Trenton Mercer TTN Airport Overview

Trenton Mercer Airport TTN  is serving New Jersey's Capital City of Trenton and its Mercer County.
The Airport is located north of Trenton and close to Interstate Hwy 95 (Exit 2).
The aviation units of numerous Fortune 500 companies, a corporate terminal and repair base, the U.S. Customs Service, the New Jersey State Police, the New Jersey National Guard, and the U.S. Marines are also located at the airport.

With two runways, Trenton Mercer Airport has in the past frew years been mainly used for general aviation with low-cost Frontier Airlines being the sole commercial airline with limited flights and only 10k passengers yearlyHowever, Mercer County Airport is making a comeback as a commercial airport:

Low-fare Frontier Airlines made Trenton-Mercer Airport its commercial base on the East Coast, as this densely-populated area accounts for over 21 million people - located closer in drive time to Trenton than to any other commercial airport.  Frontier extended its Airport lease to 2018.  Currently Frontier offers flights to 18  major US airports, with countless connections from there. It also started serving vacation destinations.  Frontier contact: - tel. 800-432-1359.)

The newly renovated passenger terminal at Trenton-Mercer Airport offers at present the Runway Restaurant & Bar. Rental car agencies Enterprise & National have a counter on the main level.  Curbside passenger check-in is available (post-security areas do not have food, drink, or restrooms).  
Between Fall 2013 & November 2013, Trenton-Mercer Airport went through a two-month, multi-million dollar overhaul, extending the  terminal with a new baggage facility - and earning high marks from passengers upon reopening.

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