Sun Country 800-359-6786 (for Cuba Travel -800-963-2822) - Airside A; T&BC: RED, no CC-i
Swift Air 813-872-8313 - Airside E, T&BC: BLUE, no CC-i
United Airlines 800-241-6522 - Airside A, T&BC: BLUE, yes CC-i
WestJet 800-538-5696 - Airside E, T&BC: RED, no CC-i
World Atlantic Airlines for Cuba travel 813-872-8313 - Airside F; T&BC: RED; no CC-i

* The ongoing Terminal expansion & enhancement work - some of which has already been completed or will be completed up to year-end 2017.
 - By Summer 2016, a mini-version of a transit system is installed. Other work is to:
   - bump out' plaza decks, create outdoor seating, expand hold areas & replace some brickwalls with glass walls for more sunlight;
   - create a new consolidated rental car facility (CONRAC) near Airport entrance (with new people mover connecting to terminal)  to decongest airport roadways &  passenger loading/unloading areas.